A worthy challenger comes. I am in a black mood. I shall enjoy this. Let there be battle sister, hello, everyone. I am brush prince with a very exciting announcement, but before we delve into it, i want to thank engaging bear for making the amazing trailer you just saw. I would say that if i didn’t know he made it, i would have thought it was made by ca. Let’S get to what you’re here for well, you can now register as a participant for the warhammer world championship. As long as you have total war, warhammer 2., mentioning is that registration is free, so you don’t need to worry about paying any money at all for signing up. As for the actual registration process, well, it is fairly straightforward. I should say just go to the warhammer world championship website, which is linked in the video description and click on the discord button. That will send you to the official discord server for the tournament and from there go to the registration channel scroll to the top and follow the sign up instructions. You will be required to provide information such as nickname time zone clan. If you are in one and a link to your steam profile once you have filled in all this information referees will then add you to the participant list and if everything went correctly after some time, your registration message should have a green check mark as a reaction That is the green check mark and you should have the participant role as well: price pool uh for now uh is actually it has surpassed three thousand dollars and who knows how much higher it will get? It is already the biggest price point that can total work.

Competitive scene has ever seen, and surely you also want a piece of pie as for the actual registration again, you can register between february 1st to february 15th, as you can see uh based on the details on screen now about the tournament and on february 16th. That is when the actual tournament starts. You will have the first qualifier, where all participants will be divided into groups. It is basically round robin and there will be soft elimination for the next stage now. If there are a lot of participants, basically there will be a third qualifier, after which 64 or 32 players will move on to the final stage, and before that we actually have the end of the first qualifier and from there the top players from each group will Be randomly divided for the second stage, with harder elimination in a march, so that is the qualifier phase. But after that there will of course be the final stage now the final stage. You will have the strongest players, of course, or at least they should be the strongest players they’re, the ones who arrive there. They will be fighting for the prize pool in a classic playoff format. It will be best of five and best of seven matches. We do not know exactly how it is going to be, but i assume that every match, at least until the semifinals will be best of five best of seven – should definitely be a uh.

The final should definitely be a best of seven, maybe ron’s match. Maybe semi finals will be best of seven as well, but i think that they might be best of five. I would assume, but could be best of a seven. You don’t know uh. That said, the championship itself should finish at the beginning of april, and that is when the world will know the names of the top 8 players. Is it from me for now so hope you found this information useful get in there sign up get glory. Thank you.