Cybersatrix.My name is Santosh, and today I am going to talk about the issue that everyone is facing when they are trying to upgrade to Windows 11. And the similar issue. I also faced – and I thought – and I have to spend a lot of time to resolve that issue and thought it would be a good idea to share the same knowledge with everyone.I, went across multiple youtube channels to see if every … or to see. If anyone have a way to resolve all the issue, but I have not seen that so I have planned to create one video of all of you guys. To start with. As you have seen a few of the folks, you have seen an issue that you have to enable TPM and Secure BOOT to run the or to install the windows OS or to run the Windows 11.. You can download the health app check from the windows 11. Ah, from the Microsoft website, and when you will check you will get to know the issue, you are facing. right. Microsoft will say that your windows, your machine, is not eligible to upgrade to Windows 11., So let’s try to resolve the issue.. As you see I am. I have the notepad in front of me, so basically we are going to first enable the TPM so before we go. I just want to give a disclaimer that I have attempted this on my machine and it has worked perfectly.

, But I cannot Guarantee the other machines or other motherboards. so take the risk before you going to make up these changes.So first, let us see what information? What is on the motherboard that I am using.? So? U just need to type quotmsinfor32quot and that will open up the System information. in the system. Information. If you see my system manufacturer, my motherboard manufacturer is gigabyte and the technology and system the model is B450 M. Is an AMD technology, a it’s, not an Intel technology. Right and its second generation.. The other part you will see is that the Secure Boot state also right .So. In this case, the secure boot state is quotOnquot., But in most of the folks who are facing issues, they will see this in the off state right. So this will see in the OFF state and the other issue that they are facing is TPM. right. And her is you’re the BIOS mode already. I have to change it to UEFI. Before it was in BIOS and no, I have changed it to UEFI.So. We HAVE TO MAKE these changes and we have to make secure boot change and TPM change right.. So these are the steps before I restart my machine and show you that I am going to record on mobile. What I am going to just tell you the steps that you gon na do. First, we enable the TPM, and for that we have to enter into the BIOS mode.

right. For this manufacturer. I have to press the Delete button to enter the BIOS state. and then Peripheral. Where will get the option? Quot AMD CPU FPTMquot, which you need to enable and that will enable TPM for you. Next, so yeah, one more thing that before you go and enable the Secure Boot you have to check the Disk wherever you have. The C Drive is in MBR state or GPR. Right., YOu can go and check that using the Disk partition style into the Disk Management.. If you just type disk management, you will get this options and here you can go and check abut. In my case, I am unable to get that information. So basically, we have to get the Properties inside the properties. You should be getting Volume option, but I don’t get any option, So I just went to HW and right click. Basically, I went to the properties. right. Right: click on the hard disk and check the volume, but I don’t see partition style here right.. But, however, you can check the same thing from PowerShell., Just open the PowerShell and then run the PowerShell as Administrator and type the Command quotGET DISKquot.. So if you see give me 2 disk information that I have, as you see C and D Drive., the first C drive is 223 GB and other one is 931 GB right.. So my 223 GB, where my OS is installed, is in GPT and the D drive partition style is in MDR.

right. So I have converted the C drive from BR to GPT., So I will show you that command that which you need to follow. When you running this right., So let’s quickly go to the rest of the steps that we have to do so once we convert MBR To GPT we will go to, we will change the Boot mode from BIOS to UEFI. and then e will disable the CSM. We have to disable the CSM as you disabled, the CSM. This automatically enabled the Secure Boot. Now enable the secure boot. It will provide you. The …, you can see the option of Secure Boot. if it is enabled CSM. You cannot see the option of Secure boot.. Then we one more setting where have to change the option from custom to Standard., and this will finally enable the Secure Boot. Great.. So Now, AS YOU SEE, I have entered the Bios section by pressing the delete button. once you come here, fo to the peripherals section, and the first step is to enable the TPM .ySo for that. You have to select this AMD CPU FTPM and change it from disabled to enable State.. So this is the first step right. In the second step. If your OS is partition, style is in MBR record. You have to change it in GOPT., which I will show you. After some time. IMP NOTE Now Sa, I told to let us check how to convert your MBR partition style to GPT partition, style.

right.. So for that we have to go to Settings In the settings, got to update and Security. Then click on Recovery and then click on Restart, NOw. and after restart. Now, then you click on Troubleshoot and click on Advanced Options., So in the advanced option, click on the command prompt section that you have here.. So once you click on the command prompt section, it will take you to the hmmm command prompt in the initial mode right.. So let us wait for it to come. Now, select your administrator username and then enter your password here. and then click on continue. So once you enter here initially, you have to you can basically us the command here to validate your whether your drive is Supported, GPT or not so check the HARDDISK drive.. So after coming here, you have to type this command quotmbr2gpt validate allowfullOSquot., So I might get a failed here, as I have already converted this to GPT. right. In your case, if it’s in MBR, if your partition style is in MBR, it should be coming as Successful.. So once you validate this, you have to type quotmbr2gpt convert allowfullOSquot., So once you type this and click enter, your partition style will be converted from MBR t to GPT. After coming here in case, you get a doubt right which partition does. I have my C drive. You can use the command called DISKPART, which will take you to the application which we have in the windows System, 32 itself.

For disk management., and then you can list using the command quotlist diskquot.. So u will get as you see so, based on the size. You can confirm, which is the C drive and which is your other Drive.. If you have more than one drive., if you have only one drive, then you have to go with the Disk O. K. So now let’s go back to our BIOS and enable Secure Boot from the BIOS section.. So we have already performed the Step 1, i.e. enabling the TPM, and the second Step that is converting MBR to GPT.. Do remember that this change has to be done only by those whose hard disk is supported to convert their MBR to GPT. partition style.. If you already in the GPT format, then you don’t have to do this step. In the 3rs Step. You will have to enable the Secure Boot. So before, enabling the Secure Boot first thing you have to do. Is you have to make the CSM support to disable state? So once I got to CSM support., if it is enabled state, you will not be able to see the Secure Boot option. Right.. If you see here when I disable, you can see the secure boot option. Right. So change the CSN from disable to enable state and then go to secure boot section and in the secure boot section change the secure boot customization from custom to Standard., if its in custom state and then enable the Secure Boot right.

If it’s still facing an issue, see that you have your disk partition style is in GPT.