Only so today, i’m gon na show you how to install or maybe how to update the windows. 11 from windows. 10, actually, okay, so before we go ahead with this video for what let’s see what windows 11 comes with, so as you can see on my screen, we have windows 11 interface. So you see there is a difference between the older version and the newer version. The newer version has the start menu in the middle. It is trying to show you how it looks like. Let me show you that Music that’s an awesome intro. Okay, guys, as you see, it is quite refreshing, and it looks completely new, though you can see. All of things are pretty much the older one, including the functionality, but the interface looks different as compared to the earlier version of windows. So let’s see what we have got uh more in detail, so i think microsoft is totally trying to kill a skype for skype, they’re trying to introduce the teams only with the new windows. Okay, okay, so i think this page. This has the application which will help you to check whether your system complies or maybe gets the compatibility level uh or not. I think this tool will help to check if there is any compatibility issue with your current version of windows or machine okay, so yeah. So i think you can download this app and have your system checked whether your system is compatible or not, and here you can see the system requirements on the minimum side.

I think one gigahertz or faster, with two more compatible 64 bit processor or soc chip, so that’s something will be required on a minimum side. Then we can see. 4Gb ram will be required, the minimum 64gb or larger storage. Then the system needs to have a uefi or secure board capable. Then it needs to have something called tpm frustrated platform model with the version 2.0, then the graphics card, as you can see here, it needs a directx, 12 compatible graphics card. Then the display size needs to be more than nine inch which, with hd resolution, which is 720p. Basically, then the system needs to have internet connection. Probably this would be for the updates and Music to get your experience with the new windows. Then yeah. I think they have some frequently asked questions so windows 11. Basically, it comes free with this free upgrade for windows 10 and currently the version is not fully in production it’s, the beta version which you get with the windows insider program. So let me show you how you can go with this, so if you are the one who are who is interested more in getting to know how windows 11 works or want to try out the windows, 11 experience include the update and security from the settings. So let me show you that again press window, i, which is a shortcut for the settings, get into the update and security. So once you are here, you can see windows insider program at the end of this option.

So if you are the one who is trying to get to know about the windows, 11 and uh are more interested in exploring the windows 11. Then you need to join this windows insider program. So for that you need to get started because currently you are not getting is by windows update because it’s still in the weta version and the production is not rolled out yet so we can go with the windows insider program or maybe we can download the windows. Iso file and from the iso file we can burn and then you can have the windows. 11 bootable drive that can be the pen drive or that can be the hard drive. So you can use those mediums so for now. I’Ll go with the windows. Insider program to get to know, know how the windows 11 can be installed from the existing system. We’Re having to clean up or format it so clicking get started loading it won’t, take okay, so it says: go the windows insert program, switch account register yeah. So for this windows insider program, just it will be needing your microsoft account or if you are someone who is working with the company, you can also use the official email email account, but that’s something not recommended. So you can use your own personal id, so that’s, a microsoft account then hit the register option and you can go ahead with the straightforward steps uh, which i won’t go further.

So i’ll cancel over here only okay, so that’s what uh this was the process uh to get the windows 11 using windows, installer program as of now and uh talking about the iso file. So there is a iso file which i could see. Let me show you that windows 11 iso file, so you can see there are a lot of results in the website. So what i’ll do is i’ll go with these, so they have this iso file uh. Let me show you that guys yeah. So this is where you can you’ll get this uh links, so the direct link is where it will go, make sure to hover it again. I’Ll go to this side, okay, so this is where you’ll get all of the links for the windows. 11 beta version. So let me check the direct link because those links are quite safer than the other ones. Okay, so this is going to 2.31, okay, so i’m into the download pro download page, and it says windows, 11 development version, a version of windows: 11 64 bit. The version is 2196.1 uh. The size is 4.5 gb, so it would be good if you have 8 gb of pen drive, at least if you are burning this image into the pendrive and making the windows live in bootable drive um under direct link. I can see it, it is going to So this is where i just refresh it again. Let me reach the link, so the links shows the same okay, so um.

It says it is going to be dly, okay, so right now, i’m doing the final page. I guess so yeah, so this is where uh this is getting the download from it is getting the download from and the extension is iso, as you can see on the bottom, so i’ll click on this, these aren’t, the ones these are just ads. So i’ll go with this over i can see. This is the link where i should click okay, so this has started the download. Let me get back to downloads, uh, pressing ctrl and j that’s, a shortcut for the chrome. So, as you can see uh, it is getting downloaded and i’m getting at it’s 1 mbps so that something will take a longer time yeah. So this is where you get. You can download the ios image from and later on, you can burn this iso image using the ruffles, so there are a lot of tools that you can use nowadays, so references one that i used. So this is webpage and yeah. So this is the webpage for this tool and you can download any of this. You can download the portable one, so you can go with the normal installer, so yeah. So let me show you guys so i’ll download the portable one ready to add again: okay, yeah! So this is the tool uh that you can use guys, so this tool actually helps you to burn the iso images into the bootable medium sub media so medium.

So this is the tool so i’m going to open it. Yes, okay, so you can select. Your pen drive, if you have it, then select the text or iso image then go to select. Then download your iso file just give the link to your iso file. So what i’ll do is i go to my iso drive? You can give any of this like if you have windows 11 once it is downloaded, just select the windows 11 file and open. It then select this partition scheme as interface and then start process.