I hope you’re well watching this video right we’re going to get some action from the radio in a moment. But what i want to talk about on this video is a question that has been coming up recently more and more in the comments and it’s mainly about people wanting to come back to cb radio, mostly sideband cb radio, and they ask me fred, what’s the best Radio is it worth getting a crt 6900 or the elinco 135, which is a very similar radio, sometimes called the elinco dx10. I think they’re changing the name. Let me just explain one thing for the complete newbies that are coming back to radio, because it is a little bit confusing these radios i’m talking about in this video, the crt 6900 n and the elinco 135 dx10. These are not type approved radios, if you’re here in the uk, to use on the cb frequency what what these are are. Basically ham, 10 meter radios – these are 10 meter transceivers and they are reprogrammed to work on the 11 meter 11 meter cb band. They work really really well that’s, why we use them, but because of that, because of their power output and the fact that they can tune up to 10 meters on the ham frequencies they’re, not type approved here in the uk, so they are illegal. So if you decide to go down the dark route, the dark side and you buy one of these radios like we all have to be perfectly honest – these are not legal radios and you run a risk, a slight risk of prosecution.

So let me just get that out the way it’s important um yeah, i mean it’s a difficult question. I i haven’t got an elinco 135 or dx10 radio, but i know awesome. Dave’S got one and also pack a day, so in a moment, i’ll be showing you some radio content, because i just went on the radio and asked their opinion. Gen generally um the elinco 135 it’s kind of rec it’s sort of known to be a slightly better quality than the crt 6900. Now i got with my crt 6900 really really well once well, once you do one thing with it: i’ll get back to that in a moment, but generally, if you’re coming from cb radio, especially in the old days it’s a nice gentle step up to kind of Hf gear because you’ve got a channel, select you’ve got a channel readout there on led, and it also gives you the frequency and it shows you the mode and everything else. So it’s, not such a big change that if you’re going to go from cb and then you’re going to go over to sort of hf radio, where you have to manually tune it in or set the presets you’ve also got a lot of buttons on the front Of the fascia and yeah there is menus. There is a menu system if you want to go into it. Um. To be honest, i don’t bother with mine, but mostly all the stuff you you’re gon na need the high cut um, the roger bleep, the function buttons there it’s all little buttons on the front of the radio, so it’s it’s a nice gentle learning curve.

Is it worth spending the extra bit of money and we only talk we’re only talking well, i think we used to be talking about 30 pounds extra to jump up from the 6900 to the olinco 135, but i think that’s even less now, i’ve seen i’ve seen A 10 pound difference just to let you know in general, i’m, looking on nights, the 6900, when it’s in stock sells for about 160 pounds uk and the elinco sells for 190 pounds, but i have seen it at 170, so there’s only 10 pounds difference between the Between the radios now one thing that really bugs me right before i get onto the specs of the radio. The one thing that i really do not like about the 6900 is it comes with this crappy microphone. In my opinion, okay, only in my opinion, it’s got the m6 microphone and, to be honest, i find that the audio from the microphone is very flat um. I can generally tell when someone comes on the 305 and using a 6900 and they’re using one of these m6 microphones. Their audio is very, very thin, it’s very, very flat and it’s such a shame, because the 9900 that comes with the i think, the m9 on the m7 microphone, which can’t cost any more to produce. But crt always give you this crappy m6, and it annoys me in a way because i’ve looked at other crt radios, for example, the crt 2000 comes with an m7 microphone which is a far better microphone, there’s crt xeon, again that’s a cheap radio that comes with An m7 even even a little crt 1n, which is a 50 quid radio, comes with the better m7 style microphone, but they give you this crappy little m6 and your link.

Unfortunately, because the lincoln is based on the 6900. It seems it has the same crappy microphone. They call it the ems 70 but in my opinion, it’s not the best microphone for the radio it’s, no it’s, not all bad news, it’s, just a little bit of extra expense. I found non powered wires. I used the dmc 110, which is about 15 pounds. My 15 pound microphone and knights have always wired it to the radio of my choice, free of charge, so that was included. I don’t know if that’s still the case, i haven’t bought a microphone off nights for a while, but it’s an extra 15 pounds on the price. If you’re someone likes a power microphone, which means you don’t have to talk directly into the microphone, you can hold it. A little bit away from your face, you haven’t got a tudor microphone. I know for a fact, there’s two microphones, that work extremely well with the 6900 and they should work exactly the same with the dr linko135, that is the kpo 532. This microphone’s been out a long long time now. I’Ve i own one, i’ve had it working on the 6900 pucker dave has had his one working on the 6900 works, really really well they’re, normally around about 30 pounds. They can be out of stock they’re. Very, very popular and another one is the cobra, the m75 microphone. Quite a nice big chunky power microphone. I haven’t had got one myself, but i’ve heard that on the 6900, and that sounds epic, epic, as well now just moving to the specs this um.

This might be important for some people, the 6900 and i’m sure this hasn’t changed used to be available in in two power settings. There was a low power on normal power and high power on the normal low power. It was 4 watts, am 4 watts, fm and then 12 watts on side bands, so that was legal uk power, although the radio is still illegal because it doesn’t match the specs of a illegal radio, and then there was the high power version, which is what this Is – and that was quite useful – that gave 40 watts on fm, which is quite a lot out of the back of a radio and 35 watts on cyber, which is plenty i went yesterday. I went to italy on my uh radio. Just on 30 watts got a lovely signal, absolutely five by nine to italy on 30 watts, so yeah that that’s quite quite useful. I mean just for reference this, this radio or the one that’s in the shed downstairs. I had a few little issues with it when i got it and i went inside, which is unusual for me and i turned down the the power output, so my one now on sideband is just over 20 watts. I think the last time i put on a meter is about 22 or 23 watts, and that is absolutely fine. I can get around to everyone on the 305 net. With that i’ve had germany i’ve had france.

I think we’ve got south africa once just on that amount of power, so yeah that’s perfectly fine that the uh a lincoln dr 135 or dx10 out of the box isn’t as powerful as the high powered version of the 6900, that does 12 watts on fm and 25 watts on sideband now, when you think about it, 12 watts on fm. You might think i wish i had the 40, but 12 watts is still three times uk legal power and uh. Unless you’ve got a lot of noise on that particular day and people are having trouble hearing with their sort of you know, noise, you 12 watts on fm, will get you quite a long way and 25 watts on side. Bend is absolutely perfect, it’s pretty much. What i’m running on my 6900, i can tell you for a fact: 25 watts on sideband is absolutely fine. Unless there is a lot of noise or maybe if you’re, shooting, skip and there’s a big pile up, then there’s some more powerful stations they might go over. You but then you can be struggling anyway, so that’s the spec um. This one is more. This one is slightly more powerful. The elinco, i think the what i’ve heard the controls are slightly better. It may just be slightly better made a link i’ve just sort of made it a little bit nicer, it’s, also a little bit smaller. I found that out today talking to the guys on the radio so that’s my opinion, but i haven’t got the two radios to compare, which is a shame one day i might have, but i’m gon na go on well, i did go on the radio a little Earlier and uh, we spoke to awesome, dave and also puckerday.

They both own both versions of this radio, the 135 and the 6900. So i was interested to get their opinions and their opinions were a little bit split, but basically they said that both radios are perfectly fine, but let’s hear what they’ve got to say on. I did this on the yay su 450 and anyway, thanks for listening to my intro, and here comes the guys that really know what they’re talking about on the third throw five group awesome and pucker. Thanks for watching Applause, yeah, the audio quality is really good. I’Ve got you coming in just a little bit high um i’ve had to clarify you at plus 15, but uh other than that it’s absolutely spot on yeah. So once it warms up, it puts itself right. You know so abby days yeah, it seems to uh work. Okay, i like the old uh 6900. You know it’s always been one of my uh one of my favorites really Applause. You know it’s been out a long time now: it’s um it’s, quite an old radio, going back to the uh the quad 5 was. It was the only tone 555 when it first came out um, but i still think it’s hard to beat it. I mean value wise, i i know the controls seem a little bit flimsy compared to some radios but value for money. Really, you know for what it does and how well it receives. It’S got a very sensitive receiver.

I still recommend it. I still think um that it’s really good value for money and there’s, not a lot else out there. That gives you, the bang for the buck, dave ever yeah, absolutely yeah yeah. I totally agree with you. You know if anybody said to me: what did i think of the 6900 and i’d highly recommend it? I mean uh, you know value for money, it’s, a great radio for what it does. Yeah, the controls are a bit light, but uh, you know as long as you don’t bang them about too much and uh. You know not like a buddhist china shop. I don’t think a lot of people have had trouble with them. Um, you mean you always get the occasion, but you know touchwood i’ve been very pleased with mine um, but always uh once it warms up, it’s, always all frequency and that so yeah, you know. Even when people have gone on facebook and said well, what do you reckon on the 6900? Oh, i finally recommend it yeah, absolutely it’s, always a radio that i recommend on the channel, especially for people starting out, because it’s got the sort of cb type controls. You’Ve got a basic channel. Select you’ve got plenty of buttons on the fascia as well it’s, not too many based, i mean you can go into the menu and obviously you can do a lot more with it adjust all of the different sort of roger bleep tones and everything like that, which No one’s, i don’t, think anyone’s going to really muck about with that too much, but you’ve got a lot of surface mount buttons on the fascia, so it’s not too difficult, not too difficult to pick up and of course, it’s fully channelized as well.

So you you can’t sort of bugger up its programming too much unlike the 9900, where, if you forget where you were, when you um sort of change channel, you can alter the uh the presets, but no, i i think, it’s a good radio. Have you got you’ve got the elinco135 haven’t. You dave yeah on that yeah um, yeah i’ve not used so i’m, not got that on well, obviously, here there, but that goes that’s a bit off frequency till it warms up, but once it warms up, it’s fine, yeah, that’s a roger. Well, obviously, i think the lincoln is based very heavily on the 6900n isn’t it. Although the controls are slightly placed differently on the uh front panel, but um i mean quality, wise dave. How do you reckon a way to radio handles the controls and the buttons? What what do you think is? Is there any difference between the 135 and the 6900 over well? I think i prefer the 6900 because obviously it’s a bigger, bigger radio, the uh, the elinco, even though it’s a nice radio it’s uh it’s. I should imagine it’ll be okay for uh mobile use than that. But if you’ve got big hands on that it’s uh, it can uh it’s a bit small okay. I i always imagined they were about the same size, sort of virtually Applause. Oh okay. I won’t ever realize that um i said i’ve not owned one. I always figured that if my 6900 gave up the ghost i i might upgrade to it, people sort of said that the the controls for them – you know they sort of felt a little bit better, but it still comes with the little mickey mouse.

Um sort of cheap microphone doesn’t, it dave yeah, roger on that yeah yeah, but i mean uh here and down in tottenham. He uses the linko with the standard mic and he cracks out up here. Mind you he’s he’s. On the 13th floor of a block of flats in tottenham, but he’s managed to his mate lives on the 18th floor and he’s managed to uh get his mate to help him put a halfway silver rod up on the top of the building and uh and got A cable right, the way down, and he absolutely crashes in mr awesome, so uh, yes, amc33 good afternoon afternoon, everybody as well enjoying the wet weather Applause. Oh yeah, we are dodging, we are dodging showers, uh yeah, break, acknowledged, i’ll, try and get you in in a moment and so i’ll get your opinion dave because you you had a you had a 6 900 and you chucked it in the bin, and i thought Have you had a one three five, a link and yeah i’ve still got nothing wrong with one um. The 6900 was awesome. I sold that on and the guy still uses it um. It was 9900 that i never really got on with, but that was probably me but yeah the 135 i mean i i bought that off of red tim knows it and um he’d only had it a few months yeah i used it on all the amc and Then everybody else, a few other guys got them like curvy term.

I think you spoke to him before standard mike absolutely banged that much better audio than um. What you seem to get out of a 6900 and, as tim said, all the hilltoppers um use them. We managed to or tim managed to get one for four, what paul and then you know that made a hell of a difference: um yeah, they’re, bloody, good radios. I don’t know what i didn’t co do to them, but they do something with them. Although it’s got the same operating system as a 6900 um, i would i would rate it over this uh, the 6900 that i had um. It is smaller, but more compact yeah it does the job. Does the job mate? What about you dave? Did you have any comments when you first start using it yeah they’re, normally a little bit funky monkey when you first turn them on, like anything until the little oven that the crystal sits in gets up to temperature um, however um? I know um old um how the plumber can’t remember him. I spoke to him today in it tell me joel jolly joel. I know his one’s a bit funky, but there’s a engineering setting or a hidden setting that you can get into and you can actually adjust it to a point um but yeah i mean you sound. Okay to me. I think um yeah, happy engagement anyway, have a lovely dinner dave good to meet you voice, mate i’d be well yeah, cheers guys yeah thanks dave and cheers anybody in the morning we’ll catch you on this one cheers fellas or if you’re on at seven o’clock tonight.