Yes, folks we’ve got a trailer let’s go ahead and give it a watch. I want to give some live reaction here with you guys. I am ridiculously hype. If you couldn’t tell already i just like. Ah, let’s just get started: peggy 16., so first things. First, of course, uh we’ve had all those teasers over the last few days, teasing all the chaos gods, and here we go yes in the cold, frozen north blood in the snow wagons, frozen dead, dudes in fur, coats, it’s, kids, love, kids, love, kids, kids, who have Kids, kids live i’m, so excited have run out of time. Yes and here’s sacrifice the ice queen uh, katherine the dark gods, stoof. Oh yes, oh, she looks badass and now we’ve got the big boy of nurgle. Here: corruption, oh oh geez, it’s, so gross man, that’s. Just creepy and scream, of course, good old, big bird. Oh here we go classic even of corn. You must face these look at the eyes demons. The guards too, with the glaives, this guy’s mustache, is probably the best i’ve ever seen. Oh bear cavalry, of course. Yes and the winged hussars arrive. Finally, and then these guys, oh my god, skull crushers of corn, looking ridiculously badass. Yes, now we get to see some infantry against some demon infantry, oh my god. The soundtrack too, this heavy metal is perfect. Oh boy, oh boy! Oh, my goodness, look at this ice magic too. It’S, absolutely amazing.

Absolutely amazing, katharine’s cool as a cucumber. Oh, my goodness hi machine kislev though, like kids live for real. All the kids live: oh yeah, oh yeah, that music and that logo man so amazing, and then this what’s this what’s that hmm this guy. We know this guy coming this year, no specific time frame, but holy guacamole, just wow holy cow i’m. So stoked guys let’s go back and kind of work through this bit by bit i’m gon na analyze, some various things uh yeah i’m super super excited guys if you couldn’t tell so let’s just get straight into it here. So we start, of course, with these uh less fortunate kislevits that got killed and immediately we see as the advisors walking in we’ll see a shot of these gals later, but for those of you guys have been keeping up on the warhammer community site for uh games. Workshop, you will have seen some concept art for these gals. These girls are the ice guard, they’re the elite bodyguards of katarine, the concept art was pictured with glaives and bows. Here we see them only with glaives um and then, of course, we’ve got katerine here. Can’T really read the paper. Maybe if i can analyze this and see the names on here, it’s pretty faint but yeah we’ll get back to that and then, as katerine looks in the mirror. We see what are four greater demons, one for each of the chaos gods.

So, of course, first one big nasty nurgle. This is uh, they call it a great unclean one. If you can imagine that absolutely disgusting horrifying monstrosity next up is the next is the keeper of secrets. This is the creepy slaanesh demon and then, of course, we’ve got the lord of change. This is uh. Basically, the model is a two headed big bird i’m gon na leave links down in the description below by the way, for you guys to the games. Workshop official website, where you can look at the table top model for these uh, these are the updated models from age of sigmar, although it should be importantly noted right off the bat. The age of sigmar stuff explicitly is not coming to this game. They did make that abundantly clear and we’ll. Look at all that information faq in the steam page in a second and such in just a minute, but i just wanted to analyze some things here. First, and especially given that kislev is brand new. Of course, the blood thirster – this is the uh demon of corn, greater demon of corn on the end there, but uh yeah, the kids live roster in particular, because it’s primarily going to be mostly new. I know there was some supplemental stuff way back in the day and we do see here some light infantry carrying bows and sabers um, and it should be noted that there’s women mixed in there as well it looks like um, which would be interesting.

You know in attila total war and in other total wars. In the past there have been units of mixed men and women which, from what i’ve heard from what i understand, is appropriate to kislev’s lore. This guy here looks like some kind of generic lord i’m, not sure, maybe he’s, another legendary lord, you guys can. Let me know down in the comments i i’m not really up on my kids level. I’M. Not gon na lie. This guy could be somebody specific, but if you guys came here for lore, this is the wrong place. I’M gon na be talking about this from a kind of a multiplayer or uh kind of roster tactics perspective. So already we see light infantry here, uh with various weapons to be expected. Another human faction – you see some really nice recurve bows there on the side. Some of them are carrying, looks like kind of falchion like deals. He’S got kind of like a falcon type deal here as well sort of curved swords, and now, in this shot here we do see similarly clad kind of light lightly, armored dudes on horses. So this is i i’m assuming uncle cavalry here uh, you can see just barely in the end of this frame here. This guy’s got a bow on his back, so some horse archer cavalry, probably the best horse archers the best you know, kind of of humans, at least i should say the best mounted skirmishers and, of course, we’ve got the bear cavalry.

I at one point in time said these guys were not official to the tabletop, but then was corrected on that they’re officially here in total warhammer though, and they look amazing and then of course, the classic winged cesars. These are your typical shock cavalry they do. Look a little bit lighter than empire nights. It has to be said, although yeah, maybe in the area of like 70 to 80, armor it’s hard to say the dudes themselves, are wearing quite a bit of armor. So i don’t know maybe like 90 armor same as silver helms, but i doubt it would be over a hundred and then, of course, these guys, on the other hand, are gon na be absolutely over a hundred armor these monstrous gallery here. I’M i’m. Assuming these guys are gon na be kind of on a similar tier as uh demigrif knights and the air cavalry, we saw there earlier skull, crushers of corn, one of the coolest looking units in the tabletop, in my opinion, from kind of the classic warhammer big old Headdress kind of helmets on those guys and they look amazing they’re gon na charge into each other. And then we look at these inventory here: blood letters of corn here the infantry demon infantry, fighting against some kind of kislev infantry i’m. Not sure if this is kremel guard um, they have these kind of interesting, two handed maces, and then we also see uh a sort of sword and shield variant here, fighting as well.

I guess yeah they’ve got what a falchion and a shield nice little kite shield. There nice fur armor as well and as is uh kind of traditional, his livets, are getting wrecked by demons, also lore friendly, but here comes katarina and earlier we did see her kind of almost enchant the spell on the sword. It looked like to a degree i’m. Not sure i don’t want to read too much into this, just because i mean like you look back at the warhammer 2 trailer shield of saffrey, which ended up being a lore attribute, was sort of pictured as a spell there so i’m, not putting too much into This maybe this is also the lore attribute, but she almost pulls it out like a lightsaber, it’s, so cool, and i just wanted to point out that they’ve got this, which is maybe a potential buff spell or something else to that effect. Um at the very least, she’ll do frostbite or ice damage or whatever, and then we’ve also got her kind of casting this nice little chain magic missiles. Eye shards looks like it’ll, probably be a magic whistling game or some maybe something else, but very cool spell there and then last at the very very end here something exceptionally interesting. I personally was doubtful of this. I i figured it could be a possibility, but grand cafe i mean you can see it right on the map there there’s a jade dragon right, literal, jade figure of a dragon sit standing there and as we’ll see in the faq grand cafe is confirmed.

So not only are we getting the demons of chaos in what seems to be four distinct factions from what i’ve read and now also two human factions for me personally, as somebody who considers myself sort of a human mane in this game, uh playing the empire and Brittonia, as my two sort of primary factions, uh two more human factions for me to jump into is awesome. Kids live. I already love i’m, really curious to see more about what they’re doing, with grand cafe i’m sure we’ll be hearing more about that uh soon, but let’s go ahead and get to that faq i mentioned so there’s the steam page, and then it doesn’t really have a Lot there, but it is available for you to go and pre order. It does confirm even on the steam page, though, warriors of kids live in the vast empire of grand cafe. So it’s gon na be very interesting to see kind of what mechanics they have and obviously grand cafe is mostly new territory for games workshop and for them to kind of invite creative assembly along with that journey, is pretty awesome to be honest kind of the historical It’S, not historical, but i’m, you, you know what i’m trying to say like this is a very historic moment for both companies. I feel to kind of step into together. So that’s awesome man i’m, so excited about that and in the faq they do talk about that.

They also talk about um, storefronts it’ll be available on steam and the epic game store. At the same time, there will also be a way you can get steam key or epic game store, keys directly from creative assembly, which then more of the cut goes to them. So you know, if you really want to thank them for their work here, you can do that. I guess bypass the storefronts anyway. They have some other details, kind of about the storefronts. There be sure to check that out. If you’re wondering um i’m sure most people will probably just end up getting it on steam, but you never know they do talk about. Also, the early adopter bonus, which i wanted to go over so uh. They will be revealing an early adopter bonus in the coming months. Um. It will be the same as previous uh you’ll get it also, if you buy it the game within the first week of release after release, so uh it’s, you know not only a pre order, but early adopter as well. If you buy the game on launch, essentially um and, of course, we’ll be getting review keys for, like myself, obviously and other content creators uh we’ll be able to show you guys the game before you choose to even pre order it uh or buy it so there’s That uh, they do say the pre order, the sorry the early doctor bonus will be a race pack. They don’t give any other details here, but i definitely keep your eyes peeled for that and for a lot more uh yeah.

Here they say deep within the realms of chaos, the four ruinous powers of nurgle, slash, zinc and corn. So from to me that says four distinct kind of chaos, armies and we saw from the trailer there the the fact that there were the kind of warriors skull. Crushers alongside the demons, makes me think that we’ll have warriors and demons units mixed for each god specific faction, so maybe you’ll have like some chaos warriors of corn or whatever each of them will be in their own kind of sub faction. They do say also that there are nine playable legendary lords, which is a lot if you think that’s not two for every faction right, because that would be twelve, but what i’m thinking is potentially two four kislev and two four grand cafe would give you four. You add one for each of the chaos gods, that’s another force, that’s eight and then maybe one more with the combined demons of chaos that has no warriors. This is pure speculation. Here i should say from this point on based on what we’re seeing here i have no inside information on this whatsoever, pure speculation. I should say um, but just for me, the nine playable, legendary lord is kind of doing the math in my head that’s. What i come that’s a conclusion i come to so think of that what you will maybe we’ll get a kind of the demons undivided with a playable, legendary lord there and no warriors units of course.

Hopefully, then, the warriors of chaos, as they are, will get updated to include some of those god specific units as well it’s, some kind of nice rework. They do talk about the giant um. You know massive grand campaign uh that it will be coming at a later date. They say: they’re focused on total war, warhammer three at the moment getting that right. So hopefully it won’t take as long as mortal empires did to come out after launch, but that remains to be seen and also they do confirm. There will be more dlc for total war, warhammer 2, which we’ll be releasing later this year. So we’ve got a lot to look forward to this year, guys a little bit more for total world war, hammer 2 and then all of this officially for total war warhammer 3 – and i am just insanely hyped guys. I don’t know if you could tell throughout this video excitement in my voice. The fact i’ve got a giant dumb, ass smile on my face. Ah, yes, yes, kids, live and grand cafe for a human mane. That is, i mean it’s literally christmas, so uh yeah, big thanks to ca, of course, for all of that, uh you guys down in the comments below. Let me know what do you think of the trailer? What do you think of the announcements grand cafe? Are you hyped? Are you you know skeptical well, all takes are pretty much valid. I should say maybe not all, but let me know your thoughts in the comments down below uh big thanks be sure to subscribe.