I don’t know if you heard about already, even if you care about it, but former president donald trump is looking to sue big text i’m. Talking. Google, who owns youtube facebook, who owns instagram and twitter all because they’re banning him now he’s saying there’s a freedom of speech, but before we get into all this, let me make something clear: i served up under obama. I served up under trump. I don’t care if you’re republican, i don’t care. If you’re a democrat, i don’t care who you vote for as long as my checks come in on time. I am fine, so all i’m doing is giving you guys what i’m seeing now trump he’s talking about. He wants to sue these guys for freedom of speech now the thing about freedom of speech. We do have this and we are capable of saying whatever we want to say, but at the same time, if you’re going around spreading lies – and you know in sight and riots and stuff, you know january 6 – things like that. Then people are going to take action to stop you from saying that, because you can’t just go around saying racial slurs, even though you have a freedom of speech, you can’t do that. So there are some things that are banned within the freedom of speech. It’S not just go out and say whatever you want and that’s one of the reasons why they’re abandoned now i’m gon na jump into a little video of him announcing this.

This uh, this lawsuit against everybody and we’re gon na break down. Why he’s, probably not gon na win this at all? I just want to say that i stand before you this morning to announce a very important and very beautiful. I think development for our freedom and our freedom of speech, and that goes to all americans today, in conjunction with the america first policy institute i’m filing as the lead class representative, a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giants, including facebook, google and twitter as Well, as their ceos mark, zuckerberg and jack dorsey, three all right, so that’s that’s pretty much him announcing this big class action lawsuit. Now my thing is: can i get in on this because facebook, they have blocked a few of my comments that i had on there. Just joking around with friends, so does that mean we can all just jump onto this class action lawsuit i don’t know, but this is donnie. Donnie is in the world of his own. We know he has a lot of court stuff that are pending uh. He going back up to new york and new jersey, so he’s trying to do whatever he can right now to ruffle up some feathers and you know create a diversion over what he’s actually got going on. But let me break down a few things on why this lawsuit won’t go anywhere. The first thing trump wants out of this lawsuit is, he wants all of his accounts reistated, and he wants the court to throw out the section 230 of the communications decency act, which is unconstitutional delegation of authority.

Now, what what he means by this is he’s, saying that google, facebook, twitter, they’re all owned by the federal government, meaning hey you guys, can’t block that but they’re not they’re, individual private tech companies, meaning they can run their websites. However, they want to and that’s like anybody. If you have a store, someone comes in your store. You have your own rules for that store because you own it so that’s. One reason why this isn’t going to go anywhere now let’s break down. Why each one of these individual tech companies have banned them and the reason behind that? First, we have the permanent suspension of the real donald trump on twitter and the reason they say this is donald. Trump’S account uh, specifically how it’s being received and interpreted off of twitter. We have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence and the reason they say that is because of the horrific events of january 6.. They made it clear on wednesday that any additional violations of twitter rules will potentially result in the very course of action which they did suspend them. They also say. However, we made it clear going back years that these counts are not above the rules entirely. Now he did have that the presidential protection, but still they have rules if you’re out here spreading, lies and telling people to do things that could potentially hurt others they’re gon na have to put a stop to that and that’s.

The reason why twitter went ahead and put a permanent band on his account now, on the other hand, we have facebook who owns instagram. They said that they may allow former president donald trump back on facebook and instagram to be reinstated january 23rd, but at the time they were looking at all the social media, interaction that he was having and it’s a risk to public safety. So again, this is facebook’s. Individ, independent company and they’re just trying to make sure that people aren’t getting hurt because they say hey, look, people come back and see hey facebook. You allowed all this to be said. People were getting hurt because you allowed this so we’ll evaluate external uh factors, including instance of violence, restrictions of peaceful assembly and other markers of civil unrest. The company said in the blog now they did say he could be reinstated. So all of this suing and doing things there. What is that going to get you it’s just a two month i mean a two year suspension will prevent trump from using facebook or instagram to broadcast to his followers until after the 2020 midterm elections. So again, facebook twitter youtube they’re, not doing anything wrong, they’re, just making sure that their community is protected from either lies or potential from any kind of violence. You head over cnn business and they break down what he also did and if you didn’t know, trump signed an executive order amid preventing online censorship and seeking to expand legal liability for tech companies.

But this legal censorship would be maintained by the individual company because they’re the ones censoring their own website – they’re not owned by the government. So technically you can’t tell them how to run their business. Now you can put parameters in place that they can’t go off and do wild things, but as far as what goes on on their website, that’s them and uh. What they’re saying is tech companies are legally permitted to run their platforms as they see fit, and the courts will have dismissed a similar string of lawsuits. Facebook, twitter and youtube all cited the potential for future incitement of violence to risk. You know public safety or following the capital riot in announcing their decisions to remove trump, so that’s. One reason why this lawsuit isn’t going to go anywhere because they’re going to look at the bigger picture, they’re going to see what happened. There were people that died on january 6, so they’re like man, no we’re we’re, not bringing you back. What they’re doing is actually instilling safety, but one thing people aren’t bringing up is what happened last year when he uh tried to ban tick tock. If you didn’t know or don’t remember, last year, trump signed an executive order on tick, tock and the reason they did. That is because tick tock was owned by china and the reason they wanted to ban. It is because tick tock was collecting data and it could potentially give away location of military members so that’s.

One reason why he banned it just like trump trying to ban tick tock for the safety of the united states that’s. What these american companies are doing. Google, facebook, twitter, they’re protecting america, because you know terrorists can be foreign or domestic, so that means the same thing you were trying to do with tick. Tock is what they’re doing to you. They don’t want to give away any false information. They don’t want to give any away any information that could hurt what’s going on inside the united states, so it’s really just karma. You can’t sue people for trying to make their website in their in all of their applications safer. So, overall, this this lawsuit is just trump just throwing up smoking mirrors, i don’t think anything’s gon na come from it. They banned them, there’s, probably no coming back. I mean if you’re gon na run for president then run for president good luck to you brother, but you know it is what it is. Let me know what you guys think about it.