We are back doing another elite and guys you’ve come in in the truckload. All of you thank you, so much for being so kind, and so patient and wow elite army you’ve, just oh selamat. I hope i’m saying that right. Welcome to all of you. Okay, so you’ve requested that i do um jennifer lopez i’m, a huge jennifer lopez fan. I love jennifer lopez, so he’s done it he’s covered it again: acoustic finger style um on the floor, not on the floor, even though he is on the floor, the song on the floor by j.lo. I i everything so far: i’ve been blown away by and um just thank you. Thank you to every single one of you, oh and this time i actually have my coffee. I’Ve got my coffee this time, but no cigarette okay shall we go let’s, go headphones, headphones! Okay, Music: i can hear it Music, okay, okay, there’s, so much involved in this song, there’s. So much involved in this song and already he comes in and it sounds like three different instruments playing like do. You know the song okay, i’m gon na play it for you, after dancing, Music, sorry, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music Applause. I felt like i’m in the club. Oh my god. He sucked up my top Music Applause – Music, oh my god, Music, so good. Okay, make sure and dance make tomorrow. Dance. Do you know the song? Do you know the jlo song? Because if you don’t go, listen to it and then come back and then go listen to this uninterrupted because it is spots on? I would love for jlo herself to hear this.

Maybe she has Music, so good, Music. No, you see his face. You see his face at the end, he looked. He looked almost like relieved that he did it. He kind of like. Oh, like did. Oh wow. You stick your head in and say hi to everybody, because they see me talking to you, but they don’t know just come say hi to the regular hitanos. You will know it’s donovan come say: hi, yeah, hello, hi, a weird floating head. You need to hear it. Okay, oh okay, i need another one. I need you to recommend me another one. I need you to smash the thumbs up on this one because guys the algorithm has gone nuts – and i am oh i’m all here all here for this wow wow. I love it. I thoroughly enjoy it and you know what it’s so upbeat and summery, and there just is something about the acoustic guitar that makes you feel good and when you add jlo with ali and then summer right, this covered what covert, who no it’s summer. It feels like summer it feels good, i feel happy now, but guys don’t worry i’ve got lots of everything coming. I haven’t abandoned any of the artists, so there’s plenty more coming, i’m, actually recording a bunch right now, with my broken leg, i know look. I got. Sticks and crutches and everything there’s a story time coming up in case you don’t know but i’m fine, i’m, fine, i’m, still dancing i’m still dancing even with my leg.

So oh my gosh. That was really good. I don’t understand how he did it. You could see at the end on his face how there was almost a relief from him it’s not easy, going. No, so um! Thank you so much again and um check out his channel alipata. I will link it down below and thank you so much for everybody. Coming in and welcome again and yeah, i’ll i’ll see you guys in um in the next recommendation or the next live or wherever the next door out. Okay, thank you.