Today is july, 6th, tuesday. Welcome back to the markets. I hope everyone had a great fourth of july weekend. Uh the stock that we’re going to be talking about is apple. Okay. Last night i put a video out, and i said you know that 140 area is going to be a huge psychological level uh. Just going back to last friday, we had tested that level and we’re kind of you know got stalled out there a little bit just due to the fact that it was going to be a very long weekend, the holiday this stat and the other. So i was saying you know: the 140 area is definitely the area that we’re going to want to look for pre market we were over. The 140 area stock was looking extremely strong and then right out of the gate. We went ahead and put in an insane green candle, followed by the next candle that took us all the way to a high of 143.15. We did run into a little bit of resistance up there at that 143 area, as the market started to come in a little bit off that first, you know second hour of the trading day. Today the market came in along with apple, and you can see that we came down in here. We tested this nine ema, okay, we broke through and then immediately reclaimed it in the same hour, which is very, very bullish. Also, the triple q’s had a tremendous reversal off of that dip, also reclaimed a key area and then went higher and actually closed green on the day.

Um apple really didn’t do too much the rest of the day kind of trickled a little bit higher and we closed at 140 202 up two dollars on the day. So if you did get into this off the break on the pre market at about 140 38 140 50, you are sitting very, very nice up about a point and a half. I still think that apple has room to run to 145 before it starts to meet any serious levels of resistance and then, depending on how the overall stock market is doing, um that’s going to determine whether or not that apple sees all time highs here or not. So, just going into tomorrow’s session there’s, a couple of levels that we want to look at, there is going to be a sneaky area here at about the 140 220 area. I think that if we can crack through that 140 20 area, we could possibly retest this 143 area depending on your sizing, how many shares and or contracts you might want to lock in some profits here and keep a runner to see if we can bust through That 143.15 wall, if we cannot – and we start to stall out here – you can always sell your position and take the cash flow off of the table if the market opens down and we open a little bit weak tomorrow, 140 160s is an area of opportunities where I would be looking for a bounce on apple if we break through this 9 ema on the hourly time frame, look for a breakdown and then on the preceding candle or same candle, we’re, looking for a reclaim and close above the nine ema and then the following Candle we’re looking to take out that price action, and that is where you’re going to want to get long.

However, on the grand scheme of things in the bigger picture, apple looks very, very, very strong. It looks like it wants to take out 143 15 this week, possibly test uh highs at 145, and if the market continues this rally in this rotation um, you know all time highs coming in here on apple. Those are some of the levels you’re going to want to look for here. Definitely put the 9 ema on your chart, definitely use the one hour time frame, so you can kind of get a bigger macro picture view of what’s going on here with the stock um. You know not saying that you can’t trade, the five minute, but a stock like apple doesn’t, really have a big, true daily range, so it’s gon na tend to chop around 20 cents here, 50 cents, there 10 cents here on the hourly time frame. You can kind of get a bigger uh, just overall view, uh, and you know just a better idea of what you’re looking at here. So 142 20 is an area that we’re looking to get long off of. Take that into 143, almost about a point move there. So if you do get in, there be sure to take some profits on the way up. However, if the market opens down we’re, looking at that 140 160s areas, 141 50s areas and then look to reclaim that nine ema uh for a reversal back to the upside, i will see you guys all in the next video also guys, please like and subscribe to.

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