Today’S video is going to be the first challenge of 2021, the new year and we’re training like jlo. For the day i say we i mean i i’m super excited for this, like i put a poll over on my instagram and who you’d like me to train like and jlo was definitely the one that was like most popular, but there were so many others. So let me know in the comments like if you want me to train anyone else and i’ll definitely do that. I really want to mix up my content at the moment and just try some new things, that kind of thing but yeah, absolutely love. Jlo jennifer lopez like right back from like her jenny from the block days to i even really liked her recent movie, hustle or hustler, where she was working in like that strip club and cardi b was in there as well, but yeah. Absolutely love that and i’ve always seen her crazy, intense, like fitness content and stuff on instagram. So, yes, i found her workout routine from one of her pt’s one and she does so much core and ab work like i think, most her workouts. That include a lot of ab focus, which is not like the same as my sort of training really like. I train abs, maybe once or twice a week alongside like say an upper body workout, but i don’t really do dedicated ab workouts, so yeah it’s definitely gon na be a challenge.

She does a lot of reps as well so i’m. Looking forward to this, one we’ll just get straight into it. If you could hit this video of the light and make sure you subscribe, i would really appreciate it and we’ll just go ahead and get into it. I’Ve just put on this activate set i’m just wearing these, like blue and grey leggings with this crop top yeah. I feel loads better today and more energized i’ve also had my breakfast and like a little small lunch, so i’m fueled up and ready to go like i changed yesterday. Just for my own stuff – and i don’t know why she’s been super weak this week. So mason is joining me to help film some of this. Basically, so we do we’re, starting with the abs and we’re doing three sets of like an ab circuit kind of thing, and it says she doesn’t rest in between so rest in peace, olivia, starting with 50 hanging ab raises 50 reps 50 reps of rope. Crunches 50. Reps of incline sit ups with a 20 20 kg plate, which is 45 pounds and then we’re. Doing three sets, but second set is with 35 reps third set is 21 reps i’m, tired of saying that out loud, but yeah i’m excited and then we’re gon na. Do a low body workout, but i’ll explain that a bit later on it’s only like there’s, not really anyone at this gym super quiet, thank god so let’s get to it.

I’Ve got a massive, huge bottle of water, which i’m probably gon na finish in the first 10 minutes: Music that’s good. That was just done. I think it’s the ruger like super sleep with your hands, but not too bad right. 50 rope, cringey, Music, Music, ten let’s, go at this point. Honestly, i was just thinking. I never want to see another rope crunch after this i’ve got one set left. I rested like one minute 30 in between each of these i’m going to go again. This is less like ab circuit, although in her lower body thing there’s, definitely more abs to comb, not too bad. Actually i thought this was going to be harder because, like i say, i don’t really do that much intense call work and then you just get a lot of cold work from like compound lifts, that kind of thing: Music, Applause, Music anticipation. You have to patience. Hopefully, we’ll see this through Music when you’re, like rushing not rushing through but doing loads of reps it’s, so easy to forget about your breathing. So if you haven’t remembered just to breathe shining right now, so we’re gon na go into the lower body bit now that wasn’t too bad. I say that that i had to stop a few times, but yeah like jlo, must have solid abs. I don’t ever doing that many reps of an ab workout, especially with that weighted one like she can make 20 kg so we’ve done that in 34 minutes and 196 cows, so now we’re doing supported, reverse lunges, so i’m going to go for the one i couldn’t Find any reps on there but i’m going to do 15 each side, because this would be a single leg, then into a hanging leg, raise or calibrate the two.

So now you’re here again knocking at my door so now we’re doing a single sumo. I actually love this. I always get to join pump, so we’re gon na do that into these were so tough. I was really struggling with my grip and just my form going out the window Music. The future is Music, see i finally opened up my eyes. I don’t think she actually rests into each set, so just go straight Music, so we go off three more rounds and i didn’t actually count so we’ve got one two five exercises: Music Music is now getting involved. Doing the same thing, get them legs up higher. A few moments later hour remind this photo one hour. 32 minutes found your watery calories that felt so long, and i just went back to back with the lower body workouts, but yeah that was really good. Just got back to the apartment and i’m gon na get a shower. My core is still on fire and desperately need to shower and wash my hair it’s there enough struggle. I feel like what to schedule in and washing my hair around, like my workouts and stuff yeah, that was so much fun. Yeah i’m not going to talk for much longer, but i really hope you enjoyed that one overall like that. Workout was kinda like it just it took me about an hour and thirty. My fitbit did. I knocked it off accidentally for about 10 minutes.

I think so. It was a bit longer than that yeah. That was really good. It was definitely a challenge because it was a completely different way of training and i definitely don’t focus as much on call as jlo, but yeah that was really good. It still had nothing on doing that. Eating challenge in a whole day, like that, was just a joke and that was self inflicted doing that one. I don’t know why. I thought that was a good idea, but if you haven’t watched that one i’ll leave that link down below and that was crazy, intense but yeah make sure you subscribe.