So you do want to go out there and get this one. Unfortunately, they did not release it as a shiny they’re, going to be saving that for a different money time. So, if you are not level 40, you can definitely use this in the great league. It is a fantastic pokemon. You’Re, just gon na have to power it up a couple of times and then buy that secondary move for 100, 000 and 100 candies, which isn’t so bad. I suppose for the usability and the asset that it is going to be for you. As far as the ultra league we’ll talk about it here in a minute, it is going to be fantastic if you are going to be able to collect those xls but going over the stats and the moves and the best pokemon to use here, we’re going to Get more specific as to which ones you want to use as far as the pokemon to go up against it, but take a look here for the 100 ib. It is going to be non weather boosted, and this is going to be a fairly simple number. To remember 100 iv, non weather boosted is going to be 12.99 weather boosted under windy weather is going to be 1624, so you don’t really want to get that if you’re trying to get the great league deoxys going there for you. As far as the moves quick moves are going to be zen headbutt encounter for the charged moves.

You have rock slide, psycho boost and thunderbolt so kind of a pokemon that’s going to be viable. A lot of people are going to have it it’s not going to be a mega it’s, not going to be a shadow, and that is going to be geratina, resisting the thunderbolt as well as the counter, and it is going to be pretty tanky while dealing out Super effective damage, gengar is also a hard hitter, but very squishy resisting the counter and not taking too much damage from the thunderbolt uh. But as far as the strongest pokemon to use we’ll go over that here in a minute, but again another pokemon. That is going to be accessible to a lot of. You is going to be dark rye, so it’s, snarl and shadow ball. If you do have dark pulse that is going to work as well, but i personally like to run shadow ball simple as that. As far as the megas are concerned, as you can see, you got mega gengar, which is going to be the best counter period. It is going to be beating the next one, which is going to be mega hound doom by far you’re, going to see those numbers. And then you have omega gyarados and then shadow mewtwo with cycle cut and shadow ball, which is going to be that legacy. And then weville shadow and then tyranitar shadow as well, so let’s go ahead and hop into the catch screen here, because it has been some time so we’re going to go ahead and just show you how to catch this here i know i always make fun of Catch videos and whatnot we used to do those we used to make those but, like i said it, hasn’t been here in a while, so we’re just going to go ahead and brush up on that all right.

So here we go it’s really not hard at all, and the best strategy, if you are newer, is to wait for it to attack, and then you have to wait for the perfect time to throw it as you’re, seeing here as it is pulling its arm back. That’S, when you’re going to want to throw it, so you can get it in that perfect time, so it does not throw another. I was going to say, charge, move or attack at you and knock your premier ball away. So, as you can see easy money, getting these excellent throws as well as curves uh there’s, really not too much technique to talk about as far as just not throwing it too hard once you do get it down, it’s going to be kind of muscle memory, you’ll, Be able to do it over and over and over and over again, the only time you’re not going to be able to do. It is when you’re impatient, maybe you’re waiting for another raid, invite you’re trying to catch this darn thing as fast as possible, and it just keeps breaking out or hitting it away, and you know at that point you’re thinking i just want to back out. I just want to back right out, but you want to get those candies, so you don’t, anyways we’re, going to go ahead and continue on here trying to catch this thing and they’re not going to really be too much more to talk about we’re just going to Go over very specific counters here, and you can take this out with two people.

It is going to be very difficult. I’M. Pretty sure you can 3 is going to be definitely doable, as you can see here, we’re just simply waiting just wait it out, and this is something you’re going to want to do, because you want to catch all of these deoxys here so far, i’ve been able To get all of mine – and it do – i personally want to make one for the ultra league as an excel. It is going to be good if you are questioning whether or not it is going to be good or not. First of all, it’s ranked up pretty high. Do you believe, like 23 24 25 on uh pv poke but yeah? It is going to be amazing. So there is no need to doubt it for sure. So, taking a look at pokeballer, the pokebattler, the number one. By far like, we said, is going to be mega gengar and the time to win is going to be 762 seconds. It is going to take 22 of those taking a look at the next best and that’s, going to be mega houndoom with 21 of those and with a time to win bumping up a lot of time here, it’s going to be 950 seconds. So, as you can see, your gengar is going to be extremely valuable. Moving down the list here, we’re going to go over non shadows as well we’re going to have shadow mewtwo with uh psycho cut and shadow ball.

Again, it is going to require you to use that elite tm on that and then you’re going to have shadow weavile shadow tyranitar, dark rye, mega gengar make mega gyarados and then shadow banette. So if you do have that shadow banette – hey, i personally don’t and it is going to get omega in the future going down the list here, number nine is going to be giratina with a time to win of 1081 seconds so dropping significantly. Now why earlier did i say you’re going to probably want to use your giratinas for this? If it’s not going to be performing that well well, if you’re in a group with a bunch of people, honestly it doesn’t matter, and this one is going to be pretty solid, dishing out a lot of damage and not taking very effective damage from both the counter And the thunderbolt making it a pretty good pick for you to go in there with in a pretty solid one, if you’re not trying to spin a bunch of resources on reviving. Although at this point i can spend all of them uh, then you have shadow absolute chandelure shadow, pincer mega b, drill, shadow, miss mages and those two others. I missed okay, uh going on to the next. We have 17 gengars. What i was using, i just picked it whatever i have switched to my party since and then you’re gon na have shadow caesar shadow shiftery, which is going to be extremely squishy.

So look out if you’re going to be using that uh hydrigan yavelta, which is going to be pretty nice. I know a lot of people do have that a level 50 now and then you have shadow riku. If you do have one of those powered up, regular weavile and shadow cacturn – and you don’t need me to tell you twice: deox’s defense form is gon na, be well defensive. It’S gon na take quite a bit of time to take it down with minimal people. Moving on here, this is going to be without any shadow, so of course make a gengar’s at the top make a houndoom dark, rye mega gyarados, which oh it’s time to win, is you know it’s high up there uh when you do have those other pokemon to Pick but it’s still pretty good. I suppose if somebody else is using a mega gengar, you know you want to get all these different types and then you got ta, have giratina origin form. Of course, chandelure mega bee draw and then regular gengar with a time to win of 1069 seconds it’s gon na take quite a few of those, and this has always been my favorite. I have a bunch of those powered up with crap ivs from back in the day, because it was going to be the best ghost type attacker to do all kinds of duos simple, as that used a lot of stardust on those things moving down the list here.

Without any shadows, number nine is going to be hydregan and then you’re going to have your velta regular weavile. Well, i don’t need to see a regular because there’s no shadows, then this is, it says, burn genesect, but it technically doesn’t matter, because the next one is right behind it: it’s just in order of alphabetical because of the b and then you’re gon na have regular Mewtwo there i go again saying it: tyranitar and bisharp really wan na kind of make a bishop just because it’s time to win is horrible not to go up against this. But just you know, pvp stuff, uh. So, taking a look at the raids that you can encounter right now, you’re gon na have those tier ones with a hypno, rhyhorn, murkrow, dusk goal and litwick. So if you’re looking to get those xl with candies, i suppose you go ahead and do that, but that’s a lot of uh it’s. A lot of raid passes to invest in when we have go fest day. Two coming around the corner in which you’re gon na be using those raid passes like crazy tier three raids. You’D have a little marowak pincer tyranitar at absol and then for the mega. You’Re gon na have mega hound doom and then, of course, deoxys defense form for the tier v. If you did enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll be catching you all next time take care.