You know 100 ivs and the best pvp ivs to look for in pokemon go so welcome to the trainer club. Here we go welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below. Are you guys gon na be rating deoxys defense form in pokemon go? Are you a pvp and you’re looking to get a better one, a good one? Maybe you didn’t have one yet, or are you going to be waiting for mewtwo to come out i’m, very curious to see what your guys feelings are on this pokemon so before we get into it? I just want to address. One thing up front is the shiny out. The shiny is not out so right now remember about the paywall guys. If you do want to check out how the paywalls work it hasn’t been out for quite a while there’s a lot of people that are newer to go battle league and it is a pretty good pokemon for go battle league. So, in order to just get one, it is a plus for a lot of people, so not only that that’s incentive enough for enough players to not bring the shiny out if it was any of the other deoxys forms definitely would be more warranted for the shiny, Because none of them are really pvp heavy type pokemon, except for this one. So for everybody out there that has been looking for one congratulations. You now have one and you are able to get one so we’ll go over with the 100 ivs for pvpr.

In a second, but without further ado, let’s jump right into the counter guide, because dioxin defense form is already out. It has come out on thursday at 8 p.m. Crazy, yes, and it is going to go all the way until friday at 10 a.m. Local time and that’s gon na be when we switch over into mewtwo that’s gon na be the time for all of us to stock up on all the mewtwo xl candies because of the mega and the shadow. Obviously we’ll have a counter guide for that. So deoxy’s defense form is obviously the defense form of deoxys ironic. It is an all psychic type pokemon. It has a max cp of 2570, an attack of 144, a defensive 330 and a stamina of 137, and that defense really does make it a pretty dominant force. In the gold battle league, even though you can’t trade it so you have to catch it because it is a mythical pokemon you’re, not able to trade and try to knock it down to get it better, optimized ivs. So unfortunately, whatever we catch is what we’re gon na be able to use with it being a psychic type. Pokemon it’s gon na have three weaknesses which are going to be ghost dark and bug, and then it’s going to have two resistances, which is going to be psychic as well as fighting and as far as the moveset goes. It does get two quick moves which is going to be zen head butt as well as counters, then head butt is going to be slightly problematic for the gengar being that it’s combined poison, as well as the ghost typing, so that’s gon na make it vulnerable to The psychic typing, so thankfully it’s just a quick move, but wait.

It does get three charge moves which are going to be thunderbolt rock slide and psycho boost so guys in here rock slide. If we have a fire type combination, which i think you guys might be able to guess – which mega is going to be combined with that, it is going to be weak to the rock and then we obviously have the mega gengar and gengar, which are going to Be weak to the psychic, so do be careful in there for those pokemon. So with all that said guys, what are gon na be the 100 ivs on this pokemon so for level, 20. 12.99. But unfortunately, this pokemon does not really matter for the 100 ivs. In this manner, but i’m going to give them to you anyway, just in case you do encounter, one weather boosted is going to be in windy weather because it’s, an all psychic type, pokemon level 25 at 16, 24., so that’s not what’s most important. What is most important, because most of us are not going to raid with this pokemon you’re go battle league with this pokemon. So we do need two cps to catch from the great league, as well as the ultra league in the great league it’s going to be rank 14 with counter cycle boost and thunder 100 ivs on this pokemon are going to be a 10 15 13. at level. 24, so it cannot be weather boosted for you to be able to get this pokemon.

It just cannot because 24. Obviously 25 is the weather boost that’s, going to nix out this pokemon and then, as far as the ocholi goes it’s going to be ranked 26 with counter psycho boost and rock slide combination because of the flying type pokemon in there, as well as some of the Fire type pokemon, so this one is going to be pretty much the same: ivs at level 50 and a half at a 10, 13 15., so you’re, switching up to 13 and 15, both start at 10, pretty easy ones to remember for pvp and finally, how many Trainers do we need to take down this pokemon to be able to raid for to complete it according to pokebattler? Thank you for all the graphics. Thank you to leakduck for some of the graphics and pokemon go hub, we’re, combining all of them and it’s going to take 3.3 trainers. So if you guys do want to rate for this pokemon more, you can always check out the discord that’s in the pin comments below discord, gg slash the trainer club. So with all that said, guys, let’s get right into the counters, keep it short and sweet and simple and then i’m going to give you the weather, boosting conditions and we are going to wrap it up and we are going to get on with tepid calm day. That does come out tomorrow, and then we have a lot going on guys, so let’s get into it right now, number one we have mega gengar sitting in the first spot, with shadow claw and shadow ball combination, mega gengar is gon na take 762 seconds with 26 Deaths so it’s, really not all that bad, but definitely not the pokemon to use with psycho boost.

I mean it’s a little bit more tanky, so it’s not going to do a tremendous amount of damage, but i just want to make that point out there and then we’re going to go into mega houndoom. Obviously, you can only choose one so i’m going to skip over this pokemon, but if you do choose to do it, it is going to be snarl and foul play, but this pokemon is going to be weak to rock slide, and then we have shadow mewtwo with Cycle cut and shadow ball in there. Definitely a boss, pokemon, but it’s gon na take 975 seconds compared to the mega gengar that’s 200 seconds longer that mega gengar is a beast in this scenario, and then we have shadow weave out with snarl and foul play. Just be careful with this pokemon, it is an ice type combination, it’s, very glassy. It will be weak to the rock slide and then we have shadow tyranitar with bite crunch and with all those shadows. Now let’s move into the non shadows. Let’S go right now. Obviously, we have the first two that are going to stay consistent with the megas mega gengar, being the predominant choice for this raid boss, and then we have dark ride. Dark ride is going to be snarl and shadow ball, so i would say, depending on which pokemons megas are going to be in there. If it’s going to be mega hound doom, you use the dark pulse, but if it is going to be mega gengar, you use the shadow ball as the move set because it’s going to get boosted from the mega gengar mega boost and give you more damage, output And then we have mega gear dose i’m, not going to worry about that, but then that’s going to take us into the counter spot number five, which is going to be guaranteed origin form with the shadow claw shadow ball combination, pokemon, pretty beast: it is going to Be a dragon type combination, so it’s going to be resisting electric but it’s going to be neutral to psychic, but that’s, not really that big of a deal because it doesn’t hit very hard, such as something like a mewtwo with the side strike that would ko this Gear tina so much harder, and then we have chandelor with hex and shadowball problem with this pokemon it’s a fire typing.

So it is a little bit glassier and it’s going to be weak to the rock slide, but the only two pokemon that are below 1000 seconds to beat this pokemon are going to be mega gengar by almost 250 seconds and then mega houndoom, just barely, but every Other pokemon that we are covering is going to be a lot more down, so mega gengar is very powerful for this situation, especially if you’re trying to get the 296 xl candy guys, which probably come out to about 80 raids. You can’t trade it to get the xl candies, so you’re only going to be able to transfer it, so it is going to require quite a bit of resources, especially if you want to max it out level 50 and a half. If you get the 10 13 15 for that ultra league maxed out potential, and then we have the mega b drill, obviously we’re not going to use that pokemon, but then we have the regular gengar with lick and shadow ball. This pokemon, obviously it sits up there guillotine, is more of an optimal choice and this pokemon is going to be weak to psychic, both the psycho boost and the zen headbutt, and then we have high dragon with bite and dark pulse. This pokemon is only going to be 21 deaths because it is going to resist electric. It is not a flying type combination, although it does deceive your eyes, it is a dragon and a dark type combination, so it is actually pretty favorable, which then is going to lead us into the yveltal.

The problem with the velcro is a flying and dark type combination, so it is weak to rock slide so kind of take that into account with snarl and dark pulse, which then going to lead us into weville with the snarl and the foul play this pokemon has ‘ deaths so at all possible. A lot of people always see me and i’m, like i don’t, really like the weave. Why do i like the wee bottle it’s because it’s so glassy? It doesn’t serve your party too well and it’s just gon na eat up your revives. So, although it does deliver a lot of damage, output, it’s just not quite tanky enough to stay in there long enough to do enough damage to really compete for the top spots. And then we have genesect either the burn of the regular one, with the all bug, type moves of fury, cutter and x scissor, and then we have a regular mewtwo with cycle cut and shadow ball combination, followed by the ttar with the bite and the crunch combination Followed by by sharp with the snarl and the dark pulse, and if you guys do want to check any more of the budget, counters they’re really far down the list. We are over 1240 seconds to beat this pokemon from the original quoted 762 on that mega gengar, which is way further down there, so obviously stay towards the top being that it’s, a bulkier pokemon too it’s not going to do a tremendous amount of damage it’s.

Just going to take a lot longer of a time frame as opposed to something that’s a little bit more glassy like a rayquaza with a double weakness. So with all that said, guys, how are the weather conditions going to affect catching this pokemon, then we’re going to wrap it up. So, as far as the sunny weather, sunny weather is not really going to have any effect, as far as the partly cloudy is going to boost the rock slide of this pokemon, so any pokemon that’s going to be fire or flying combination, probably going to be a No go on this particular weather condition, especially if it rockslide and it spams off pretty quickly it’s, going to knock those pokemon out pretty fast, which then is going to lead us into cloudy weather. Cloudy weather is going to boost the counter. Another thing that i haven’t covered is going to be powerful against dark, not the available, but the dark typing and another thing counter is going to be double strong against the weavile. So i really don’t like that. Pokemon, because counter is a fighting move. It’S going to be powerful against ice as well as the dark typing, so please be careful with that. Pokemon. Something like a giratina is much more suited to handle the counter. Definitely as opposed to the weavil and then we’re moving into the rainy weather rainy weather is going to boost. The thunder of this particular pokemon, so be careful out there with the flying types and then finally, it’s also going to boost all of our bug type pokemon.

So in rainy weather, although some of the other pokemon are still going to prevail, if you have a mega b drill out, obviously it’s going to recommend that pokemon and it’s also going to boost the thunderbolt of the deoxys defense form, so any type of flying type. Pokemon are definitely going to be getting hit pretty hard during that time frame, which then is going to lead us into the grand finale. We have a couple more weather conditions, which is going to be snowy weather, no effect foggy weather it’s, going to boost all the dark, as well as the ghost type counter. So actually foggy weather is a really advantageous counter spot to be in. Although i don’t get foggy weather too much, i don’t know how many people do, but if you do get it, it is going to help you out and then finally, we have windy. Weather windy weather is going to boost the zen head, butt the psycho boost, and fortunately, since unfortunately, i would say – fortunately it’s gon na boost the defense form, if you’re trying to get it for the ultra league, but unfortunately it’s going to counter out the possibility to Get the great league stats on that particular pokemon. So what are gon na be the optimal party sizes if you’re using a mega pokemon mega gengar? Absolutely no doubt, then. Obviously we have the guillotine origin form. That would pretty much make up the rest or if you do have the shadow mewtwo, you can put it in there mega gengar shadow mewtwo.

None of them are gon na, be weak to the moves and then the giratina that’s going to make up a really good party. But if you’re looking at more budget type counters, if you have the mega gengar, you can do regular gengar in there as well. You can do x cavalier, which we didn’t cover, but we did point out the move set on that is going to be bug, bite and mega horn. You can do tyranitar as well as scissor, so those are all the counters guys. I hope this helps. I hope you guys are ready for it. If you do want it, if you don’t, obviously probably get one or two, and if you want to go badly with it, i mean the stats. You know they’re kind of important, but at the same time you know like. Obviously we want to optimize it, especially if we’re going to put resources for the ultra league. But beyond that, good luck out there trainers and get ready for mewtwo that’s going to be coming in the future in approximately two weeks. So thank you guys for being here. Likers comment to subscribers. Patreon members: everybody takes their support, subscription and participation next level. I’Ll see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyone’s benefit.

Plus i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and rating all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.