. If you re a subscribed member of my community, then welcome back. And if you re not consider subscribing right now, So I can keep you up to date. On what s going on in Washington DC The Economy, Stimulus Check, Package programs and some occasional, unbelievable news. Remember, I will never offer to text you in the comments. Section.. Those are scammers., Don t forget the 3000 giveaway Kacey and I are doing to help members of our community win some cool community merch, like our amazing hat or 250 cash.. There will be 24 winner in total, and I ll leave a link. Below. Democrats, representative Jesus Garcia from Illinois, said he will fully back whatever fellow democrats want to put into the American Families Plan as long as it contains a pathway to citizenship.. Although democrats have pushed for people to become citizens faster for many years, Representative Garcia is the first to say he won t vote with his party. Unless immigration is part of the next spending bill.. This would fast track the millions of people in our country trying to become citizens. Within a short time of his statement. Several more democrats backed Garcia, including Representative Jayapal, who has been pushing for a 2000 stimulus check and immigration changes for many years., Representative Jayapal and Senator Bernie Sanders still think a 4th stimulus check and all the other programs they back are possible, but the rich must be Taxed and the trump tax cuts most be removed.

, Then they will have money to do the 6 trillion spending bill. Senator Sanders says is needed.. Last week I told you how Republicans Representative Mo Brooks is putting forward a new bill to have the country of China pay restitution to Americans and American businesses. Representative Brooks says this isn t about winning a big country against another country. Lawsuit. China needs to sell stuff to us.. All we have to do is impose tariff s and fees, and we can start collecting this money for our people. Right, away., Representative, Brooks believes the country of China owe money to every American.. Senator Sanders took the opportunity to take jabs at Jeff Bezos of Amazon, pointing out that he essentially makes more than a stimulus check per second of every day.. Yesterday, Jeff Bezos was declared the richest man in the world with a net worth of 211 billion. Sanders said: Hmm …. Maybe it was paying an effective tax rate of 0.98 heading a corporation that repeatedly paid nothing in federal income tax and underpaying workers so much they had to rely on public benefits.. That sort of rampant greed might have had something to do with. It. Democrats believe taxing the ultra wealthy is the key to funding their massive spending bill. So don t be surprised if you see this as part of new legislation very soon., But also don t be surprised if the trump tax cuts that help almost everyone making under 100000 year are removed as well.

Right now under Budget Reconciliation democrats have all the votes. They need to pass a 4th stimulus check., Even the Vice President, Kamala Harris was in support of a 4th check before becoming Vice. President., The big hang up with be Senators Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema, and maybe a few who have been quiet until its actually time to vote.. However, Senator Manchin has said its not a matter of if a check would help, but who is eligible. Now. This gives credibility to what I ve been saying.. I don t see a 4th stimulus check happening for 167 million americans buts. I ll bet. If that number were lowered, you d see very little push back from Manchin. Manchin has admitted he more worried about the cost and raised taxes that would be necessary in order to cover all the pet projects. Congress will inevitably try to thrown in, but many of those can be thrown out in a vote, a rama like they have in the past.. By the way. Thank you so much for giving my videos a like.. I love bringing my community the daily news. Former President Donald Trump is suing Facebook and Twitter and their CEO s, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey in what could become a class action. Lawsuit. Trump said this will be the first, a several lawsuit coming against the tech giants. In an attempt to make sure Freedom of Speech remains free., The tech giants have said. Freedom of speech is a right in our country, but not a right on their platforms.

. Under section 230 technology companies were given immunity from lawsuits., However, with how large they have become some politicians from both parties. Believe social media is the new town square, so freedom of speech must be protected.. Recently, the country of Nigeria banned Twitter from the entire country, and, just recently the country of India became the first country to remove immunity protections from Twitter and open them up to lawsuit. Speaking of Trump. He now has a new contender for most wanted to run. For President in 2024., Governor Ron Desantis of Florida is a rising star among republican potentials.. However, some say he won t put forward his name. If Trump officially announces a run for president., Some polls show a Trump Desantis ticket might be hard to beat.. Right now. President Biden s approval rating is around 60. According to CNN. Last night, the President of Haiti was assassinated in his own home.. The country is mourning this unexpected news and will put an acting prime minister in place., The ever green that clogged the Suez Canal. For a week has finally paid its dues to Egypt and will be leaving the canal to finally deliver its promised goods. Speaking of canals. This next story is wild, but true.. A man in Austria called the police to report. He had been injured. While minding his own business on the toilet. He suddenly felt something bite on his genitals. Only to discover a python had come up through the toilet pipes and bitten him.

. If turns out, the neighbors snake had been missing. The snake, some how made it into the building pipe system and was trying to make its way out.. I honestly can t even imagine this scenario. I mean I ve thought about something scary being in a toilet or sharks being in a pool, but this was too crazy not to share with you today.. This is my update for today.. As I know more, I will come on and share more. Make sure to sign up for the new giveaway with over 3000 in prizes and cash.. It will be ending very soon.. Now Before you go, I wish to remind you that you are amazing..