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If you thought that the gpu situation wasn’t bad enough well, i have nvidia is planning on reintroducing the rtx 2016 2060 super according to sources over at overclocking.com. This means that they cannot produce the 30 series effectively enough since their launch back in october enough that they can’t get away from the rtx 20 series. A card that launched in 2018 mind you 2019, is when the 2016 came out anyways. This is rough. This is bad in case you thought that they were reintroducing them at cheaper prices. Well, my friend you don’t, know nvidia very well at all. Do you turns out? The 2060 is gon na cost 300 euro and the 2060 super will be at 400 euro, which means that the super will be more expensive than the 30 60, which likely indicates that the 3060 won’t have enough stock, that that makes sense for them to make the 2060, super and people will be able to buy more of the 20 series. Did you think we’d be here in 2021 that the launch of ampere would go so bad that they needed to reintroduce the previous generation in order to keep people from buying cards and in a certain light of looking at this, it actually does make a little bit Of sense, because one of the reasons that the market is so squeezed and so expensive right now is because the companies aren’t able to make the brand new thing, but they also stop making the pass thing.

So people who need to buy graphics cards right now have really actually no options. Besides things that are currently being in production, which tend to be things like the gt 1010 or the rx 550, anything that’s in the 5600 xt gtx 1650. What we’re finding is that those aren’t at ample stock enough to make up for the fact that there aren’t any new cards so going back to the well of older cards that you are going to produce in the meantime might actually help mitigate some of this frustration. That’S going on as much as i don’t like it as much as i don’t want to see it as much as it’s super frustrating nvidia might be making the right move here, but it looks like msi is making the move back to mining cards with an eec Filing coming out that there will be an rtx 3060 ti mining card, as you can see right here, eight gigs, a minor and a minor oc is going to be what might come out, which means that all of these companies are seeing. Yes, cryptocurrency mining is going up again, so we’re going to get in on that which again compounds on the whole fact that you just can’t get any tech product right now. Doesn’T look like it’s going to get much better, but it looks like valve’s gotten better at not charging reasonable price differences in geo blocking practices in the eu and they’ve just been fined by the european commission for that for 7.

8 million euro now i said that valve Has gotten better because this is for practices that were being done between 2010 and 2015 and they’re being fined for those things and valve’s response to this? They say that it’s such a small number of games that this actually applies to that it’s did. Why are you coming after us? Is the general sentiment that i got approximately three percent of all games, as well as the fact that they stopped this a long time ago, so for them to face spines at this point? Probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We’Ll keep you updated on this as it develops further, and it looks like apple’s m1 max are being developed further, especially by the community corellium, who, you might remember just won. A copyright. Lawsuit against apple has announced that they’ve gotten linux working on m1 silicon there’s, no gpu acceleration, but full advantage of the cpu is happening so it’s, not in a quite usable state. But there is a image of the latest ubuntu os being worked on on the m1. Max so that’s continuing to go and msi is just continuing to go in a million different directions. I thought with the launch of the more recent motherboards, it seemed like they understood what design aesthetic they were going for. It seemed like they knew how to make something that was good. Looking despite previous attempts and despite red and black being their color scheme, all the way up until 2018, they decide to launch the z590 gaming force, which is just what are those this works for some people.

This may work in some builds. But what is this aesthetic? What will this fit with? I just i guess you won’t see it because other things will be covering up but msi, huh and that’s. What my wallet says when i say hey, look at that porsche. It looks really good and my wallet says huh, because i can’t afford to take hand well they’re, going to have an entry level model coming up now, which is only going to start at 81, 250 plus 13.50 destination fee, which is 24 000 less than the take Hand 4s, so it’s going to be cheaper right. It’S, not horrifically expensive and it’s gon na have two different options for batteries either: 80 kilowatts or 93.4 kilowatts, and that will be between 268 and 300 miles of charge, but it’s going to be uh no charge. In my book, because i’m not gon na i’m, not gon na buy it because it’s not gon na get charged to my account because i won’t have it. I hope you understand and what i’m saying – and i hope that drivers help the communication being understood between tech things segway to shield tv now having support for the ps5 and the xbox series x, slash s controller, because the software update allows it and now there’s communication. Welcome and you don’t have to communicate to netflix anymore what you want to watch, because it’s just going to do it for you with the latest feature coming out soon called shuffle play where it will just play whatever you uh kind of show that you’re interested in They’Re saying that it’s not going to be completely random, it has to either be based on a show that you’ve already seen or in a genre that you’ve shown interest in so uh.

According to the person who used it that they got the crown season, one because they’ve watched the queen’s gambit, which seems like they’re kind of in the same type of genre, so shuffle play being tested right now, might roll out to you sometime soon. So you don’t have to pick anymore. You could just let netflix run on your television, the entire time and then only every few hours it’s going to ask. Are you finished watching yes, netflix? I’M alone. I’M. Sad i’m pathetic i’m in the dark abyss of my own depression. Thank you, netflix. I knew i could count on you to check in on me, because otherwise, who else is going to ask me nobody? Because i’m unloved that got dark? You know it’s, not dark. Today’S, video sponsor you should go check out chirp, because they’re today’s, video, sponsor and it’ll help relieve your back check them out the link in the video description, my friends and that’s, going to wrap up this episode of hot news be sure to hit the like button.