After going down, 11 5 on mirage cloud9 began to embark on a huge comeback. The classic dignitas call was at the time known for their choking, and on this day it was hiko who made sure they did capping off a crazy back and forth round. It’S cloud. Nine in a two on four that bomb plant’s already been happening for quite a while here, so hiko and sean that’s, a good kill from hika, but they realize dupreeh is still in there somewhere they’re gon na try and go for it here. They want to go all in eco, comes in with another kill and back to a two on two that bomb so far take they got to move quick right now, they’re going for it. The defuse is already happening. Hey girl, you’re kidding me he’s gon na go right. They win the round. He go fix up a triple a cloud: nine win, it watts. Cloud9 started off this quarter final with a comfortable win on the first map of nuke, but fryeburg looked to turn things around on map too, as he ran through the north americans in the pistol round. But what happened next is one of the most replayed csgo moments of all time. One on five freiburg has already made his mark made sure that they won that round. Hiko is gon na go for it, fryeburg will eventually fall, but it is too late. Gary is gon na, be waiting. Hiko charges in doesn’t check what oh, my god, inhuman reactions hiko.

This was a great match up for the first quarter finals in 2015, and the first map of train was all you could wish for with nip taking nine rounds on their ct side. It was shaping up to be a close game. The second pistol would be a huge factor in the outcome of the match and allu knew he had to deliver. He just might try and do it sneaking on in. Is he gon na spot? He will see the shoulder and tries to go for it. Lands a head shot that passes down. I like that neo’s, you know he’s, just letting him know as well. We know exactly what’s happening here. We’Ve got the smoke to block you out, but taz decides to take the fight he’s going to go and he gets the head shot onto allu. That changes everything now all who’s going up to his death, essentially he’s hoping for a lucky burst, but it’s not meant to be it could well be. The ladders are good for this kind of burst: he’s not hitting yet but he’s going to try it one more time. It’S just going to take a single good burst. He reloads quickies in a close series every clutch, no matter how messy has a massive impact, a sight on the old inferno used to be kenny s playground, and here he brought a knife to a gunfight against guardian guardian, is going to try and come around from Court kenny on site apex and pitt and flamey just waiting for that smoke to clear now apex would have got a little glimpse of guardian there and kenny got a cheeky peak as well.

They didn’t need two of them to peak. There was a little too aggressive up field still rattling on through flame he’s gon na push on through, but kenny’s found him and now it’s all on guardian. Will he try and hold the off? He gets the shot onto apex. Is he going to try and go huge here? Can he hits on sight straight in his face? Doesn’T hit the nose go doesn’t hit the pistol pro came so close to defeating the pronax led fanatic, lineup that dominated most of 2015.. The pressure of the semi final seemed to be getting to the polish side as they continuously rotated around inferno. But after the dust settled, it was pasha who ended up in the right place at the right time. But it looks like fnatic are about to make the presence known just taz and bialy ready to stand the test. How quickly can vp get there? How quick can the cavalry arrive? It doesn’t look like quick enough as pronax fights in four seconds. Music was the breakout star of liquid in 2016, well on his way to becoming the goat, and he was manhandling. The veterans of fanatic in the semis. Is there a more iconic play in cs? Go than this one who’s going to be the recipient. It is going to be hiko that’s, a big frag, but simple is creeping they’ve. Seen with the off now, and the desperate play in 2b comes in smokes let’s see if double smokes in the same place.

They’Re simple, just jumping casually into the side, he’s gon na fall down again from simple. Are you serious? What is that you can’t? Do that simple that’s not allowed? This is not fpl. This is a major james. Simple is an assassin. This guy is absolutely unbelievable. He’S the expect of a team liquid. There is no question in that same series. The two teams were locked into a close encounter on cobblestone liquid, were in control going into the second half and fnatic were in need of a huge play to get them back into the game. Dennis was once known as the pistol god, and it was his time to shine dennis posting a defense by the apc. Now, as that bomb takes away three versus three as dennis pops, more heads is this guy done just yet. I don’t even know he’s got all of my stuff for support as well. This is a very tough re entry for liquid once dennis is getting in there again, and there might be one more, of course, dennis with the ace to kick off the second half cloud9 went into this series in 2017, as the obvious underdogs navi were expected to Dispatch them and move swiftly on to the next round, as the second map began, shroud, was simply killing everybody living up to the lofty expectations of being the internet’s resident aim – god, oh my god that flashbang actually flashed a flanker. I have no idea how see still gets the kill it almost looked like skadoodle had actually come out on top there.

What a flick coming in trout, getting one of the headshots he’s tapping away shroud. Can he do it again? He’S up to 11 kills and looking for number 12. Are you kidding me each round four kills. Can anyone take this man down? He’S got 12 and oh 2018 might have been simple at his best, but in the first map against fnatic it was flamie who stole the show with a 32 kill, banger, simple wasn’t having anyone steal his spotlight and as each round passed, we were just waiting for The next amazing moment from the goat he could completely decapitate both of them. One goes down the second to follow. The third: is he gon na get flush or two tries to back away, find a new way to approach this flusher? Oh simple: what is that device? Was having a very poor performance by his standards at esl, one cologne 2019, even though they were playing against a vitality squad with zai wu in the middle of his inhuman year, the rest of astralis were still able to bring the second map of their semi final To overtime allowing device to finally take control, they do have a three man stack on this side. Devices had a really rough game, flashed he’s gon na get that shot, and that has to feel a little bit going out middle of the air to take down alex and now they’re pushing. Oh, he takes every single one. Hit that subscribe button for more cs.