A worthy challenger comes. I am in a black mood. I shall enjoy this. Let there be battle sister, Music, Music. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, the registration for the warhammer world championship has opened earlier this week and that registration is going to be running through the 15th of february, after which the groups will be decided and that will begin in earnest so to register. For the tournament you want to be going to warhammerwc.com and that’ll, get you to the main website, where you’re going to see all the various information which i touched on in my last video for the world championship from there. There will be a discord link and in that discord, uh there will be a channel for registration, and that is where you’ll be putting in your username. The link to your steam account to verify your account and stuff like that. So you don’t get people signing up more than once, and then that will add you to the list and once you are verified, groups will be sorted out at the end of the registration period and also um. If you do want to partici or contribute to the overall prize pool, which is now over 3 000 in total, it is going to be easily the largest warhammer tournament to date. I’M. Very excited for that front. But a little news on the timeline as well. For the world championship, so, as i touched on earlier, the registration is from february 1st to the 15th and and february 16th is where we are planning on starting the first qualifier uh, where all the groups are going to be divided on out it’ll, be a round Robin style, elimination and then after that there’ll be uh, potentially two more qualifier stages after that, depending on how many play people we have and considering how many we’ve had register so far, that is, between 200 and 300 in just the first couple days, uh we’ll be Getting into some more uh group stages, um going into march, and then once those numbers have been down to 32 to 64 players is when we’re gon na be getting into the final bracket style tournament, where it’ll be best of five and best of seven matches, and Then, once we get down to the final eight, which was hoping to be in the beginning of april, we’ll be getting in to the nice and juicy finals for everyone to watch and hopefully those lucky few to participate in.

And it is very exciting to look forward to all of that. Also, i thought have a shout out to engaging bear. Who is the one who did the trailer for the world championship? He does amazing work for cinematic videos and, if you want to see any more of that, you can check him out, i’ll have a link to his youtube channel in the description. Otherwise, that is all i have for you today go register. If you want to. I do encourage it it’s going to be a blast i’m looking forward to casting some of the fantastic group stage, battles and can’t wait to see who will end up on top. That is all i have for you today.