Chaos is a ladder. I’Ve been playing some other factions to try and uh. It still needs some work, not ready to to show any of those replays um, and i know you guys – love chaos, uh so anyways. I i pulled the high elves this time uh i can’t pronounce my opponent’s name because it’s just like a bunch of consonants. So sorry, my friend um, so what i brought here against the high elves we’ve got some chaos. Marauders mixed in with chaos warriors so two of each and the mirror guard uh kolek, because he’s just awesome like if you don’t love co like there’s something wrong with you. I mean look. Look at this. Look at that that doesn’t scare, the out of you, i don’t, know what well um. I also brought the chaos sorcerer of shadows uh on a horse, so they can get around another dragon ogre shaggeth because well two’s better than one. We got the summoners of rage and then up here, vanguard uh. I have some marauder horsemen three of them. My opponent brought an ark archmage metal uh on a dragon so unusual, but i think good, a good uh good counter, potentially to chaos. He’S got two elite. Elirian reaver archers he’s got three of the white lines of trace with their armor piercing good choice. Two spearmen sword masters of health, which are just nasty another spearman back here, uh two just regular archers one unit of dragon princes and a little artillery.

The eagle claw bolt thrower big open field, so obviously my goal get across the field as quick as possible, because you’re gon na eat some bolt bolt through fire or bolt cast or bolt through. I can’t remember bulk thrower yeah you’re gon na need some fire from that coming across. You know there’s always potential for magic and, of course, archers uh, so i’m gon na get a little poke on his spearman here originally i was thinking to go back and and – and you know, try to shoot some of his higher value targets like the sword. Master of hove, but then i see this coming my way so i’m, like all right, i’ve got ta. I got ta scare the arc mage away while my line advances um, so the archers are going to get some some sweet action on my on my marauder horseman, but it can’t be avoided. I think in this situation meanwhile, i’m just giving the orders for for the uh. The offense here always reminds me of football when i’m drawing the arrows, so i am able to to drag the mage away, but not before she uh hurt my cast through there a bit, and i kind of forgot about them so that that’s never a good thing. Uh, but i will i will notice this eventually so here we go about to crash into the front line, and one of my favorite things about chagas is that even with the mass increase, the infantry there’s very few things that pull through better than them and you’re Going to see me doing that so collects going to go after these archers try to get in there and and take that out, uh i’m trying to keep an eye on his archmage too.

Like you know what she’s doing and where she’s at dragons always make me nervous like if you get over extended – or you know, you have a unit that’s kind of out on an island that they can really make you pay so dragon ogre. Shaggeth was chasing, some marchers looks like he’s getting into the swordmasters here a bit, and then i bring in the summoners of rage, because i want this bolt claw, thrower down it’s just been uh. You know you can’t leave something like that. Go so go like. Does a great job there and then you’re going to see boom. Some good spell action uh, and i think that was a good, pretty damn good hit and it got both of those units. But the summoners rage get mucked up by spears here, which is never a good thing and then uh part of my front line gets roasted so i’m, like okay i’ll, send kolek in there. That’Ll i’ll straighten things out pretty quickly, he’s really working down my caster here. So that’s why i i’m just trying to dump magic you’ll notice like as soon as the spell’s available i’m, like okay use it as dragon’s gon na chase the marauder horseman that’s, not something she’s gon na catch, so i’m kind of pleased that he’s doing that. He really seems obsessed with the marauder horsemen a little bit because they are, you know especially late game. They can really be nasty, but he pulls in the illyrian or even river archers that’s, a mouthful uh to help out and kolek is just gon na go to pound town on them, and then there we have another pendulum, just just really dicing up uh his infantry.

So you can see the battlefield’s getting pretty chaotic there’s a lot of things going on i’m. You know i’m trying to poke his dragon slowly down with the horsemen um. I i wish i had the armor pier piercing variant, but i didn’t really have the money for it and i didn’t want to get rid of a shaggeth, because the hell with that uh summoners of rage get distracted by the spearmen again. But we’re going to try to finish these archers the shaggets doing the same over here and i’ve got co like he was trying to save my caster uh dragon prince is his infantry. He he went all in on that and did a great job of wiping him out. I’M gon na use a little lightning there. Unfortunately, the swordmaster’s gotten away, but still you know, do a little damage to the dragon princess. Make them think twice so uh over here. Archer’S break i’m, pushing infantry into the second part of his infantry line, because i want to get the charge on him this archer’s, about to eat it. I had a breakthrough here. The uh mirror guard you’re able to get through so now, i’m gon na send them uh over here and go like just just basically. I brought them over and just brought them down the line, because if you attack things from the rear with him, infantry he’s, just gon na dumpster them uh, his dragon’s gon na come in and get into combat scare.

The hell out of my infantry here, summoner’s a rager still trying to finish this. This artillery piece off um i’ve, definitely learned, unlike the shaggets they’re, not nearly as good at this kind of thing. But you know you got to do what you got to do, trying to get rid of his skirmishers, because they’ve been punishing mine, which you know was restricting my ability to poke on the dragon um he’s going to commit more to that than i am so that’s Going to go well for him, but, as you can see over here on the right side, very chaos heavy, but his dragon’s going to come in here and i’m. Like okay. You know the summoners are rage. They can handle that um yeah. They plague arrests, them they’re down to 30 armor and they’re, going to get chopped up like the haters. They are so you’re going to see that they break infantry. Terrified runs off um, but this is, you know, been finished over here. So now, i’m thinking. Okay, maybe we can get a big uh meet in the middle uh and – and i hope because i think it favors me right now – um but he’s – flying off of this dragon dragon prince is chasing this, so he’s doing a really good job of chasing off my Units at this point, the skirmish battle did not go my way he was able to get help. I got rid of the spears, but not much more um sumner’s a rage he’s.

He really wants to make sure they don’t come back good call, but his infantry is left unprotected. So i figured i’m going to throw everything i can at him, but then the dragon princess dive into my infantry that was trailing a little bit and that is uh gon na hurt but i’m able to break the uh artillery completely spears. Don’T have much left. So i turn around say: okay, if the dragon princess want to fight i’ll, bring him a fight, um and they’re, quick, but so are shaggetts and so is collect so we’re getting in there but i’m going to take what i can get he’s going to offer me. The swordmasters on a platter i’ll be more than happy uh to let the big boys just stomp a mud, hole in them and don’t get me wrong. These guys will do good damage because of their armor piercing nasty breath. Attack coming in here really does a number on my infantry and suddenly i’m. Finding i don’t have many friends left um. The summoner is a rage there’s like two of them back there, but they’re. You know so shaken. So are these chaos warriors so these marauders? You look around the other way, so pull it out on a wide screen here. It’S it’s collecting his brother here against the world, so the dragon dives in gon na try to get the the better of my shaggath plague or rust. Some he’s got negative 30 armor.

Not good um, but we do some good damage to his dragon here. But it’s gon na be able to pull away, and then i quickly try to turn focus onto the dragon princes and get rid of them because they’re one of my one of his biggest threats, not really much. I can do about these guys they’re too fast. You know this little archer unit still has 11 models poking at me. I decided that’s, not okay with me, and the dragon princes are going to give chase, but there’s, not much of them left sustained missile fire coming in here i’m just trying to pull through, because i want to keep my my guys together. So they don’t get isolated and picked on like he’s trying to do to the shaggeth right now but i’m going to turn around and face it. Try to get some damage in here and then bring kolek over to add to it. I pop standard die because i i don’t want that ogre to break i’m, trying to pull back this stuff, but it’s probably going to run as soon as it smells the dragon. Just the you know, the fear and terror stuff is is real um. He pulls out again so i’m just going to work with what what’s here dragon princes need to go, so i send them home here you’re going to see like the summers of rage i’m like do i bring them in. Do i not you see the little arrows so i go over to them because he’s shooting the breath attack when i dodge that and also i’m hoping, you know, they’ll get some leadership uh from being near collect.

So here we go again now he’s bringing in uh his his archer cav, which you know have no ammo left. So, of course, he’s gon na bring them in and the dragon overshadows and the summoners of rage, break i’m nervous, but codec collects got a lot of health left and he hits like a dump truck uh. So the dragon breaks but that’s, not good enough for kohak he’s, got to break the poor thing spine and uh yeah rip dragon, so uh good game to my opponent jmjzn8. I don’t know if that spells something, probably something horrible that will get me demonetized for life, but a good game. Uh kodak, almost 3 000 value, just a stud uh. He just crushed it caster, not so much. He did a good job of uh of handling him, but you know it’s, not horrible infantry did okay, they did their job mirror guard almost always do my skirmishers, you know got decent value, but this is. This is the part of my game. I need to improve the most like using these guys. I just don’t don’t, quite use them right. I think uh shaggett did okay, uh was clutch hung in there till the very end, just about and uh, okay on the summoners of rage, but neither of them paid for themselves. Um so anyways uh it’s good to be back i’m hoping i’ll be showing you a non chaos replay at least once in a while soon in case some of you don’t have that love.

I do for the dark gods. Um, but anyways.