My lawn forces of the wood elves assemble for something dark has invaded the forests of britonia, etc, and the tomb kings have come to town, but dreich is here to say, get out of my bushes hi there youtube this is the magnus bringing you another total war. Warhammer 2 online ladder battle this time facing off against cadaver and the tomb kings and i’m playing the wood elves. So yeah going with the wood elves here, the uh, the shady elves, what the sketchy elves, whatever you want to call them i’ve been trying to get decent with somebody that’s, not chaos, uh, and i i like the what else i mean they’re, pretty cool, so they’ve Got some interesting units so let’s take a look at what i decided to bring three eternal guard with shields. Usually tomb kings like to bring a lot of arrows, they may bring constructs these guys can can do pretty well with that. I also have two of the um ward answers i think so hold on where’s the other one there. It is so two ward answers and then the back. I have two of the war dancers with azeri spears. Again, thinking of constructs stuff, like that one glade rider they’re, quick uh on the left, i’ve got the wild hunters of kernos on the right. The great stag knights and my lord is going to be dreicha uh as i teased earlier, and she really allows you to go pretty wide because she’s inexpensive she’s, your lord and your caster uh.

So pretty cool and she’s got summons. My opponent over here they’ve got a couple of the horse archers and then the same thing on the other side, hiding in the trees from the what else is an interesting proposition, we’ll see if that works, etc. The imperishable on his pimp wagon he’s got his chariot or whatever the heck. You want to call that thing. Uh bring some elite infantry, you’re gon na see there three tomb guard in the front four tomb guard. Good lord seems like a bit much so definitely gon na be a challenge to deal with them. We got some skeleton spearmen in here um and then in the back tomb guard with halberds. So obviously, he’s expecting you know a lot of cav uh potential play from the wood elves. So this is a good tech piece against that and the uh the tomb guard are going to trade pretty well with infantry. I also brought the blessed legion of uh. I don’t know how to pronounce that, but uh really good regimen of renown and also the chosen of the gods. So just a lot of nasty stuff um. He starts to advance with his skirmishers here so i’m gon na have my archers fire on them right away. It’S definitely um a battle. I want to win. I also send in the cab i want to screen them out and if he doesn’t have them on auto retreat or his micro isn’t good.

You know, and he gets caught by my calves – they’re going to get slaughtered, but you know he pulls up the rest of his stuff, so i start pulling back, unfortunately, that’s going to let them shoot me in the back, a bit which isn’t great, also a mistake. You’Re going to see that i make here is: i don’t really recognize the chosen the gods, because they’re hidden in the trees so i’m going to go after a skirmish, archers. First, uh pull back my calf kind of get things bounced front. Line’S going to go in the war, dancers are going to have a fun time with skelton spearman. You can see chopping them up pretty good. On the other side, the ward dancers are doing well, but they’re getting a lot of fire and uh. You know they’re gon na melt pretty quickly. That way, i try to send the glade riders up the gut here. Uh but cetera, is gon na come out and that’s gon na be enough to scare them off right away, so not great uh, but we’re gon na put down a pendulum here on the tune guard with halberds uh. You know they’re screening me from getting back into all that all of his goodies back there uh with my calf and then cetera’s out here, riding around trying to get rid of my archers, and this is, you know way too important for me to just let happen So you’re going to see, i pull the calf back uh to chase after him, and then you know even these guys over here when they recover.

So so my archers are shaking, but you know trying to fire in on him, trying to focus him down with the cav, etc is just too nasty uh. But look at that just blows up. My cab and he’s he’s got uh no costs on him, but this mirrors incantation gives him 44 ward, save so that’s gon na help him out quite a bit. He’S also doing fire damage, but i get a good surround on him i’m feeling pretty good about what’s happening here, just firing away, but my cab is just melting between friendly fire and whatever the hell he just cast they’re all going to fall apart. So at this point, you’re going to see the bounce power goes pretty heavily in his favor i’m, not going to give up on killing cetra, nor on the battle now you’re going to see, drache here is going to summon some dryads to get rid of the blessed Legion or at least tie them up still shooting etc best i can. He brings some skirmishers over. You know they’re trying to chase off my calves, so i want to give them a little fire too uh, but really trying to get rid of of cetera he’s. Just too important, too nasty and uh yeah, i got ta find a way to try to make him go uh, so the balance power starts to even out a little bit, even though my archers are being harassed and the infantry fight.

You know it’s gon na be a it’s gon na be a slog. I mean he’s got. You know a lot of tomb guard, they’re, tough, they’re, not easy to get through so i’m. Just trying to you know, keep my archers in the game. Keep him from killing! Uh, all of them he’s doing a great job of harassing my cab off the field, which is very unfortunate. That was a a big investment. I even pulled dreicha to try to chase set your hair i’m kind of desperate um, probably not the best play considering he’s way too fast for but again just trying to kite with the archers getting some good damage on him. I brought the the swift swiver shards because they do armor piercing great for constructs for taking down something, like cetera, that has 110 armor. If you try to do it with the regular archers it’s going to be a tough go he’s going to use his little blast ability again and then i see this and i know uh with that long, the cast time i know what’s coming it’s steve, shabby uh. You know he’s at that time where he gets that free, summon so i’m gon na try to get away from them, but i’ve got to kill cetra. I can’t. Let anything stop that. I think that’s, the only way i’m going to get you know, get a chance to win this game, so i keep firing away at him.

The poison arrows from way back here not quite able to connect and slow him down, which is unfortunate, so he’s going to get good ride in the to the uh scouts here. But i send them this way and these guys are moving up trying to fire them because he keeps going back here to try to zone me out. I don’t want to let that happen. Uh, the ushavi are having a field day on my deep wood scout, so that’s not great, but boom down goes citrus and now i feel like i’ve got a shot. I really need to ignore the ashabi they’re going to melt anyway, so i’m just going to try to kite these tomb guard and get rid of them over here in the infantry fight it’s it’s going okay it’s a slog, but now that i’ve got you know dreicha And he’s got no lord, no heroes. You know i feel, like i feel, like i’ve got a chance here, as you can see, he’s gon na run the ushabi over here to get into the rear of my infantry great play. Um back here, his uh, his summons, were able to take care of one of my archers so now i’m, just down to the one, the deep wood scouts over there, which are still kiting the the tomb guard, they’re, never gon na catch them they’re just too slow. Uh but then he brings over his cav uh the skeleton horse, archers they’re, all out of ammo um, but they’re.

Still quick 76 speed you’re going to see i’m just going to dump on them with the arrows here and then i’m going to try to to kite, of course, but you know he’s literally twice as fast, but i want to get as much damage in as possible Before we connected melee – and so then he catches me, but you know his guys have what 16 and 18 as far as attack and defense, my archers actually have 19, and so they do outclass them so i’m just going to have them stay in there and try To finish them, we’ve got, you know virtually no ammo left, anyways and uh. They are going to win that fight and put the last of his skirmish cab. I believe the last of his skirmish cav to bed i’ll nope i’m wrong he’s thought some more over here. So i’ve got some forces rallying there’s, not much left on on either side. Here i’ve been tossing my asthma at the chosen of the gods kind of see them as the biggest threat. You know, they’ve got great stats. Dracha retires one of his infantry gon na stick in here for now and try to take care of the tomb guard. My victorious archers are going to come over to join the fight uh, this eternal guard, which is 21 units and not much health he’s going to come over and try to get get in there with drake as well. On the far side, his tomb guard is beating.

My eternal guard, yeah, considering you know the tomb guards that much more expensive than the eternal guard, it’s kind of to be expected, but i actually felt like they traded pretty well here again tune guard, but this is against the war dancers, and these girls are soldiers. They hang in there a long time um, while drachi just tries to finish this off i’m trying to get rid of the last of his mobility, because otherwise he can, you know, cycle, charge and rear charge and and use those kind of tactics against me. And you really want to avoid that when you can, but you know, obviously he has a huge speed advantage. I have no cav left. They got dumpstered very early on so he’s going to charge in the war dancers with spears here. That’S gon na be enough to shake them up pretty good, even though it was a frontal charge, not a rear charge uh, but these ladies don’t give up they’re still in there look dragging down some some of his units, uh so i’m trying to get everybody onto His cab, but then i realize i’m, never gon na catch them. So let’s just get everybody on the tomb guard here. So they keep they keep running, but you can see you know, one will fall behind and they’ll poke at them. Miasma is going to come down again and that’s really going to drag down their hp. He pulls over the tomb guard that that won back here, we’re winning back here and uh kind of unify his forces.

So this is going to be. You know the final fight here, the balance of power heavily in my favor at this point, so it looks like we’re gon na be able to pull it off um yeah. All in all, i haven’t been doing bad as the wood. Elves it’s definitely needs some work and is nowhere near as strong as as i feel, with chaos, but a good faction and – and we got a pyrrhic victory there so gg to cadaver an appropriate name for playing that faction and let’s. Take a look and see how our units did uh, so dreicha 1200 value, not bad uh infantry did okay, not great. The azerai spears were definitely the all stars. That is not value. That is not. I mean he just cecher dumpstered, my entire cab by himself, which was pretty impressive, but look at these deep wood scouts. 2500 400 for the poisoners 1800 for the steep wood scout, they cost 700. So when you you get a chance to use, you know all their ammo and you’re able to defend them. You can you can really do big things. Cetera did okay not a lot of value out of his inventory either but i’d say the tomb guard paid for themselves, not necessarily the halberd ones uh his horse archer some did well. Some did not. His all star was definitely the chosen of the gods. Just a just a very powerful unit that i didn’t recognize it got to use all of its ammo.

Then it got in the melee but again good game to my opponent, uh, if you guys can in the comments. Let me know what you want to see. Do you like just to see the replay? Do you like a little production value like i try to do at the beginning of this one, or do you like the more uh informational ones? I do about tactics and strategy and stuff like that, tell me what you want. I want you guys to be happy.