As large, but they have 60 unit models like most, you know, chaos, hounds, direwolves and so on, and i like them a lot because they’re only 300 points, i mean leadership, isn’t, really bad. The stats are pretty bad and the charge bonus is not even good. For you know a melee cavalry, i mean they’re, just they’re literally just it says, cavalry that’s it. They are expendable, though 92 speeds also fantastic and against a target that already has low stats. Like say some peasant archers. They can win right, especially with wah active that absolutely they will so uh in this build. The goblin khan meta is active. Uh skirmish, cavalry we’ve got six of them. Two spider riders, uh, four wolf rider archers. One of them is detached in a separate group. Here. The main g marauders because they have ap i’m gon na use them slightly differently, slightly more conservative. This big staunch line of uh mon goblins Laughter, they’re gon na act as kind of a big pressing threat up on a flank. Here two black orcs we’ve got the queen river troll hag scar, snick and the hammer of gork big fan of this ro artillery piece. Basically like a solar engine, it’s got that blinded effect. My opponent here he’s got a couple of knights of the realm and questing knights uh, two on each flank, uh kind of mixed paladin. You saw there explosion from the fan, enchantress who’s here to drain out all of the orc souls or can goblin souls or you know, whatever mystical purposes, peasant archers beast layers of bass, stone in the backline, so decent infantry force, we’re going gon na come forward here With this unit of goblins this oh yeah, i also have a chief here who i’m gon na forget about goblin big boss on foot mostly brought him for the debuff and he’s gon na get absolutely destroyed by paladin, so goodbye debuff, now he’s only also only 300 Points so not a big loss but uh yeah right now, the wolf riders are just chilling in the woods just waiting for an opportunity.

There are opportunistic gobbos. After all, in the meantime, we’ll show you this big pitched engagement here, knights, trying to go uphill, which is actually a pretty big issue for them. Uh hills do effect, speed and charge bonus uh, so trying to charge uphill can be a bit of an issue. Sometimes i was able to kind of force advantageous engagement there and the wolf right, archers main generators who i have talked about previously uh the wolf rider archers in general, that is uh doing some nice damage the questing nights there we’re going to throw a fungus on This knight’s the realm a relatively cheap target to throw it on. I was hesitant to do it at first, but i was like you know. I really want to just clean up these two cav try and just be done with them. Nice big map wide wa pops, black orcs in melee against peasants, we’ll, just clean them out a little faster nice catch. For my opponent, though, is able to get these questing knights on the river troll hag here uh was able to route her off earlier. Now i had rear charged with the spider hatchlings. With that wall active, they were able to come and do a little bit of damage quest knights are holding, though they have great, sustained, combat stats or cavalry. But over here these wolf rider archers to kind of the giant line of skirmish cap eventually through attrition and leadership uh.

You know stacking leadership, penalties able to beat that unit of knights the realm there. So looking pretty good so far, what about those other wolf riders? When i was talking about at the beginning, the melee ones, the one i only brought one of even though i’m highlighting in this video yeah they’re over here, along with some of their spider and uh wolf, rider archer brethren they’re, going to now be used to pressure. His back line and again, you can only take six skirmish caps, so basically they’re just that one extra unit of light cavalry to pressure here, they’re going to be very key in coming back and shutting down this big line of archers. While i kind of deal with the high value threats, um yeah, they again against a target that has just just such low stats and leadership. What they can do is get a break and then chase them off, which is uh. Just excellent value. Train here, they’re getting shot up a little bit by this other unit of peasant archers we’re gon na try and charge through the mobs actually come in here and are able to uh somewhat counter uh just kidding no they’re all also gon na probably run away um And the wolf writers get through and get to this other unit of archers here, Applause and gobble khan, you guys, let me know in the lore – is goblikon a character who would use a missile weapon like? Would he literally be like a like a wolf rider archer? Lord, because that would be really cool or even, if he’s, just a wolf rider.

Lord that’s, actually like really good stats, maybe armor piercing damage at 92 speed. I really think that’d be super cool i’m. A big fan of the wolf rider units, at least for the green skins. You can see the skirmish cap kind of in the background and yeah just paying dividends against these archers. Each individual archer unit is more expensive than this one unit of wolf rider, archers right. So just the fact they’re back here, uh kind of helping out in this big assault granted. Of course, the spider riders, wolf rider archers also a big part of this, but i mean look at this they’ve even taken some damage now at this point, granted it wasn’t all at once, which is very important. Those shock modifiers are pretty powerful, but now with a little bit of extra push up to 46 melee attack and 30 weapon strength, which is actually pretty solid. Here, are gon na make contact with a few of these archers and uh start to deal with them. What, unfortunately, drops there pretty quickly, but they got a little bit of extra um on the charge and it doesn’t take much to really deal with these peasant archers doesn’t archer’s awesome unit. Definitely very squishy, though, and uh the terrible leadership means in a situation like this. A unit that they could maybe actually beat in melee if they were to stand and fight just due to their numbers, i don’t know, maybe not it’s hard to say i guess 60 versus 68 models.

Really when i think about it. Infantry skirmishers don’t have that much more models than the hound type units, which is one of the reasons why wolf riders are so good, is because again they’re kind of a hybrid hound, like cavalry the one advantage that pound units have over them and we’ll. Look at the comparisons in a minute is that they do count as infantry, which means they can charge something like a spear from the front, and you know not be subject to that charge. Defense against large a lot of units also have anti large, so get extra damage from there being a cavalry unit is a little bit of a downside in that way, um, but in terms of mass, i think there may be better than hounds i’d have to do Some testing to really see, but you know they still have that same high model, count, which is definitely a benefit and scales well with green skins. Buffs, if you can get especially like a you know, a constant stream of melee attack from something like werzag extra charge and then, of course, walls so gives you that extra attack and weapon strength. These guys can really punch above their weight class, which is very small, cheapest mobility and they’re even cheaper than a lot of hound units, which is what we’ll kind of compare them to just a minute here. But for myself skarsnik doing okay, mostly just uh, he was able to get a fungus into the into the feign enchantress there, and between that me shutting down.

You know his entire back line. The knights were largely done with my opponent, decided to throw in the towel there but blackworks doing what they do. Just kind of cleaving up a bunch of units, uh elbows, also taking charge and punching back, which is fine, wolf, rider, archers, largely a similar value to the melee wolf riders. Honestly, in the way i was using them there same thing with the spider riders, they’re kind of all, fulfilling that a light attack, cavalry role in that specific situation: wolf, riders, the regular ones, aren’t necessarily better than the archers. In that way i mean they do have better stats to begin with, but i mean it’s still, not great, so, especially against, like a higher stat infantry skirmisher like uh, i don’t know like elven archer, even or like especially um like a dwarven skirmish unit that has Heavy armor like a coral or thunder, or these guys are not going to do much but against a lighter, lower uh kind of stat and like peasant bowman, are really the ideal. I would say in that in that way um yeah it’s a great target for them. Hammer gorick also doing a decent job queen getting their summons off and so on. I know you guys like me to look through both army’s values, so i’ll go ahead and check here. A good game of my opponent. Definitely um yeah infantry a little bit of a hard time. The archers were able to generate some value before i got in the into the chicken coop and knights of the realm.

One of them actually uh did a great job there and yeah. The quest knights also kind of mixed bag, the one flank went a little bit better for him and the other flank. I was pressuring with the artillery the whole time against his knights actually and uh yeah, just kind of had the spider over there and scar. Snake was not a good time for them for sure um, but anyway, just to kind of quickly finish up here. 300 points. That’S awesome, that’s, that’s great it’s, actually really really good um for green skins. Uh. The cheap light cavalry swarm is something that is really good, especially against uh factions, which may bring or depend on those kind of squishy missile units um and especially with more bus uh. You know they just scales more and more right with more unit models and um yeah wolf riders as a result are awesome in that way, we’ll pull up a few hound units and also uh. You know some other light, cavalry um, so yeah like, for example, chaos hounds are more expensive, 400 points base um and they do offer very similar stats. Actually again, the the not counting is large the infantry size right. This thing right here for the warhounds, in my opinion, does give them an advantage, but the wolf riders uh, basically comparable stats right warhounds a little bit higher attack a little bit lower defense, a little bit lower weapon strength, right, uh, more hp on the warhounds, which Is actually quite nice? That is one thing.

The goblins are extra squishy because of that, but uh still similar model count. It’S kind of interesting you’d think a goblin riding a wolf would have more health than i mean, i guess, it’s a mutated chaos wolf right anyway. Let’S not think about that too much yeah. They do come with a missile block chance, though, which is something that no other hound units uh get and again 100 points cheaper than the next up. Direwolves are 200 points cheaper, which is, you know, almost a whole nother. Wolf rider at that point, so uh granted, counting as undead is awesome, causing fear. Also, all of them have vanguard so that’s kind of a side issue but strider as well is something that is quite nice. I mentioned this on the brittonian side, but for the green skin side, these guys do not have striders spider writers do even at 400 points which is another advantage kind of in their favor as like cavalry um, but they do not have expendable, which is something that Wolf riders do have, but the strider like charging up and downhill uh downhill. Obviously you want that. You want that modifier and i believe you still do get it from strider, but especially fighting uphill yeah, it’s it’s nice to be able to ignore those terrain. Modifiers um yeah, i guess kind of in conclusion, you do have this regiment renown as well. That causes fear kind of gets one of the benefits of being a hound, but also a decent bit more expensive.

I mean you still get some benefit from the regiment of renown, price and the fear so that’s nice. They also drop the expendable trade, though keep that in mind and uh yeah exactly the same stats they don’t get any any other. Stat benefit can be a nice little ad if you need something that’s, even that much more effective at chasing off low leadership, kind of squishy stat targets, like i said, peasant bowmen, are probably the best case scenario. I would avoid taking them against elven skirmishers, although it could be nice just to have the extra bodies honestly in a mobility fight, sometimes against empire honestly to pressure like pistol ears, also the empire skirmishers. I mean 14 17 or like crossbowmen handgunners stuff, like that. Huntsman also, you know 1617. So if, if you need some extra mobile pressure against empire, i would say definitely a good bet there as well. Um yeah and the green skins mirror. Interestingly enough, they can be okay, i wouldn’t say norsk, not necessarily there’s great targets. There. Skaven definitely from cheap mobile harass granted they will take damage and route to a lot of things, but they can get in there and at least disrupt your opponent’s formations and at 300 points that can honestly be enough to pay for themselves right so kind of the Squishy, if you think about on paper the the factions with squishy infantry skirmishers, that don’t cause fear, i should say vampire cos.

The zombies are just a little spooky and the low leadership interactions there, i think, is not going to make them necessarily super effective in that matchup. I would say it’s definitely worth it to try and upgrade it’s something like squig hoppers that are immune to psychology, but anyway, that’s kind of getting into the weeds definitely recommend wolf writers. In that case, for uh, you know disrupting those infantry skirmish positions. So hopefully you guys enjoyed if you like this sort of content, be sure to like subscribe hit that bell notification. Every time i upload a new video you’ll be notified.