Let’S get to it so we’re in outdoor organs. The grand theogonist demands asia stills, yes, okay, so i’m. Actually you guys can go watch the whole thing for yourselves. If you want, you know all the way through definitely recommend that first but i’m gon na just be kind of going through things, so this guy says scan the heavens. The grand theogenous says um and he’s gon na say the wind stirs. You know be that magic or otherwise. So i also wanted to point out some people had questioned. This architecture looks a little bit different, mostly just because this grand astrolight here, but we are in altdorf. This is the empire. We’Ve got this empire soldier standing here. Looking up into the heavens as uh, the age will as well. The grand theogenous demands asia – stills, yes, as wind is wanting to do. Okay and now we’ve got this guy back here, who looks extremely suspect. Um he’s got this interesting symbol on this book here. That’S glowing – and it looks like maybe he’s – got some mutation going on with his forehead, so go ahead and just bypass that and here’s our celestial wizard gazing up into the heavens, so let’s see what he sees magic or otherwise. I am tired and drunk on rage. My eyes, okay, sorry, pause that a little bit opportune there. He says i’m, tired and drunk on rage, which is going to become relevant in just a minute.

My eyes seek to make a fool of me and a fool. I have made grunky’s baldrick revered by soldiers. Dwarves and dimwits are plenty okay, so grugny’s baldrick we’ll get to this symbol in just a minute. Here, i’ve helpfully been provided with some links from loremaster of sotek to help explain that a little bit um. But of course we see also the twin tailed comet is an interesting one. I originally was not sure a hundred percent that this was in fact a twin tailed comet, but it does appear to be, but this symbol here, um baldrick’s balls, i mean baldrick’s um yeah. So it’s this symbol here and this symbol – i have a little wiki page over here on the side helpfully provided is, as you i’m sure we’ll hear several times today is uh it’s one of the star signs of the old world it’s the sign of martial pursuits Appearing as a dwarf with a baldrick and his ascendant during late spring early summer, born under known to be disciplined honorable skilled, so on um, they tend to take soldiering very seriously fanatically hone their skills yeah. So it’s, like the soldiers sign the warriors sign. If you will dimwits plenty and then it’s being revealed by, he says, revered by soldiers revealed by soldiers dwarfs and dimwits aplenty and dimwits aplenty is an interesting one. So for me, this teaser screams, warhammer 3 and some people have speculated that this is potentially going to be a dlc and i could maybe maybe see that but uh maybe we’re getting like a dwarfs: rework like a dwarf dlc, but i really don’t think so.

I think this is probably something related uh to total war warhammer 3, which is awesome. I didn’t know that we were going to be getting anything for that game anytime soon. I was honestly expecting it to be much later in the year and we’d hear any news about that, but assuming that’s what this is just you know, i’m kind of making an assumption there um if we kind of analyze it from that perspective. For me, this is very interesting, because you’ve clearly got some kind of disturbance going on this guy here. The bad guy, in the background, looks like he’s, got some kind of chaos, mutation stuff going on so immediately that says to me you know more evidence that could be related to game three. We know that game three is going to be focused on chaos, largely right, and so, if we kind of frame things from that perspective, first thing i thought of when i looked at this grundy’s baldrick is like oh, that sounds like uh sort of related to corn. In a way, right, like the the uh, the sort of warrior aspect of it right, it’s sort of like the almost like the order, like the empire perspective of corn right, not necessarily directly of him but like kind of a i don’t, know misinterpretation of him. Maybe i’m not really sure, but to me it just seemed like kind of related in that way right. That was immediately my first kind of thought upon uh, as i kind of clicked through this video a little bit upon reading this um.

This wiki article here about this constellation and uh that was kind of my immediate thought and sort of talking with some other people um. It seems like that could potentially be the other evidence. I think that points to corn is is lines. He says here where he’s, tired and drunk on rage. We know that corn is definitely an angry dude, so that again to me sort of points towards that, and also the line here where he says that it’s, the sign of dwarfs soldiers and whatever fools or uh you know whatever he says, uh dummies. You know something to that effect. What is it what what is the line exactly dimwits? Okay? So we know that corn sort of has a reputation for being a very angry dude. Maybe not the brightest bulb in the chaos box. So all those kind of uh clues put together for me points towards corn, which is awesome. I mean that’s, we you know we would expect him to be somehow involved in total war, warhammer 3, so kind of falls in line with what we’d expect. But let me know down in the comments below guys. I personally am mega mega hyped by this really looking forward to what they uh. You know what more information we see in the coming days weeks, who knows in terms of time frame of what we’ll be getting when but yeah big thanks for watching. If you guys, like this sort of content, be sure to like subscribe hit that bell notification relatively quick one today, just wanted to quickly kind of get my thoughts out about this kind of signal boost it.