Second clip same exact kind of animation, but with again that secondary star sign. So, just like the first video we are going to be talking about that star, sign we’re, going to look at the actual um. What the hell is. It called a teaser first and you’ll find that in the description, if you want to watch it on your own, but i think that this is leaning less so towards the dlc of warhammer, 2, now and possibly towards game three, because the end of this um teaser Bit shows us that another day is coming so let’s jump on over to altdorf. Once more, so i can ramble for about eight minutes so that youtube will actually push this video out to my audience, jumping back into the astrolabe. We got this. You know dbz style previously on dragon ball z, as we zoom in, and we can see the stranger yet again and nothing’s changed with him so i’m going to be ignoring him, uh there’s, nothing different within this entire trailer. For the most part that i’ve noticed. Let me know if you see something, but the ashmancer says heed. The heavens heed the heavens as the winds of magic azure are in a frenzy and then we get a bam the piper there. So some interesting things to go off of, and we also get some recaps here and aside from, of course, the stranger being nothing different here. I think that there’s some really fun stuff that we can jump into on a lot of these notes with the warhammer rpg.

We get when this sign is ascendant right, the piper, the the sign of the trickster, but we get ascendant in autumn now. Let’S take a look here at the baldrick once more. If i can remember where it is because my brain is never a smart brain, no, it was back up, so let’s go back up so again, ascendant for piper is an autumn and the baldrick is in late spring early summer. These are two different times of year. That we’re seeing two signs in the night sky for the celestial wizard, so that’s huge right. I mean when you’re, taking a look at the night sky, our own celestial sphere, you’re, not going to see specific star signs or specif specific constellations at a the specific portion of the hemisphere that you’re within and also the specif specific time of year. For some reason have a hard time with that word today, but grungy’s baldrick late spring early summer and in the i guess, the narrative of these two teasers it’s a day apart or a night apart. So it would make no sense why we would get a ascendant sign in late spring early summer, followed by the piper here in ascendant autumn, so that’s that’s huge. For me. I think that that’s a pretty big sign of something, or at least like um, some sort of ill omen of sorts. Then the appearance is a capering, piper qualities, diplomatic cunning and shady description. The sign of the piper has always been regarded with some suspicion.

Astrologers believe a great leaders are born under this sign, but also great traders as well. Some even believe they are one and the same characters born under the piper tend to be willing to negotiate in most situations, trying to look for a happy medium, but these characters also negotiate deals at any cost, even playing the two sides against each other or tricking. One side to achieve the desired goal, so if the first teaser was a number of things right, we had the dwarfs the chaos dwarfs. We had beastman to talk about, and my i guess, the one i i leaned heaviest on was corn. The piper is almost like assuredly, a hint towards zinch a character, or at least a hint or a sign that is about someone who’s playing things against each other. That is negotiating that is probably playing towards the grand plan. That zinc is always trying to do. I mean zinc is all about that it’s all about trying to pull the strings and get and control one party to do its bidding while he controls another party party to do its bidding and actually have those two parties come against each other to influence a third Grander party, whatever it is, that is one hundred percent. The way that zinch operates – and i mean this could be hinting towards the presence of chaos gods in beastman. If we want to look at that from a warhammer, 2 dlc standpoint, but i still think now – or at least now, even more so that this is really giving us a taste of a warhammer 3 teaser, especially because the closing portion of that teaser trailer said.

I’Ll have the third sign tomorrow now is that third sign going to be another teaser, then that would definitely put me in the the the realm of this is definitely a game three teaser ramp up to a trailer. Now, if the trailer drops tomorrow, i would think that that makes a little bit more sense to it, possibly being a dlc, and i missed something that the piper is one and the baldrick is another as far as like. Oh, these are the two factions in the dlc, so i think it really is going to come down to what we get tomorrow. If we get another sign, another teaser trailer like this. I think, 100, that this is a ramp up towards a game three announce. If we get just a trailer, then it’s going to be obvious, because the trailer is going to tell us what the hell it is exactly, but i think that we’ve gotten corn, if i’m playing this by the game. Three chaos demon, suspicion, we’ve, gotten corn in the baldrick and we’ve gotten zinc in the trickster. So we can probably take a look at some options here now to discuss what would make sense for sonesh and or nurgle. So if we look at this here, the dancer, the sign of love and attraction, okay, that’s kind of got a slingey vibe, it doesn’t say the sign of four boobs or anything like that, which would i mean be the dead, giveaway um.

The sign of the drummer, though the sign of excess and hedonism that i don’t even need to read the rest of this before even knowing that has got slinesh dripping from it. And if we go into some other portions of this. If i go down uh darkness of uncertainty, where is it denied passions? Much like my own love life, uh, broken cart again, like my own love, life uh bone saw my favorite wrestler uh ryze cauldron, the sign of mercy, death and creation is very nurgle. Sounding very nurgle sounding and we have one another one here: it’s called uh wormund or something like that. Well, that kind of just warped all over the place let’s see here moment the fool mammoth, the wise, the gloaming, the big cross there. It is sign of the enduring, and that is another trait of nurgle right, where it’s, just this persistence attached to this pestilence. So i think that there is a real high likelihood that we might be seeing some additional hints towards a chaos demon reveal and, of course this is me being extremely speculative i’m, just kind of looking at this entire star chart and going what else could there be That could hint towards stuff and me kind of taking some conjecture from there so take it with a grain of salt, guys i’m just super excited about what we might possibly get so i’m, just diving in and looking at every little sign possible going.

Oh my god! Look look at this look at this. It says the ox that is absolutely going to be about tarox. The next one is going to be tarox it’s, going to be a sign about the ox and tarox. I mean who knows what it could be, but i’m. Definitely at that point now where the hype and the excitement have like converged to now i’m seeing signs and nothing or i’m seeing signs and everything so take what i’m saying with a grain of salt like i said it could be something related to those things, but I think grungy’s baldrick, being a hint towards corn and the piper being a hint towards zinc, is not too far off and with the drummer being definitely a slinesh reference. So let me know in the comment section below as always guys. How do you think this is going? Do you think we’re gon na get a trailer tomorrow? Do you think we’re talking about the dlc? Do you think we’re talking about game three? What the hell do you think i’m talking about so go ahead and let me know, as i keep saying in the comments section let’s drum up some more excitement here. I want to get a good conversation going on this because i’d love to hear what you guys think what you’re kind of i’m speculating alongside me. I always have the most fun speculating about the future of total war warhammer one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! So we’ll have a lot of fun with this one, but as always guys.