I know i’ve talked a bit about them before in the rework when they got a vanguard and a significant weapon, strength buff, but a big fan of tree kin to help kind of sustain any sort of uh yeah. What else line, given that their other units are very squishy? You can sort of use them as a tanky frontline infantry monstrous infantry. Even today, we’re up against the tomb kings actually decided to get some random ladder battles. So one of the few times i’ve done that i’ve got a bunch of dryads uh, the dryad lady draco, leading the way we’re going to summon up some triads in just a second got some zotes coming in off the side. One unit is oats four wood scouts, a couple of glade captains, which will be very key uh. My opponent here, casket double uh screaming skulls he’s also got eyes of the desert to shop the great bose, so quite a bit of uh yeah. Quite a bit of range pressure, which is an interesting choice against the wood elves. Definitely, but will it end up paying out uh get a nice penumbral pendulum there to break up some of the skeletons nice thing against undead factions is their uh. Stats are generally low enough that the tree can aren’t gon na take even with the melee defense nerf, they aren’t gon na take much damage and now with 86 weapon strength. You can definitely punch back against. These skeleton warriors only 22 defense on them.

26 attack on the three kin and uh nice thing too, that magic attack a little bit of lag there. I don’t know what that was, but uh yeah, the physical resistance of liber mortis, obviously will not help at all against any of the tree units as they do all have magic attacks. Another great thing about tree kin is the charge defense against large. You can sort of use them in a defensive role to block cavalry charges or other you know, pin other monstrous units in and being able to negate the charge of. Something is certainly very valuable but uh screaming skulls, throw in the uh big old, memes skulls everywhere. Doing a decent job, although my deepwood scouts are mostly still alive nice fate of boring there take that one out, but the summoned, frenzied male leveling dryads have been pressuring chosen. The gods take a lot of damage, and this is super cost effective. For me, as not necessarily free unit, you do pay for the summon but relatively free unit, just getting some great damage and pressure there. Uh yeah and the treekin are more or less unopposed in the front line, even against these uh spears. Here skeleton spears they’re still going to do just fine because of that 90 armor that allows my deep wood scouts to kind of just sit back like over. Here too, the two glade captains move in they’re, both on foot anti large armor, piercing gon na deal with this tomb scorpion and the trees just provide mass the tree.

Can they just provide kind of some mass pinning him in here making sure it’s a little bit harder for him to move around and operate? Does have those big splash attacks, but uh yeah another phenomenal pendulum going to hit some my own dryads, probably, but also helped do a number on those spears and the spears will do some damage to the tree can over time. Well, obviously, with the anti larch they’ll do a bit but it’s, not too impactful, especially with the lack of ap there. Really, the only infantry you’d have to worry about from tomb kings in terms of trick in fighting them. Um would be tomb carpet, howard’s right, obviously, but someone who shoved he comes up. It is actually able to route my zotes off so doom king player is still fighting tooth and nail. He’S got this screaming skull online. This other screaming skull over here uh had been peppering with the deep wood scouts it’s now crumbling, but it is actually going to recover its leadership and continue to fire there, but yeah just put the deep with scouts on fire. It will at this point just whatever they want to shoot at as the tree. Can the dryads kind of grind through the front line here. Of course, it does help as well having the blade captains with their passive melee attack, melee defense buff. You can see the treekin uh up to 31.51 with those stat buffs. Quite nice, 51 melee defense in particular.

Again they just kind of outlast the skeleton units in this particular matchup. I don’t know if you could altrian say like vampire counts, but two kings don’t play the attrition game, quite so well as some of their undead counterparts, but yeah man malevolent dryads, just pressuring the shot to great but it’s been massive value training for me as well. Huge fan of that ability on dragon – i honestly i wasn’t too, you know high on draka. I guess she kind of flew under my radar a little bit in the early access, but she has proven to be an exceptionally good ad or what else a lot of fun to play around with arc in the black still trying. To sum it up skeletons wherever he can, but at this point things are getting pretty thin uh. My riot summon also disappears there and draika is going to take some mlg shots to the face, try and get her second tier of anger. Procking basically see if we can’t get some more aoe, uh, buffs and so on, but yeah the tree can kind of wanted to point out, as tanks are doing a great job. This one unit here finally gets kind of crumbled, but the rest i mean we’ve got basically full health unit of trick in here, more or less full health unit of treating over there like not necessarily full health, but still 12 models on both of them quite impressive Stuff the zoats come in for a nice pitch late game and feebling foe on the island desert lever mortis again not really going to help much as the zoats also deal magic damage and the zoats also use that armor buff on themselves get a nice little heal.

But, of course, support stalkers do have armor piercing damage, but just to mitigate maximum. You know that i can here also might be firing in a little bit of incidental shots with the deep wood scouts want to mitigate friendly damage as much as possible as the desert gets shredded in that engagement there and the melee attack buffs from draika. Definitely helping the 45 and 40 in terms of stats there for the zones pretty good stuff and more trick in just moving in up the flank, yeah yeah awesome stuff. The fact that the trees all have vanguard too means that it’s kind of like an aggressive defensive unit, which i’m a big fan of like in your face and then just bog. You down, i don’t, know it’s interesting, certainly having all the trees be able to vanguard. Zoats come forward they’re going to pin down these shop degradables at this point, it’s more or less a mop up operation. My opponent has done a great job protecting his casket, but it hasn’t used hardly any of its ammo, because he’s been kind of maneuvering it back and away from my forces which preserved its value but didn’t allow it to really shoot much. You can see the tree. Can allow the blade captains to kind of clean up there just providing the mass and honestly the damage value is not really necessarily what you bring these guys for there’s still more tanks than anything else, but they can get some damage now, whereas previously it was just You basically bring them as a terrain piece, but uh yeah, pretty decent damage overall, not a ton of damage value but again they’re, basically completely healthy and see the dryads kind of got torn up.

They get some okay damage value as well, but the tree can able to just hold the line. Allow these other power units to get their work done. Deepwood scouts generally doing quite well, like also, of course, with their summons new glade captains, decent considering they’re on foot. They don’t cost too much with that kit. Zots also didn’t really pay for themselves in terms of damage output, but get some healing and so on as well so well played to my opponent. There definitely a fun one yeah going with this much shooting against what else can be a bit risky, sometimes but uh yeah you shop to great balls, one of them paid for themselves. One of them did not. The scorpion was also a little bit of a rough run against the two glade captains. There, glade captains are pretty decent characters and just foot characters in general are decent against tomb kings right. So i kind of put two and two together there, but anyway let’s talk about treekin in terms of monstrous infantry. Um i’d have to go back and look. I don’t remember exactly what monstrous infantry videos i know i’m planning to do. Chaos spawn relatively soon we’re going to be covering more of these guys going forward, but just to kind of start. The comparison out at 900 points tree kin are probably one of the tankier uh between their armor and their melee defense. They might be the tankiest of any monstrous infantry, uh, obviously tim king’s direct comparison.

We have ushabti right, which certainly deal more damage in terms of armor piercing damage uh. Where are they at here? We go 900 points. So exactly the same cost same armor uh tree can actually have more overall weapon strength now at 86 and better stats 3, better attack and 11 better melee defense. That 11 defense definitely makes a difference, not to mention vanguard, charge defense against large little bit of physical resistance too. So they’re tankier, and not just the defense, but also that a little bit more hp as well definitely less damage dealing against armored infantry. But just the fact they can hold out so well, especially in a faction that lacks that kind of tankiness as a general rule, to have something that fulfills. That role is just awesome, uh monstrous infantry, probably one of the best things about it is mass, and this is something that’s true, especially of uh for factions, which can struggle against monsters having the ability to have these guys kind of pin, in especially lighter monsters, characters On horseback or flying, flying mounts especially able to just pin them in with monstrous infantry is definitely something that’s worthwhile. But in terms of comparison, the chaos spawn just deal way more damage overall weapon damage, they’re also unbreakable, which is nice, but super squishy. In terms of hp and armor and melee defense, i guess hp is actually exactly the same but it’s interesting, especially for the beastman ones in particular, because they also suffer no force penalty, but they don’t have vanguard, of course, uh.

There is the weakness to fire, also, as all units do have something to consider for treekin, but as kind of a it’s kind of middle of the road monstrous infantry, not necessarily meant as a damage dealer bit more as a tank. They definitely offer a lot of upside while they don’t have passive regeneration like something say like trolls. I believe their leadership is quite a bit better than trolls we’re, going to take a look at say: stone, trolls or 1100s that’s. Quite a bit, not quite a bit more expensive, 200 points more expensive, but yeah 70 armor instead of 90. They have the magic and missile resistance, which is nice with no physical resistance. They do have regeneration so they’re, both kind of weak to fire right because of that extra 14 melee defense in particular and uh just extra hp overall in the first place, definitely offers a lot of upside zone trolls, obviously a little bit of a different role. You kind of take these guys as a damage dealer directly, whereas three kids are not so much in that role, but uh, just to kind of compare other tanky quote, unquote, monsters infantry right, like you, also have armored chaos trolls, which are a bit of a wild Pick you don’t see these super often, but they are good in a couple of matchups and the 110 armor on those trolls is pretty impressive. Still only 32 melee defense, though, and no charge defense against large.

So really the tree can offer a lot of special speciality, but at the same time you can use them in ways that you would use other monstrous inventory. You know for mass blocking and for some damage dealing against light, infantry and so on. So hopefully you guys enjoyed watching. I know it’s been a while since i’ve covered what else so there you go.