We don’t really know what it means. Is this game three that we’re going to be talking about? Is this the dlc for game two, the final one and in this video today, we’re going to go through that quick 50? Second clip i’m going to put a link in the description. So if you want to watch that and it’s all of its like full volume glory in full screen, please by all means go ahead i’m going to be turning down the volume on it. So you won’t be able to hear it very much i’m going to be pretty much talking over it, the entire time anyway, but again, it’s there, if you so wish to watch it and then we’re gon na go into the warhammer rpg book. I think the second edition one to talk about these star signs that were hinted at or just they’re overtly shown in that clip so we’ll just dissect what those could possibly be hinting towards and what it might mean towards what is going to actually be coming out. I guess, but let’s start off with the actual clip that creative assembly released and then we’ll jump in to the actual star signs itself. Okay, so we see that we’re at the grand astrolabe and outdoor as we sweep in with this celestial astromancer, which would be different than an actual celestial wizard at the helm of this viewfinder. Here we jump in, we get a little shady figure in the background which we’re going to talk about in a second, he looks up and we get a twin tail comet, which is always going to be a sign of some things to come when it comes to Warhammer, as we well know, and then we start to get a formation, a star sign and it is called grungy’s baldrick, which is associated with soldiers with um dwarfs and then with dimwits.

So there’s a lot of stuff in this video, so let’s do some dissecting let’s jump into the warhammer rpg and look at the star signs as well as that shady figure in the background, and i think there’s a lot to go off of, or at least enough To go off of by just looking at this picture and one of the only other times i could imagine a gentleman with a short gray beard like that was from the warhammer one trailer right. When we see that guy who’s clearly been corrupted and he turns and explodes and hits our thoriel and it’s zinc, it’s a greater demon. So i looked at the trailer again and there isn’t anything aside from a beard that stands out and, of course, the and corruption. But then i looked at another character, one character that we’ve seen pretty heavily throughout warhammer 1 and has come to be the voice of things in warhammer 2., the narrator. Now, when we look at this picture of the narrator, i i quickly grabbed it from the sarth royale cinematic. We can see, of course, the same short gray beard and there’s one particular little piece that i want to draw attention to, and it is that little medallion on his chest below his brooch would have, which has like those little chains kind of coming down from it. We see a similar thing right behind the book on look at this. I feel, like i’m overly detected in uh detectiving this and looking for client there’s fursuit for clues out of nowhere but i’m.

Just stoked on this, like. I think that this might be possibly the narrator or or something of the sort that this might kind of give us a hint to the timeline that we’re looking at here and again, we don’t really know. Is this game two dlc or is this game three? The first hint of game three – and we know that the typical kind of trend that rate of assembly does right. They give us a little teaser. Then we get the trailer. So hopefully we will get a trailer tomorrow. I mean this is a friday and we don’t typically see trailers on the weekends, so maybe we’ll get that trailer on monday and if that’s the case and boom game. Three is just cracked wide open and we get all the goods right there, but it’s exciting to see this, because i think, if i put these two side by side, you can hopefully see what i’m talking about between okay there’s the little medallion on his chest. Um in the south, royale cinematic and it’s the same one behind the book on uh, the new teaser and that book itself i looked at okay. Is this the same book from the warhammer one trailer and it is not but a very interesting thing, with this robed figure, but let’s now jump into some star sign action. Now the rpg has this nice chapter on star science and their meaning. So, basically, if you’re into zodiac stuff in the real world and think that that’s actually real, you can actually find it in a fantastical world where it belongs.

So let’s go down to the actual star sign here and there’s plenty to go through across all of the other ones, but the one that we really want to look at is grungy’s baldrick, the sign of martial pursuits, uh ascendant in late spring early summer. So maybe that gives us a clue as far as what time of year it is appearance, a dwarf with a baldrick disciplined honorable, skilled at arms and then grungy’s baldrick is a sacred sign of reverence to dwarfs and soldiers. It signifies excellent excellence at arms skills in battle and discipline. As such many lords start their summer. Campaigns with a great feast beneath this constellation characters born under the sign tend to take soldiering, very lively or soldiering very seriously. They fanatically hone their skills and live rigid lifestyles to toughen themselves. So what is this hinting at? I have four big suspicions in my brain number. One uh, i think, it’s just right there proof in the pudding dwarfs – and i know that a lot of us myself included, have speculated, or at least talked about very heavily – that dwarfs really didn’t get the proper old world update that i think that they needed there. They still kind of lack a lot of the oomph of that. A lot of the other races now have especially considering their old world update. So is this dwarf related now, on that other opposite end of the coin, for dwarfs? Is it chaos dwarf related? Is this hinting at a game? Three chaos dwarf mention now taking a look at this from the angle of greater demons and demons of chaos.

If we’re thinking about game, three martial pursuits reminds me of corn corn is the marshall of the most martial of all of the demons and well i’m sorry of the gods of chaos. So is this hinting towards the beasts of chaos or beastman, and an old world update for them and them in their next dlc for warhammer 2., again hopeful that they’re in that dlc for warhammer 2., including uh, corn, flavored, gores, and so on so forth for uh. That dlc or lastly, here is this: a mention of chaos, demons and corn chaos demons, specifically with the sign of martial pursuits. I think that there’s so much going on with this teaser right. This is all taking place at the grand astrolabe uh. We have some pretty shady character in the background who has no real weight in the conversation of what’s. Going on that um astromancer is not talking to him. He looks to be like he might be the uh narrator from game, one that is also a part of game two but dies in game one and explodes and becoming star thorial. So there is my. My brain is churning in a lot of different directions here and i i could it be. Dwarfing chaos dwarf related. I think that from the description here, that’s pretty um evident, but could it also be chaos related and it could be talking about the warhammer 2 dlc? Or can we talk about game three? I think what this really comes down to is tomorrow or monday.

If we get a trailer tomorrow, then i think obviously we’re gon na find out what that trailer is, and i think it would probably be the uh warhammer 2 dlc. If we get another teaser. I think that we can safely say that this is all leading up to a game. Three reveal you know: it’s a large it’s, a large big, full game to be released. Why not drum up some excitement for as much as possible and that maybe is more teasers to come. So i guess we’ll see how this kind of plays out here and i would love to get an idea of what you guys think here. I’M, pretty hung on those four notions of dwarfs chaos, dwarfs beastman or corn demons. But do you think that i’m totally off base here and it could be something else entirely – the constellation uh, maybe has a different hint in it. That i’m just completely missed, and do you think that hooded person, in the background, is the narrator i’m kind of stretching uh or really reaching on that to say it’s a narrator because i’m, looking at the most vague piece of metal on a chest compared to another Vague piece of metal on the narrator’s chesting line, i think this is it. The only other thing i have to go off is the fact that he gets like some crazy chaos, corruption and he has a short gray beard. It’S, really all i’ve got so i’m, like i said i’m reaching on that on that susp uh suspicion.

So let me know what you think in the comment section below. Hopefully, we can get a lot more going with this i’m really really really really stoked to see what, if this could be, is it game three? Is it that warhammer two dlc, and i think a lot of you guys too, are on that same boat? We we want that next step, while while the dlc would be great, i definitely am very ready for game three and taking that big plunge. I have a lot of game. Three speculation: videos in my back pocket that i’ve been waiting to get out until we get that game three announced. So hopefully this is that tip in the right direction. So hopefully we’ll find out here uh tomorrow monday, whenever it is. If we get a trailer if we get a whatever but guys as always, thank you so much for watching here today, don’t forget to like comment subscribe all that fun action.