I find myself using often um, just because with my playstyle i often don’t take a lot of artillery or if i do it’s mainly like one kind of anti have slash anti. You know counter artillery piece which the cannon fulfills that role just fine and you know on the interrupted line of sight maps. I tend to take the flashier rockets, but the lowly mortar at 650 points is a great cost effective spend if you can get the ammo expenditure on the right units uh, it doesn’t have the best armor piercing damage in the world, but i’m up against kafka. Actually on ladder – and i have to give kafka credit here – this is beautiful – artillery positioning he’s got his mortars like kind of behind this little back slope. Here, the cannons up on the front slope and this map, storm demon is interrupted line of sights. So my bolt throwers over here are gon na have a hard time. I kind of position them over on this side, so i could potentially get around and try and get in an encounter artillery fight. You know um without having to get too close. Basically, my intention here was just to push forward and kind of leave these guys back i’m playing uh archmage here who’s, currently going after kafka’s carl franz uh he’s got a couple of demographics, jade wizard, the two artillery pieces, silver bullets front line of just swordsman interesting. I would maybe mix in a couple of spears here personally but that’s, just my own take uh.

The infantry met is a little bit real right now. So maybe i kind of get that as well. Yeah my high arc mage with her nasty eagle that can get stuck flew in cast a little tempest there on carl france did some decent damage to him. Honestly, probably should have waited on that until i had some follow up opportunities with maybe some missile units or something with them with the bolt thrower. But right now the mortar’s just been firing in this whole time. Doing some great work on the spearmint and that’s kind of the ideal targets, the lighter armor the better, but these kind of mid armor units, um spearmint at 40 armor all the way up to even silver and guard at 75, is still going to get very effective Damage from the mortars i’m going to switch my bolt through it’s, just a shooting the demigrif knights i’m. Like you know what they’re the most high value targets, i can shoot. I’Ve actually got a couple of lothar and seaguard here, pushed forward trying to shoot the artillery pieces we’re going to focus the hammer of witches because again it’s the more expensive target. But kafka responds putting the mortars directly on the things that kind of threaten them, which is definitely a great move. These empire knights also just totally broke up. My advance did a great job kind of with the mortar damage coming through. Just cleaning house did take a lot of damage from those white lines in the process, but uh.

Just the disruption is excellent here and another great pop, a little rare charge from crawl fronts, these silver and guard decent armor. Normally they would trade pretty well with the sigmar suns, except i definitely should have braced rather than charging with that expert charge. Defense, but uh yeah, a nice rear charge with car fronts in the meantime kind of running some harassment here with these illyrian reavers. My intention is, if i can keep all this cavalry busy, i don’t really need to protect the artillery pieces right so now trying to draw these demograph knights into a position where i can outnumber them side and rear charge. You know with the reavers and continue to fire with the bolt throwers. We could potentially win that engagement, also throw in these white lines for some support, but yeah the hammer of witches took a lot of damage. Didn’T actually destroy any of the pieces. Unfortunately – and the mortars also are completely healthy here – to keep firing but we’ll kind of keep them in the background. As some other stuff happens, carl france getting another tempest as he charges down a little bit of heal, will help counteract that also hits those demigrif knights who are at full models so it’s, a nice efficient, heal there. Um yeah great job also manages to get these demographic knights up and around and the empire knights rallied and did not allocate any resources to chase them off. Also totally forgot.

I have this death caster here with uh just terror. Basically that i’ve completely forgotten. It happens. Occasionally, but we do manage to catch the demigrif knights with this kind of reverb blob here, unfortunately, the empire knights do come in and shut down the other bolt thrower. So definitely rough stuff. There kind of starting to lose options for shutting down these these artillery pieces, and especially the mortar, considering how cheap it is. You can see i’m kind of vainly firing, i think i’m actually firing at carl, but some of the overshots hitting the mortars probably actually should be shooting the mortars but uh yeah let’s see where are those shots actually landing down? I think maybe overkilling those lothar and seaguard a little bit there, but just making sure they’re really well and truly dead yeah and i do switch back over to the hammer of which is actually with this other one prioritizing that target, as i don’t want it. Pressuring. My lord is kind of the main thinking. For me i mean i have the stock item, but also miscast damage is pretty real. If i’m going to be spamming, tempest carl france is close to his healing cap, so i’ve been able to do effective damage kind of over the course. The battle with that kafka’s been good with his healing efficiently. You know getting frauds to his healing cap there. I think was primarily just earth blood and does have regrowth as well.

Okay, that must been regrowth in there that i miss in the cast the we do damage two of the pieces, though the hammer of witches, so i switch over to the mortar. I just don’t. Quite have enough left in the tank at this point, uh to really shut it down and also again, i switch over to france. I see he’s at his healing cap so i’m, like you know what, if i finish france here, i can potentially win on leadership. So i’m gon na actually switch there instead of continuing to fire on the mortars. Also keep in mind the silver bullets completely healthy and firing. This whole time try and get a little bit cheeky here and snipe out the jade wizard, but a whole bunch of demigrif nights in play here still got relatively healthy white lines, pushing up on this flank as well. So i can kind of screen through them. It wasn’t super risky, but i did take some damage there, also just in range of the silver bullets i’m, going to pop that stock item again kind of move away or just arcane conduit, actually there’s the armor of the stars, that’s what it’s called in the meantime. Both throws completely shut down. We are still beating this demigra knight, slowly with our three reavers, which is not exactly cost effective for me, but it’s, okay, it’s, not terrible the other demigrif knight, though, on the front line here actually chewing up these lines.

The lions will fight back pretty well, but these are the lance demis who i’ve evangelized on many cases as being better than the halberds, and this is a big reason. Why is they’re much better in this type of a situation, especially if they get a good charge? All comes in with the terror and the white lines run for the hills, they’re in a pretty pretty desperate situation there anyway, and yet those two artillery pieces, i mean the mortars, especially let’s, come check back they’ve kind of just been firing. In the background, the whole time at various targets here, but yeah value, wise uh 1100 damage value, which is cost effective for them i mean 1300 – is what double value for them so that’s great again, another nice little kind of multi charge here on these silver and Guard who are relatively healthy definitely kaka did a great job kind of breaking up. My rush here getting my units piecemeal, which is what the empire needs to do: it’s kind of theirs one of their main strategies, since they focus so much on the charge damage. Speaking of which i’m gon na drop in again with the uh archmage and try and get a little bit cute again, do some rear charge damage and then come in with the reavers reavers slightly miss time, though i’m. Not i do take a just one hit from france enough to terrify her at the health she was at before and that immediately leads to everything else.

Getting terrified and it’s. Basically, army losses at that point. I’Ve now realized do have this death caster who’s been forgotten, but yeah it’s, pretty hopeless, so credit to kaka man played it beautifully from the empire side, and i have i have to give him props because it’s uh yeah. This is very, very strong, though he played it well uh. You know using the terrain to his advantage and everything there so great stuff. The mortars at the end of the day, 91 kills 1300 damage value. So just what i said: double up on that 650 cost to bring them um. If you can keep them protected, especially on an interrupted line of sight against the right targets, it can definitely pay for itself and elves generally present good targets, all three of four mortars in that they have relatively expensive units that are lower hp and lower armor and Lower hp, especially but the heils kind of have the best armor situation right and i even brought many of those units here kind of their mid tier infantry, 80 armor for the white lines. I believe uh 75 for the silver and guard we’ll double check that but um yeah i mean they generally fare better than what else dark elves in that regard, and still just got shredded by the mortar uh. Demogrip knights also didn’t necessarily pay for themselves, but did decent with shock damage. You know, rear charges and so on. Hammer of witches actually didn’t end up getting all that much value, which is why i’m highlighting the mortars here silver bullets did, though i mean missile units.

You can see with the damage valuations that a lot of the time the the units that are actually dealing the damage are your missile units right, uh shock, cavalry also fulfills, that role to a large extent, carl as well. I didn’t get all that much value. I was definitely trying to control him as best as i could, with the uh the arc made you and i got some inflated value there from doing a lot of damage to healing carl um or to to carl, while he’s being healed. Rather, i guess um yeah the death mage was totally forgotten, just a complete waste. Some of the white lines did okay, some of the silver and guard did okay bit of a mixed bag on the infantry. The one walther and seaguar that hung around until late game used up all their ammunition also did excellent excellent value. You could call both throwers didn’t quite make up what they needed to need a little more time to fire at the demographic knights. I think um, but yeah. The mortar, i have to say, was the main thing that really impressed me and during the battle too, i was thinking to myself like man. I just cannot shut this thing down and it is actually doing damage to me like uh, the mortar. The reason i don’t use it that much is just again kind of my own play style. I tend not to do a lot of artillery um uninterrupted line of sight maps, especially though the mortar is a great option and against factions which are lower armor, like i wouldn’t recommend it necessarily against uh.

You know like strong rush factions, um or armor factions, which is like obviously, warriors of chaos are both of those things, but even like norska beastman, some of the other, you might think light armor factions. If they’re rushing you, the mortar is not going to have enough time to pay for itself. It does need time to use its ammunition, but if it has that time, it can definitely pay for itself against the right targets. That’S, why i say the elves generally because of their low hp and low ish armor. They definitely present some good targets for mortars. Um dwarfs. I would definitely recommend against they’re not going to do a lot for you. There reading skins, that can kind of depend a lot of green skins players will actually want to try and stand and shoot with, like you know, doom divers and and and other artillery pieces it’s the thing i’ve been seeing recently. In that case, it might be okay, but also green skins can play very strong rush, so i have to protect again there. This has been kind of the same thing. Also lisman, i mean against skinks it’s. Okay, soros i’d have to see it’s, probably pretty decent there, but uh yeah kind of the elves are, i would say, the best bet, also against something like coast on an interrupted line of sight map. Definitely they can’t counter fire. You with cannons. These guys can do a lot of damage to the zombie infantry because they’re pretty slow um.

You know they advance slowly and everything if they have to advance to you it’s an interesting case, though, because coast can also bring their own mortars, and i don’t know it’s an interesting one. Maybe depends on the map for that one, but i would say on even on flat maps, you might get more value from a canon it’s hard it’s hard again. I might just be speaking to my own bias here, but the mortar is definitely an option. You should consider, and especially if you just need, like one cheap artillery piece to kind of force, your opponent into a weird situation. Maybe if they’re not expecting it or um yeah against those targets. It’S, especially good against archer lines. Right because, if they’re going to try and stand and shoot at that mid range as long as you’re playing up and archers can’t shoot the mortar directly and do a lot of damage to it, shut it down that way. You definitely need to play a little bit forward, which requires a bit of an active defense, but i can generate some great value against archer lines as well, so yeah there’s the mortar for you kind of forgotten about it personally, but it’s a great unit and a Big shout out to kafka. That was a great game. Man. Definitely it kicked my butt and it was awesome. So, thank you, and hopefully you all enjoyed that if you like this sort of content, be sure to like subscribe hit that bell notification button.

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