This is actually a replay sent into me. Uh by the rope, this is a tournament game, i believe, uh up against the wood elves. I forget his opponent’s name, but we’ll see that in just a minute, he’s got the frostworm with double feral mantor, which is very interesting gone for quite an air mobility game front line of marauder infantry, including some champions in the center very nice. A couple of berserkers on the left flank here, wolfrack the wander on horseback, got some marauder horsemen as well marauders with great weapons kind of for one armor piercing option lure of fire, of course, and i believe, there’s a couple more things, probably some doggos yep hidden In the woods over here up against the unbreakable power couple of the wood, elves orion and alara uh nah larial, ariel uh, we got a fire bark elders, some dryads up front, uh, starfire, shafts, uh, hagbein tips, more dancers with azrae spear, some glade riders. So a little bit of a kind of blob centric build with these two and the fire resistance. Of course, firebark elders does help main kind of weakness of ariel and orion to a degree is that they uh, you know weak to magic damage, norska, bringing lore of fire. You can use flaming sword ruin to give magic damage, so it makes sense to have the fire resistance, but anyway let’s go ahead and watch as uh. I want to just talk about. You know dragons in general, as well as the frostworm here.

One thing about dragons is: if you get their breath, attacks off in a way that provides you value and is tactically useful. That can pretty much be it like right. Here i mean granted. This is just a starfire shaft, but still they do fire damage they’re directly, threatening the frostworm. So a really nice side, shotting breath quick hitting from the manticores and they’re terrified away hounds, can sweep up and around there a nice little awakening of the wood from uh yeah from i guess, l’oreal here or ariel i’m gon na. Do that, like at least nine times, i apologize guys. Um ryan also unleashing his hounds over there. So lots of aoe damage but eternal guard definitely getting wrapped up i’m recording this on a new monitor by the way guys still getting used to things but it’s in uh 60fps. Hopefully, hopefully it maintains actual 60fps, but anyway, two feral mant manticores, going to chase some mobile units and frostworm a few things about it. Obviously it has frost bite and the chilling aura, so it can provide some very amazing speed, debuffs. The reason why a lot of people think it’s one of the worst dragons in the game, largely due to the fact that norska doesn’t have any way to heal it and, in general, the dragons, which cannot be healed, are kind of by default. Worse than those that can here like he gets stuck for or frosty boy between, ariel and orion, thankfully, is able to finally squeak away there, but uh nice burning head even with the fire resistance, the fire bark elders.

I don’t know if it was actually there in time to help the wardens. Maybe it did help them a little bit with that damage, but frosty boy back up in the air can now just kind of realign try and get ready for another breath. Attack has generated pretty decent value so far, but the squishiness here of the frost room i mean you might think 70 armor is it’s. Okay, it’s, not bad, but uh. The the kind of price you pay for the frost, abilities kind of the utility here means that uh yeah there are some downsides for sure he’s not too expensive at 1700. Definitely on the cheaper side of the dragon on a spectrum that breath attack. Unfortunately, didn’t get a ton of value there, but he can now swing in and try and bail out that shaman sorcerer we’ve got manscores coming back around big old nasty blob fight here. The marauder infantry are so far doing, okay, but it will start to turn against them kind of slowly over time. Wolf rick also mixed in here in a little bit of a dangerous situation if he gets double teamed by ariel and orion that’s, going to be a bad day for him, so he’ll pull away from there and yeah. If we check back in frostworm, did come down to deal with these uh blade riders here, and it can help do that a little bit they’re, not too threatening to him that doesn’t have any physical resistance or anything.

All dragons, of course, have scaly skin 25 missile resistance, but the weakness to fire is another potential downside in a lot of situations. Factions will bring fire damage against norska, but here really nicely done with the man’s cores all together with the wolf rick and the uh. Oh yeah, the fire sorcerer they’re, able to actually down the the butterfly woman ariel goes down here, and that is obviously a huge you can see as soon as ariel died. That was like a massive dent in the balance of power. Orion could potentially clutch this out with his cloak of isha, but it’s unlikely with this. Many single entities still left on the board and the frosts weren’t just kind of providing an extra one. At this point, gon na be able to come in help finish things off charging the fire mark elders might be a little bit rough, they do fire damage and they don’t have the most attack in the world and believe it or not, frost rum actually has decent Melee defense, so really uh, the frost room has a reputation of being a bit of a meme, and it is very squishy, especially for a faction that tends not to have very long games right, like you think about norska as a general faction, they tend to have Some of the fastest games um out there, like typically you, will win or lose pretty quickly and, as a result, it’s hard to really get like all three breaths really well timed and well positioned, um and like this, what else build, for example, didn’t have a crazy Amount of range pressure, which would have just made the frostworms day absolutely awful, so there’s that to consider as well against heavy range pressure factions it’s nice, this guy’s not really going to work in here.

You know it’s a bit of a risky take in this matchup. I kind of get why you would do it because what else might potentially try and cut you on paper like hey those chilling effects are nice, but in reality, while you’re, you know getting kited there’s a good chance. The frostworm will just get shot to death. But here what else going for a more melee centric build and the frost room able to uh do a decent job? You know all things considered. I still don’t know that he actually pays for himself um but of course there’s. The extra utility from the we’ll look at his damage valuations in just a minute, but the extra utility from the slows is definitely a factor to be considered. That chilling aura. I mean there’s plenty of ways to get frostbite as norska, but the chilling aura in particular, being able to stack those two effects together is a quite powerful horse. Chilling aura 36 speed nice breath attack here and the breath attack does also apply frostbite. So you can kind of apply that at range it finishes two models: the firebark elders there, how about that? They got chilled out kind of a fun little interaction there. But at this point, it’s looking pretty hopeless for the what else they’re gon na charge in here for one final uh go. Fortunately, the man scores and really the two man cores in support of the frost room i feel like, is a very good idea in general.

Right now i would say the meta kind of revolves around cheap cost, effective monsters, and you can get some good value out of the frost room like here. The rope was able to get uh 1600 so almost actually paying for itself just from raw damage value. Then, of course, this wood elf build. How much did that chilling effect? You know actually help various units get caught or whatever it’s hard to really say uh. You guys be the judge of that, but yeah in terms of raw damage, value it’s, pretty good. The two manticores, of course, are very, very cost effective monsters and can thus support in the air frost, worm very well uh hounds, also chasing having a great time getting some great value there. The infantry had a little bit of a tough time and it’s it’s kind of interesting. Now that the like, the meta has shifted, i mean mass mobility’s, always been pretty good against what else, but like you, don’t, see as many infantry spam builds anymore, because ariel and orion can kind of just like bring you to death in a way not full on Mortise style, but wolf rick also getting some great value, jaymen sorcerer as well, of course, orion and ariel both powerhouses still, i don’t think ariel paid for herself, but you know she’s also potentially healing some stuff. What else infantry generally had a tough time the dryads actually doing? Okay wardens of kithrel definitely not too great same with the uh lorex tricksters, this kind of elite, small wood elf, build in my opinion, is not necessarily the way to go here.

I probably would have like cut these laid guards, who also didn’t really do much um i’m. A fan of deep wood scouts here, especially swift, shiver shards, because swift, shaver shards do magic damage, they’re great against skin wolves and norske. Doesn’T really have the range to kind of counter shoot you, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about the loss of range with the swift shiver shards and they their dps, is just insane. They can shred norsken units super quick, horsefire 360 fire on the moves, so they can kite something like the uh, the frost room, of course, but yeah in my opinion, just a little bit too small. I probably want to cut these two elite rors and go a little bit wider in addition to the deepwood scouts, so yeah, just to kind of talk a little bit more about dragon comparisons. I’Ve got a few dragons pulled up here. We’Ve got like the black dragon, which is a little bit of a different price range, but more comparable is, of course, the wood elves own forest dragon and sun dragon’s, actually exactly the same cost. So we’ll start there, some dragons literally better in every way, except for a little bit less armor and a little bit less hp. Of course, you don’t have the kind of secondary effects right. It does flaming damage, but no frostbite, no chilling aura no magic damage. So all these kind of little specialty traits here you are paying a cost for you’ll, see that reflected and keep in mind as well.

Of course, the sun dragon not considered to be that great of a unit in the first place in many people’s eyes and it’s. Also on a roster that can heal it, so keep all of those things in mind. Same thing with the forest dragon like the forest dragon is a decent pick. Poison attacks is nice, only 50 armor kind of relying on that physical resistance instead gives it some different interactions, but you can see same similar stats all across the board slightly. You know lower weapon strength, slightly higher charge a little bit different attack and defense in particular, looks pretty favorable for the frostworm in that trade, but again keep in mind what else have healing, so the forced dragon can heal well. Poor sad frostworm cannot really i mean the black dragon is in terms of that aspect. The most comfortable black dragon is definitely kind of a step up in terms of dragon. Tier uh, 400 points more expensive, almost a thousand more hp, 10, more armor and leadership it’s. Better attack damage, uh defense, a little bit less charge, which is interesting, but i believe this no not noxious breath, even though it says noxious breath, i don’t think it actually applies any kind of poison effect, but uh yeah. The fact that they don’t have healing, of course you can take like malakith on a black dragon, and then you have a healing dragon right or lokia, or even a generic uh supreme sorceress of dark magic, which is not cost efficient, but uh it’s.

Tough. To make that work, even as it is for the dark, elves and really the the regular black dragon not being able to heal this guy it’s, tough that’s, why you don’t see him super often as a pick, i would say, and dragons in general are not used. Super frequently from what i’ve seen i have seen games where, especially as a surprise, pick in the right situation. If you get all of your breath, attacks off you can make dragons work. I don’t want you to take this as dragons are not viable right now, but just kind of voicing the opinion of a lot of people um or at least a few people um. In my opinion, though, like like, i said there is some utility here and especially if your opponent doesn’t correctly prepare for it, but just be aware, this is a crystal cannon in a way a you know, nice glass, crystal cannon of ice and will just shatter, like A falling icicle on the concrete if you misuse it so just be aware of that. But there is some fun to be had here, some interesting interactions and especially using those breath attacks on high value infantry, or you know, whatever else, high value, blobs and that’s kind of true of any dragon. Like really, you use all three breaths efficiently. The dragon is very likely to pay for itself kind of regardless that’s kind of my advice for the day. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this one, though, if you like this sort of content, be sure to like subscribe hit that bell notification.

Button made it this far. Let me know about the new monitor setup.