We got two stars on steins today and it is a wild adventure up to this point, so we’re gon na do what we’ve been doing. We’Re gon na watch the uh it’s now a double feature here: it’s like a minute and 50 seconds 45 seconds. However long it is and we’re going to go over the two star signs that are featured in this and go through any kind of again vague or or obvious clues uh from the little teaser trailers and to be totally honest, nothing has changed. Minus these minus the voiceover and the two additional star signs before we actually jump into this, though i do want to give like not a shout out, but i got ta say that this has been such a fun ramp up to a dlc or a game. Three launch: i think that we can all agree now at this point. This is the teaser for game three, especially after today’s set of uh teasers. I think it’s pretty well cemented in all of our heads. What this all means. So i just a huge hats off here to ca for actually like giving us a fun little like crumbs, clue, teaser methodology to getting to this wild level of speculation across what the last five days, or so it has been way more enjoyable than just like uh. Hey here’s, like a nondescript letter, that kind of sets up for what might happen tomorrow or here’s like a like a gif with some animated background and stuff like that, and something like pop out and you’re like oh, is that a rat like oh it’s, a skaven Dlc, of course, it’s skaven dlc, just saying it’s a lot of fun i’m super stoked on it.

So let’s jump into the actual clip talk about that real quick before we jump back to the old warhammer astrology in the wonderful world of um fantasy, where, where all zodiac signs should exist so jumping into this we’re, going right into the grand astrolabe. As always as we swing into the room of our celestial astromancer, nothing for the most part has changed. The background is still the same. We get our uh, our weird little uh visitor or who looks to be the narrator, and we peer through the looking glass once more to see both of the previous constellations. And now the drummer appears to us and what’s. Interesting here is that this is the first time we get an idea for what time of year. This is because he says you know this is something that only appears in the autumn, that defies the laws of astronomy here, and we also get riots cauldron. The second star sign for this teaser trailer, so we’ve gotten one before then another one. Now we’ve got two for one right: there, a little double double action in and out animal style, and i love it. So we now have the drummer. We have ryze cauldron. We have gundy’s baldrick and then we also have got um the piper and we talked about those other two signs in our last video, so let’s jump over now to the rpg to discuss a little bit more about these signs. We’Ll open up with the first sign that we see the one we actually talked about last time too, was again the drummer, so the sign of excess and hedonism a senate in late summer, early autumn, appearance, uh, drum qualities, excessive hedonistic and celebratory the sound of the Drummer is viewed differently throughout the empire.

Some see it as a sign of celebration, whilst others believe it to be a sign of the steady decline of man toward chaos. A character born under the sign tends to be extreme in any decision. He makes taking things further than most so that’s just dripping with slaanesh all over it. The word hedonism alone is now allied with the age of sigmar’s version of them now called the uh, the hidden knights of slaanesh, so uh. Well, there we go. We have our third chaos, demon or i’m. Sorry, chaos, uh god. Now, as we move down to riots, cauldron the sign of mercy, death and creation – and we know papanergal to be not just this god of pestilence he’s, more a god of the circle of life – of both death and creation of birth and death, of course. So sign of mercy, death and creation ascended in early winter, again, defying yet again, um all these different seasons, swapping all over the place in the appearances, well a collagen, and we know that uh papanerg is always brewing. His pestilent uh disgusting schemes in these in these in this cauldron, and he makes a new pox every so often and sets it about the world quality’s righteous fearless and merciful. A highly revered star, sign, raya’s cauldron, is associated with all aspects of nature of by astrologers. Characters born under this sign are known to view death as merely the next step on a journey.

They are fearless when fighting in merciful to less fortunate innocence. They will vehemently take steps to cleanse the world of mutants whenever possible, and your star sign today says that your horoscope means that a lot of bountiful good is going to come and make your heart full. Wait. Sorry, no do something different, but still we get this again obvious hint towards nurgle. So if we look at all these together, one more time now again, the the the times early winter for rise, cauldron, uh, we had autumn for the drummer autumn again for the piper and then grungy’s baldrick. We had late spring early summer. So these are all over. The place they should not be appearing at this time and he the the um, the uh celestial, astromatcher kind of leads it off. By saying, like oh man, sigmar save us, the time has come and i i think that means we’re gon na be seeing a trailer tomorrow. We have all four of the chaos gods represented now by star signs telling us you know. Grungy’S baldrick is that mighty one for martial pursuits in corn, then we’ve got the piper the sign of the trickster and zinch, and then we get the drummer the sign of excess and hedonism in slanesh and swinging on over to rise cauldron. We get the sign of mercy, death and creation with big papa nurgle, so all four are represented, and i am now rather than this being like i don’t know, is it a warhammer 2 dlc? Is this a warhammer 3 game i’m? Not really sure? I think it’s? Definitely evident of a warhammer 3 hint teaser, leading up to a trailer which sounds like tomorrow.

It didn’t say, like hey, there’s another sign coming tomorrow, unless there’s they’re going to do one for the horned rat as a fifth chaos, god, which is like not something in the uh in the war or fantasy continuum, it’s more part of age of sigmar. But that is exciting and it begs the the follow up question. Are we looking at a mono god situation? Are we going to be seeing corn as its own army selection choice in warhammer 3, along with sonesh zinch and nergal respectively, or are we going to see them represented as an undivided faction that you can then bolster your army with versions of the marks of chaos? For respective units i’m, not sure this doesn’t really tell us much, hopefully we’ll find out a ton more with a trailer and some sort of announcement. Now, if we all remember from warhammer 2’s announcement, it was a pretty slim announcement. They pretty much said: hey here’s, warhammer 2 coming out here are the factions that are going to be covered in the game, and that was pretty much it for the first month month and a half, and then they did a month by month, showcase of each race. Give divulging what their roster was and going into a little bit more about them, giving us a cinematic trailer for each individual um race as well. So i think tomorrow, we’ll start that first trailer for game three, which will then lead to multiple months leading up to whenever that supposed release date is unless it’s, like, i think, may and september, are their two favorite release windows for for games uh we had um, Troy come out last september and we had a dlc come out in last may time and we also had three kingdoms come out in may where hammer two came out in september.

So i think those are the two big launch windows they try to stick to for major dlc or for any kind of full length game releases. So i think it might be too close to a may launch schedule, but i mean i mean it’s still four months out or i’m sorry, three months out of this point now we’re in february, so it’s possible. But i think this might be wrapping us up to a september launch with a lot of information in the coming months. So we’ll see how this all plays out i’m excited for a possible trailer tomorrow. I think that’s, what we’re, looking forward to from the way that this teaser ended. It sounded very much like. Oh, you know, sigmar save us it’s coming and like oh, what the hell’s coming buddy. So i again to recap here: my big speculation is that we’ve just now seen the four signs of the four chaos gods in times that were not corresponding. You know the none of these starshines star signs should have appeared at this time, and i think this is a heavy hint now fully a heavy hint towards game three and a possible trailer tomorrow. So let me know in the comment section below how you feel about this. I know a lot of you guys crack this. There was one person on the forum that had just like outright said, like uh as soon as the first one hit. He was like it’s gon na be these four.

I know it i’m, like yeah, uh, huh, sure dude, then after the second one i was like yeah, maybe maybe he’s right and then today i’m like he was right. He was dead on so the drummer, the piper grungy’s baldrick and then the uh uh ryze’s cauldron arias, cauldron the uh, the three or four star signs that appeared. I know a lot of you guys were bouncing around some of the other ones that i was as well too. I know we looked at the dancer. That was when i thought what could be a good one for slinesh and i had looked at a viamund or why i’m, under the anchorite last time for the sign of the enduring and looks like we didn’t get either one of those but hopefully we’ll, find out Tomorrow, with a trailer, what all this means, but let me know in the comment section below how you’re feeling about this, what you think is it a game three indeed uh trailer like i, i think you really can’t split harris now anymore, unless this is gon na, Say: hey, be spin, dlc and it’s gon na be all about uh the chaos gods, but i think that they’ve been saving that you know back pocket for game three, but as always guys. Thank you so much for watching here today.