This way comes tomorrow, so i believe this is our final one, but if our last four confirmed chaos demons for us, i think this one just confirmed kislev to be added into warhammer 3 and a trailer for warhammer 3.. Those are my big speculations and assumptions. So what we’re going to do today, i mean it’s, just kind of it’s kind of obvious right, we’re, going to look at the uh minute. 20 minute 30 long, clip this time, we’re going to dissect what happens with the star sign because it’s a little bit unique! It’S different this time around and after that we’ll just kind of ramble for about eight minutes, like i said before, to make it so that youtube actually pushes this out so let’s jump on into the actual clip itself. Everything kind of starts as normal, though back at the astrolabe swinging on in here. We see that astromancer we see the the mysterious stranger yet again things haven’t changed with him uh. We also get that weird little globe and we get the astromancer talking about. You know his resolve it’s, pretty wasted it’s pretty low at this point and he even kind of says you know uh. The heavens is what took my resolve. Perhaps i shall look at it again to see if it restores it and we get something that starts to kind of peer through the uh, the azure here and it’s, unique in that it is, he even says: oh man it’s the sign of wait for it.

Wait a little bit longer. Do we find a salvation in the jaws of the god bella himself, the god bear himself ursin now this is unique, because this obviously hints heavily towards kislev kislev is the only thing that erson would really have to do much um. I don’t know we’re hinting towards, but this is also on the eve of gohan’s knock, so this is gon na be some pretty wild. Stuff is gon na happen right. This is when all the bad and crazy stuff happens in the warhammer world, and we know something crazy comes tomorrow. Looking back at our star signs in the warhammer rpg, we don’t actually have a star sign for ursin. That is a huge change here right. Everything else up to this point was a kind of veiled hint towards what we now, i think, all kind of collectively agree is chaos demons in all four of the chaos gods, but there are other things that maybe you would have supposed were kislav if you wanted To look at these uh individual star signs, but not a single one of these is the bear or ursin. Ursin, though we know, is the god or i guess you could say one of the prime gods of the kiss of pantheon or i guess maybe the empire. Pantheon and the one that uh kissed of worships the most it’s kind of hard for me to articulate that because i’m, a dumb person, but also because i think this is exciting, because we we finally get that first full hint of kiss of being in here.

The only other thing that we’ve had as far as any way shape or form a true hint towards kislev, possibly coming in game. Three was that uh, the old world warhammer, the old world games workshops endeavor to kind of bring back old fantasy in a horus heresy style. Forge world narrative campaign is their revival in warhammer the old world, bringing kiss love into that with new art new styles. What looks to be new models so, if we’re, using that, as a kind of correlation to a total war, warhammer 3 in quotes there, then it kind of stands the test here to say that kislev is a possible addition now in game three, especially with this ursune Sign like that is so huge um. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll maybe be playing as boris or as zarina katarina. I mean either one of them um. We we see katarina in the total war warhammer campaign as just a kind of generic individual. That leads the nation but um it’s hard to say which one of these is going to be the quote: unquote: legendary lore. That leads the faction. If they’ll, both both be in, will we get two? Will we get four lords? How many lords are we gon na? Get in total war warhammer three, especially if we’re looking at all four of the individual chaos gods. Are we talking about them as mono god factions as one collective faction, then, if they are mono gods, are they going to get one mortal and one demon lord? As an option, there are so many things to speculate in the coming days, and i think that, hopefully tomorrow, when we get that supposed or at least hopeful drop for a trailer and not just another, teaser we’ll find out more we’ll find out how these uh factions Split up – and i think that just looking at this now, if we kind of put everything down and unfortunately there’s nothing really cool, to take a look at in this area, we have got all four of the chaos gods right.

We’Ve got uh in that order of corn, slaanesh i’m; sorry, zinc, slaanesh and nurgle, and now finally, this fifth one with erson that brings five uh. I guess one race and then four other distinctions of another race for four factions. I guess you could say, and then that begs the question here, what other races would we see in warhammer 3 and i think the two biggest frontrunners that i’ve personally proposed have been ogre kingdoms and chaos dwarfs and ogre kingdoms? I guess you could argue: are that kind of middle ground between a good and a bad faction, since they do a lot of mercenary work. They have allied themselves with the empire plenty of times to fight with things tillia and estalia as well, and cast dwarfs stand as the other end of that spectrum of the quote. Unquote: evil factions two good factions. I guess one good one neutral and two evil factions with kislev ogre kingdoms cast works and chaos demons. So a lot of really exciting news. Coming from all four of these big teasers – and hopefully tomorrow, like i said, we’ll also get a full uh steam page rollout and the faq launch on the actual uh total war forum, so we’ll be able to i’m, not for i’m. Sorry, a total war blog to find out more about what this. What is coming here and like i talked about in my last video i’m sure that they will break up all this stuff across the coming months to talk about in depth uh just like they did for warhammer 2’s marketing launch cycle where they basically used the um.

Each month to showcase a specific race doing those uh roster reveals – and everything like that. I think that was like probably one of the most exciting things about warhammer 2 was watching. Those roster reveals drumming up what they were and then like sharing them on the reddit and getting that huge conversation going. It was a really exciting time, so it’ll be very awesome to kind of go back to that level of excitement that level of hype and that level of speculation right. We did a lot of speculation about some of the things about these individual races, which, if you are looking for having that stuff on the channel again, it will now be a huge centerpiece, especially if we get that trailer tomorrow, um i’ve pretty much been waiting for A warhammer 3 announcement to start rolling out stuff like uh chaos, dwarf ogre kingdom, uh, chaos, demons, uh, cathay, nippon and those kind of speculation videos, because they don’t really stand much before a warhammer 3 announcement. I think they’re a little bit more valuable after warhammer 3 announcement, so we’ll be able to dive into plenty of those guys. But let me know what you guys think. Do you think that this was kislev confirmed? I in my opinion. Yes, i think that was 100 kislev and i think that at least puts five total things on the docket for warhammer, 3 and we’ll find out. Hopefully, tomorrow what’s coming and do you think a trailer is coming or do you think another teaser is coming um it’s, weird that we got a friday teaser, followed by a thursday drop of the trailer, but i guess that kind of makes some sort of sense.

So go ahead and let me know in the comment section below as always guys. Thank you so much for watching here today.