Jeff bezos just stepped down as the ceo of amazon. That is right here, is a report from nbc jeff bezos steps down his amazon, ceo and andy jassy who’s, andy jassy, the ceo of in of aws, will come on board as the new ceo of amazon. In fact, right here, title ceo of is already updated on winkipedia a harvard college. Individual, a graduate from harvard college is now going to become the next ceo of of amazon, who founded one of the most incredible incredible, most profitable sectors of amazon, which is amazon’s web services, with a team of 57 people back in 2003. Of course, in 2016, jassy was promoted from senior vice president to ceo of aws in 2016, jassy earned 36.3 million in 2020 uh for his work in ceo of aws. Jesse earned a base competition of 175, 000 plus a lot of stock, and now on february, 2nd 2021 was confirmed that jassy will take brazil. This is jeff bezos’s place as a ceo of amazon. What an incredible news, and how is the stock performing the stock is actually performing flat on the market today. In fact, today, amazon is supposed to announce after the market uh their earnings report and they’re trading just about flat we’ll see how their earnings report uh play out today. Crazy, crazy, big news uh, the andy jassy – will take over in q3 of 2020 one i’m trying to get this out to you guys as quick as possible as fast as possible.

This is something exceptional news. What can we expect from amazon moving forward? What can we expect is, of course, andy jassy’s, a very competent, very credible individual. This comes at a time. I’Ve reported this on. In the past, amazon’s jeff bezos has been selling billions upon billions of dollars of shares in amazon stock over the past few years. Now, in initiatives to uh to fund his blue origin initiative, as well as to fund, which is the sort of space rocket initiative, as well as uh, to fund other initiatives as well being the ceo of amazon is a deep responsibility and it’s consuming. When you add, have a responsibility like that it’s hard to put attention on anything else, as exec chair, i’ll, stay engaged in important amazon initiatives, but also have the time and energy i need to focus on the day, one fund, the bezos earth fund, blue origin, the Washington post and my other passions. This is exactly what i was saying: uh jeff bezos has been utilizing his time in all fronts, and now it seems like the role of ceo is taken upon to andy jassy in the in sort of late 2021 and looks like jeff is going to focus on Other initiatives also stayed also stay well within well within amazon’s uh, further initiatives to be fully engaged on that front as well in some meaningful aspect. Of course, jeff bezos has tried to do a lot of philanthropic initiatives as well as investments into uh skyrocket space initiatives.

As well, we will see what happens into the future. I want to tell you guys this uh hand in hand. Of course, this was has essentially created one of the most uh phenomenal growth stories we’ve seen in modern history. This investment banker turned ceo of a tech. Company has had a tremendous growth plan that has essentially utilized uh, went non profitable for 20 some years, i believe uh to fund growth, to fund initiatives to fund investment, and now we have now we have amazon. This multi conglomerate, titan of a corporation that operates in so many sectors, has its hand in so many different initiatives, not only in just the uh retail space uh, the online retailer space and e commerce space, but all other initiatives, and i think that the aus chief Andy andy jassy will be a competent, a very good replacement for the jefferson as a ceo, but i imagine this individual will have strategy will have competence and a growth plan to really really um, especially given that edibus was such a phenomenal success in amazon. One of the highest profitability sectors in the company. I suspect that andy jassy will be able to perform very well as ceo, um it’s, very interesting to see it seems like we’re, almost reflecting upon what has happened with microsoft, bill gates and when he stepped down earlier. In the early 2000s, and with a replacement of that ceo there’s, that there was that risk, i forget his name because he was so irrelevant in some sense, he’s left he left years of stagnation.

Hopefully we don’t see on that front and now satya nadella. The current ceo of microsoft has performed phenomenally and i think, given andy jesse’s educational background, his strategy within amazon so far and his success um, i think 80 bus chief, andy jassy, will be a competent uh and high performer uh, but we shall see the market right Now is trading about flat for amazon stock, as you suspect, um. Well, actually, i wouldn’t suspect this, but it’s true we’ll see what happens after earnings today they have beat earnings in the past few times, uh they grow, except they grew exceptionally well in 2020 and 2021 they’re expecting to outperform the market as well. Uh average consensus price is 3 800 per share, believe it or not, and current the price is 3 380.. So a lot of analysts give amazon a huge huge, buy rating incredible buy rating um. So we have that as well. Analysts are very bullish on this stock. Of course, these aren’t updated with the new aws uh ceo, so we’ll have to see what happens is amazon about a surprise wall street with their new solutions. Of course, if amazon pharmacy, you have all these different solutions being brought to the market for amazon they’re becoming an exceptional exceptional multinational story. With a 1.7 trillion mark capitalization they’re trading at prices, around 3 380 per share um after hours about 369. um. Hopefully, you guys found this useful hope you guys found this informative.

My inference from this is this: is this is probably going to be a good thing, for, i guess, jefferson’s well being he’s been a very, very high performing ceo and, of course, andy jassy’s replacement will also be a high performance ceo. I do in fact believe i think that given 80 buses, uh aws a success, uh, andy jassy’s, probably a very competent or a replacement for uh. The ceo of amazon, the previous year, amazon and we’ll, see that transition happen at the end of 2021 um into 2022. Where we actually see anything significant happening with amazon on that front in terms of how the transition actually makes a difference, uh to amazon’s bottom line, thanks for watching have a wonderful day, guys take care.