Now that google photos ended their unlimited photo storage. Since june 1st, now this video is worth checking out also, if you’re, a an aspiring, hobbyist, uh or even a casual photographer wanting to build a portfolio or a website uh be sure to stick it till the end uh. So you can consider it as well, because i’m gon na be comparing this with other platforms, hello, guys, zarin, here welcome back to my channel. While i do have my own backup workflow that i use as a wedding and event photographer, you can actually check this link up here, uh to find that video i’m going to highlight and discuss just the online backup this time so enter smugmug okay. So this is where i host my website gallery and also where i back up all my photos, including personal aside from business or clients. Now this is designed to basically showcase your work and to archive or back up your photos. Plus there are other couple: uh features um. In addition, they have like an app to basically back up your photos with the smart, upload or smugmug upload, where i can also organize on the fly. So let’s say my client forgot the password on their gallery and i need to make changes on the folder or settings of that gallery all right. So what is smug mug? Well, it is a code free website builder dedicated for photography. Okay, now they do offer different plans for different types of photographers.

You know the main feature i like about this aside from building my portfolio is the unlimited photo storage? You know, i remember the days when i used to uh back up my iphone photos manually. So what i did was download them on the icloud just to free up the space and then store it on my hard drive. So since then, i had smug mug. Actually, since 2011 and that’s been my go to for online photo storage for both personal and backup. I use google photos myself but again it’s your tool toward mobile users and not really for, like photographers um, of course, i’m not going to send my link or a gallery to my client using google photos, probably just for like quick file transfer now there’s. No more unlimited storage, so it has ended june, the first, so any new photos or videos uploaded to google photos counts toward the free 15 gigabyte. Okay or if you have additional storage, that a user has purchased as a google one subscription. Now the free 15 gigabyte or the additional amount of data purchased by the user they’re all shared okay across google drive, gmail and photos, so 100 gigabyte might not be as much if you have lots of photos again 30 a year and then, if you go to Let’S say: 2 terabytes that’s a whopping hundred forty dollars a year, so it depends on your purpose. But again this won’t, be you know the best option for me and maybe for you to save all your photos.

No, not a lot of people know, but amazon photos offers unlimited photo storage if you’re a prime subscriber, however that’s about 79 canadian plus, you do get other prime benefits so it’s very similar to google, and i also use this for my iphone photos, but not so Much for videos as a prime subscriber. Our main reason here is for prime delivery. You know like the free shipping and to watch some other videos not available on netflix. Now, once you sign up for smug mug and has an active subscription, you can actually download their app. It is available for both ios and android. Auto upload works by simply just having your iphone plugged in connected to wi fi. It will backup all the photos automatically and puts it into folders, organize it by years and months, so photos are automatically set to private and at the time of this recording for iphone users, auto uploads are available only for photos and not for videos. So i manually have to upload all the videos, which is fine. I can simply select everything and hit upload and for android users, both auto upload for photos and videos are actually available all right so for smugmug apps. Like i mentioned earlier, you can download it on your phone, also in windows and mac, so you can have the auto upload feature aside from the plugin. You can also have the photos display on your apple tv i’ve. Never done that myself, or at least not yet but again, let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried that other than that that’s pretty much it for the apps now i’m, just going to quickly compare with other website builder in terms of competition, it might Not have extensive uh templates, you know as a website builder, but the available templates that you’ll find here for the most part, are good enough again.

It’S, a no code website builder and most of the most of the templates here are easy to use like drag and drop so you’ll pick a template, customize it and you’re done because think of it guys. How often are you going to changing your templates? Probably in the first year since you’re trying it out maybe once twice or three times but for the most part once you’ve figured out the sweet spot, you know you set and forget and then you’ll only gon na update it or change the template. If you need to let’s, say make a major revamp on your website: okay, let’s quickly, compare it with squarespace, so i’ve tried this before now. Squarespace is more of a website builder. It does have a unlimited storage as well as you see right here. This is how much they cost uh annually and then monthly. Of course, yeah will be a little bit more, but again they they’re more geared towards website building, like probably for small businesses like eshops or e commerce, and based on my experience. Smug mug is still like more simplified and geared towards photographers who need to create a portfolio a website or just your your personal gallery now, since squarespace is not geared towards online backup, so it doesn’t have the auto upload feature just like this mug mug now zenfolio. I tried before it feels similar to this mug mug, with some key differences such as the blogging part, but if you notice their storage, unlimited storage is only available on the pro plan, which starts at thirty dollars a month.

Now, if you build uh annually, it’s fifteen dollars a month, so that’s double the price of the smug mug, because you can get it as low as seven dollars a month for unlimited full resolution photos now, if you’re thinking of getting wix for your photography portfolio, maybe But for storage you can actually skip this one now for techie people. I drive would be something that you might want to consider. However, it’s not a website builder, okay, so it’s more of a backup solutions, all in one for your pc or mac and again it saves it onto the cloud and the good thing about that is they do have a free version or free plan. And then would you go when you go to personal five terabytes, which is quite a lot and it does back up everything, including your raw, but again there’s no way for you to display or showcase your work since it’s a backup solution. So that means there’s. No gallery or a website now these are reasonable, reasonably priced. You know if you’re buying a lot of like hard drives for me personally, i choose to have multiple hard drives instead, because i want to have quicker access to my lightroom catalog in case i need to edit some or re edit, some of the photos, but again It’S very rare that i have to re edit or make some changes, because once i edit them in lightroom or photoshop, i archive them set and forget.

Now these are reasonably priced. They even back up your network hard drives and even has a great app now. One thing to keep in mind: is they don’t have a limited option? Okay, i mean five terabytes. It is a lot but keep in mind that’s only for one user for all your devices, and that includes all your files documents and not just photos. So that means, if you ended up getting this on on top of the 52 dollars a year, you still have to spend extra to purchase subscription for your portfolio or website now bad place. It is similar as the idrive, however, keep in mind, it’s still a backup solution, so not meant or intended for gallery or a website. Okay, uh. It goes the other way in terms of pricing, so sixty dollars uh one computer versus a limited device for i drive, but this one does have unlimited data. Okay, so i would still prefer the i drive if you’re thinking about it, um get it instead, because five terabytes that’s a lot in the year. If you need to have a complete backup, so in terms of pricing, smug mug, you actually get to choose what’s the most important to you. So if, if it’s, just the unlimited photo storage, then you’ll be happy with just the uh seven dollars a month or fifty five dollars a year, so you save uh 35, says right there now, for my needs i’m, currently using the power okay, because i do need The personalized domain name and for the most part that’s all i need because i’m not selling my photos online right.

So i don’t need the e commerce feature so that’s. Why i sell with the the power now i’ll be posting some links below, so you can actually start your 14 day trial, plus it gives you 20 off of your subscription all right now, i’m, going to give you a quick tour on my smugmuk account and also The folder settings so right now this is the upload page. As you can see, you can actually upload or download this mugmug app. Also on your desktop computer, not just on your mobile phone, so you can get the auto upload plus the other plugins. You know dropbox lightroom, google photos if you still have flickr or amazon drive. I personally use them manually, like uh upload the photos manually from my lightroom, so i haven’t used this feature. But if you, if you do, let me know hit me in the comments below alright now: there’s, the the basics, of course, and the privacy settings, so you can have unlisted. So anyone that has the link or only yourself or if you want it to be visible by everyone, guest uploading, so allows guests to upload on your gallery photo protection. So you do get the right click message: you can even customize it if you uh wish to you know to protect your photos. You can turn on turn off the download, so it’s like a small arrow. So you can download all your galleries at once and also require a password same thing with social.

Usually i turn this off and i choose to do the social on my actual uh, facebook account or instagram and shopping never use that appearance. One thing i use a lot is the landscape in the journal settings. The journal is kind of nice because it gets it gives you a nice like a big preview of the photos. The landscape is more of a thumbnail type same thing, with a collage portrait. Okay and one bonus feature is their perks, so you actually get discounts to other vendors as part of the spug bug subscription or membership just to name a few. You know they have the adobe creative cloud, that’s, 25, 25 and let’s just scroll through other stuff. Here, uh, you know the joby so 10 off moment right, so they’ve got like education package deals gears basically and also other subscriptions all right, that’s it now to conclude smug bug is a photography, focused website which include unlimited storage for all your photos, including a website Builder plus other features like choosing your own domain, auto upload using the mobile app, both your pc mac or your mobile device. They do have the e commerce or like shop setup online if you wish to sell out your prints. So, even if you check other reviews online, they all say that this mug mug is geared towards most photographers. While there is no free plan available, the prices are actually reasonable compared to others and again don’t forget to use the link below.

So you actually get 20 off of your subscription. Okay, that’s it guys if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to hit like and subscribe or comment down below.