I thought to myself. I really don’t need them. I mean i have the airpods pro earbuds, which i’m completely happy with and for exercise. I have my powerbeats pro earbuds that still work completely fine. Just like the day that i took them out of the box. That being said on paper, the beats studio, earbuds don’t, really do anything that special that makes me feel like. I need them in my collection. They don’t have the h1 chip, no smart, switching and in general, none of the features really jump out at me. But specs aside, guys now that i have a pair in hand and i’ve been able to test them out the performance that you get with these anc, wise and sound quality. Wise has impressed me, and not only that not everybody wants a pair of stemmed earbuds or a pair of earbuds with the ear hooks for that matter. So in this video i’m gon na tell you how the 149 dollar beat studio buds have performed for me. So far, but i’m not gon na just talk about the specs and the features. I also do have a few tests throughout the video as well to help you make a more informed buying decision, but before we get into all of that, let’s check out the unboxing experience and enjoy some tunes Music, so Music. So, first taking a look at the case, i do like the design. It is sturdy in the hands, so i think you’ll adequately protect the earbuds without an issue in terms of the size it’s a little bit larger than the case that you’ll get with the airpods pros.

But it is significantly smaller than the charging case that you get with the powerbeats pros, but besides the beats branding in the front of the case, just above the battery indicator light, the case is pretty clean with not too much going on. You do have a pairing button inside of the case and other than that. All that you have is your usb type c charging port on the bottom, and that reminds me guys that one feature that you do not get with this case is wireless charging, which really would have surprised me at this price point for an apple product. But you don’t have any options in terms of charging the case. Besides using a usb type c cable battery life wise with the earbuds you can expect to get about 5 hours or so on, a single charge using anc. But if extending your battery life is most important to you, you can turn anc off and get up to 8 hours on a single charge, throwing the charging case into the mix you’ll be able to place the earbuds back into the case a couple of times for A maximum total usage of about 24 hours it’s also important to note that these do feature quick charging. So only five minutes worth of charging in the case will give you about an hour worth of use with the earbuds moving on to the design of the earbuds. They do have a unique look to them that i must say i do like i wouldn’t classify them as mini earbuds, but at the same time they’re not overly large or overly heavy.

In my opinion, they’re a little bit on the thick side in terms of the form factor, but overall they feel good in the hand, and it makes them simple to put in and take out of your ears if you’re looking for earbuds that don’t stick out much. These aren’t crazy obvious. It really comes down to how your face is shaped, but if somebody’s standing directly in front of you or behind you, they’ll likely see them sticking out just slightly. But at the same time like i said they shouldn’t be an obstruction or super obvious. I almost forgot to mention guys. You do have three color options with these earbuds, you have the white, which is what i picked up. You also have black and red available as well. I did use the studio buds on my elliptical earlier and they stayed in place for the most part until i became sweaty. This is one area where the powerbeats pros are the clear winner. They have the ear hooks that help keep them planted in your ears and both the airpods pros and the studio buds have nothing. But i must say that the studio but stayed in place perfectly fine until the sweat started flowing that’s. Really. The only time that i had to reposition them and in general they do fit down in my ears better than the airpods pros. I have worn these for a couple of hours at a time without any issues whatsoever, like i said, they’re relatively lightweight.

So if you have the correct sized ear tips installed, you should get some nice passive noise, canceling and a good seal, but these are also using active noise cancelling technology and, in my opinion, it’s, respectable now, it’s, certainly not on the level of the airpods pros or The wf 1000xm4s, but it does do a decent job of getting rid of sound, such as light talking buzzing and humming type noises. Not only that these also do feature a transparency mode that you can activate to hear what’s going on around you a little bit better. This mode also works. Okay. With these, i found during my testing that, if somebody’s having a conversation about within a two foot radius of me, i can usually hear it pretty clearly bluetooth connection, whether you’re using an ios device or an android device, is a breeze. If you’re going to be using an android, you want to download the beats app first, but if you’re using an ios device, all that you have to do is open up the top lid on the case and that will open up your widget for the one touch Pairing once you have them paired to your ios device, you can go to your bluetooth settings and change the name of your earbuds. You can also toggle on your anc and transparency modes and also set what the long press on your earbuds will trigger and, like i said you can also access. These features on an android device, which is nice, but you are gon na – have to download the beats app before you can do so.

I have used the studio buds with both my iphone 12 pro and my galaxy s 21, through the youtube and amazon prime apps i’ve experienced no noticeable lag. I’Ve also been able to maintain a stable connection, pretty much all around my house. The only time that i get crackling and a disconnection is when i’m about 60 or so feet away from my device. As for the playback controls, they’re going to be executed by one physical button on each earbud. So for those of you that do not like touch controls, these have you covered, but i do have to report guys that you do not have all of your playback controls. You can control your tracks, your calls and your voice assistant, but you do not have volume controls. This is kind of a bummer, but you don’t have volume controls with the airpods pro earbuds, either the only pair of earbuds out of the bunch in this video that offer volume controls are the powerbeats pros for the water resistance that you’ll get with these they’re rated. At ipx4, which is not the strongest but it’ll, do just fine against splashes of water and sweat. I did do my water test by spraying water all around the earbuds, just to see how they would react while being wet let’s. Take a look at what happened now. Touching on the sound quality to my ears, the highs and mids that you get with these are impressive. They get more than loud enough for my personal liking and they don’t distort much even when you crank them all the way up.

They also do a decent to good job, with sound separation, i’m, usually able to hear those background instruments and vocals just fine. They also do provide a nice punch in the bass department now it’s, not overpowering in my opinion, but to be completely honest, i feel like these earbuds are tuned perfectly for the type of music that i listen to, which is mainly a lot of hip, hop and R b, because the bass is there and you will feel it – these also do support spatial audio, which is nice, but you guys have to remember that not all songs out there are compatible. Yet i have been able to put spatial audio to the test and for those songs that support it. I have to say that they add another level of clarity concerning the amount of sound leakage that you’ll get with these earbuds. They will leak some sound like most true wireless earbuds, but in my opinion, it’s, not that bad, but, as always, i did take a sample for you guys to judge for yourselves. Let’S check it out relative to the call quality these do have built in mics for voice calls, so you can take and make calls directly from the earbuds. I have made a few voice calls using the earbuds and so far nobody has complained about how i sounded. I did listen to the sample and i think they do a okay job of capturing clear speech, but i did take a sample for you guys to judge for yourselves.

Let’S, take a listen, alright guys! So right now i have the studio buds paired to my iphone. 12 pro, as you can see, the audio that you’re hearing right now is coming directly from the microphones on the earbuds. Now i’m, not gon na do any type of editing to this audio. So this should give you a pretty good idea of how these earbuds perform for voice calls all in all fam, depending on what you’re looking for and your budget. These provide you with another option outside of the airpods, the airpods pros and the powerbeats. Now, of course, you’re not gon na get all of the bells and whistles like you’ll get with the airpods pros, but at the same time, at a hundred dollars cheaper. I think these are worth it. The studio buds are gon na, provide you with good call quality decent to good battery life, respectable active noise, cancelling very good sound quality and a nice design for somebody that’s looking for a pair of earbuds that do not have the stems or ear hooks. If i had to pick one pair just based off sound quality, the studio buds would come in first. The powerbeats pros would be a close second and last would be the airpods pros, and i don’t mean that any pair of these earbuds sound bad because that’s certainly not the case. I can enjoy everything that i listen to with all three pair, but if i had to choose one pair just based off sound quality, i like the overall sound that i get with the studio buds, but you have made it this far in the video guys.

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