This is a big big day, clever little back heel and it’s the tackle that stops the attack here. It’S, a corner Applause safety; first, there Applause, wasteful class, unforced error really well. This is zlatan ibrahimovic Applause unmarked now he’s lost his marker naismith. Now brown Applause here is larson it’s ibrahimovic again, then blog he wants to play on the shoulder of the last defender. He’S. Just got to get it right, it’s all about timing, stephen fletcher, ledger, that’s, an easy interception, because the pass wasn’t really a very thoughtful one. Applause attacking well here. Well, this is how this team can play sustained attacking football, but when they lose it, as they’ve done now, it’s just a risk that they might get caught out sebastian larsen Applause, picking out ibrahimovic russell martin, morrison Applause, robertson, james morrison, the balls taken from them. They’Ve lost it now bag egg doubt oscar vent i’ve got to be careful with these early challenges. The referees penalize that one yellow card very early in proceedings here not ideal at all for that lad, but he can’t have any complaints with the challenge in the Applause. Under decision that’s good control – and there was well – it was a semblance of a chance, but the ball ran awkwardly for him, a bit of a dry surface and it’s a bit bobbling that’s. What counted against him? Just sat up at the point of impact. Morrison Applause – you can clear it here, then block we can tell he knows the game.

He had a sixth sense there to get to the right position and nick the ball here is ibrahimovic here’s a chance it’s a goal well very nicely placed alan beautifully done. He’S almost passed it into the net jimmy grieves right. There wasn’t, he well it’s a goal worth replaying over and over again isn’t it, and that has opened the scoring one nil here: Applause bag Applause that will end the threat, at least for the moment. Applause oscar vent Applause behind fletcher, now brown, maloney and the ball’s gone again: Applause, here’s brown or good skill. Just to lift the ball there at the right moment and he’s moved in trying to. We don’t need to see all the cards here from the referee and he’s keeping the cards in his pocket. Just a free, kick Applause, stephen fletcher, moving the opposition around with their play. These two players and the tackler has been very successful. There he’s got possession Applause now. Last egg. Doubt james morrison got on the ball in midfield. Well read by the player in that part of the pitch johansson Applause, then blocked Applause he’s got a chance to cross, and that will be delight for the defenders. There’S. No one on the end of the cross it’s another turnover here, it’s a bad pass, he’s, giving it straight to the opposition and tackling is a real skill. Now brown here, here’s brown Applause that’s the way to win the ball back, maloney Applause that will help ease the pressure.

Now they’ve won the ball back and trying to make something of it quickly. He’S read that well in midfield to get them on the ball. Stephen fletcher scotland, on the attack, Applause, whistle’s, gone, free, kick and that’s going to mean a booking for the player without question. It was not the best of challenges these days going off your feet like that is running the risk of the referee, taking serious action.