If you want to get latest spacex news space news and learn more about rocket science, then you can subscribe to our channel today’s. Video is an exclusive one, especially made for all spacex fans. In this video we will cover. All progress happened at spacex starbase this month, that is in june. First of all, i am starting off with starships progress and assembly. Spacex kicked out starship sn 17 from the field, although starship sn, 17f dome and other parts were spotted at the spacex built site. On june 3rd rgb aerial photography shared a pic which showed sn 17 being disabled it’s necessary to scrap sn 17, because in order to achieve a target date of july for starship orbital flight spacex definitely need to focus on starship sn20. So there is no point of assembling starship sn17, which is similar to sn15, which attained a successful flight in may, as you have seen one week ago, spacex shifted a fully assembled starship that is sn 16 onto the display stand near to the sn15 prototype, so both Sn15 and sn16 is now in the front of starbase, which leaves a remark of spacex’s ambition of mars. Elon had also tweeted that sn 16 might undergo a hypersonic test, but as far as our calculations, there is less possibility that spacex will go for sn 16 before orbital flight, which may happen at the end of july. Sn 16’s hypersonic test that elon mentioned may happen. After starship sn20 orbital flight, so now we have discussed about starship, sn15, sn16 and sn17.

So what about the progress of starship sn20 spacex has started assembling of starship sn20. Many parts for sn20 was spotted at the build site this month. Also revac engine was spotted at the starbase. Yesterday three of these raptor vacuum engines will be used to power the starship vehicle through space during orbital flights. As a conclusion, starship sn20 will be surely completed next month. Now we will look at super. Heavy progress happened at starbase in june. As we all know, super heavy prototype bn1 was scrapped earlier itself, so i am not going deep into that. Now. Bn 2.1 test tank had undergone almost two cryo test and a simulation test with the help of hydraulic unit for testing the thrust experienced by the raptor engines of super heavy during flight. After these tests, it was shifted back to the production site. Now, coming on to the bn3 prototype, the super heavy bn3 assembly is coming to completion. All sections of the methane tank have been assembled together. According to calculations, there should be only 13 rings in height, and soon we will see the docking of the methane and oxygen tanks. The methane tank is now on top and the oxygen tank is under it. Of the two previously noticed sections with holes for grid fins. The super heavy bn3 was installed exactly the one that is most likely not intended for flight tests. Soon spacex will shift bn3 to the launch pad a for further testings like static fire test, etc.

Maybe a short 150 meter hop test may happen. Spacex is mainly using bn3 to learn about the alignment of 29 raptors when fired simultaneously and to gather details about raptor’s performance. Now, what’s up with bn4 elon had clarified that super heavy prototype bn4 will be the actual one which is capable of an orbital flight. This is going to be the most awaited prototype. It will have 32 raptors and will be fully assembled with grid fins for its maiden flight carrying starship sn20 on top of it assembling of bn4 prototype will happen as soon as bn3 is shifted from the high bay for further tests. So ultimately, bn4 will be ready within the end of july itself. Now we will look at orbital launch tower progress. Although spacex had stacked three olt segments onto the main tower in may itself. This month, three more segments were stacked. Today or tomorrow they will add olt segment, seven also, so a total of seven segments have been stacked and one more is left. This is olt segment eight. This is not transported from the built site, yet it may happen on july 1st, because a road closure has been scheduled on july 1st. So as a conclusion, stacking of orbital tower will be completed before july 5th. After that, there is lots of other works to be completed on the tower, that is, to install hold down, clamps, crane units etc. So far we have discussed about starship super heavy and orbital launch tower progress in june, and upcoming prospects in july july will be definitely a hectic month for spacex, as they are nearing to their orbital flight schedule.

This flight is possible only if spacex proceed with the assembling of starship, sn20 and bn4 at a much faster phase, so that, even if they can’t shoot their starship to orbit in july, they can do it in the first week of august, it’s inevitable to say that Spacex is progressing so rapidly than we all thought. You may have noticed this soon. After the landing of starship sn15, they increased production rate of raptors to one per every 24 hours. Many new parts have been arrived at starbase, including super heavy grid. Fins thrust puck hold down, clamps for orbital, launch, tower, etc. These all are a clear indication of spacex’s rapid progress, starship sn20 and super heavy is going to be the most awaited prototypes, because sn20 will be different from that of its predecessors. It will be covered with heat shield tiles, along with starlink and revac engines. In the case of super heavy people seems to be more curious because no one had ever seen a fully stacked super heavy rolling out of the starbase high bay. Ultimately, as an overall conclusion on starship’s orbital flight, it is still possible for spacex to conduct this before the end of july. Maximum it may extend up to august within july or august. Spacex will surely conduct starship super heavy’s orbital flight test before winding up. We will just take a look at spacex’s, falcon 9 launch schedule for july. In the second week of july, spacex’s falcon 9 rocket will launch the first dedicated mission with starlink internet satellites from vandenberg space force base.

So i hope you all like this monthly series. We used to upload videos like this at the end of every month to give a clear idea of what all happened at spacex, starbase and also with spacex’s launch schedules for the upcoming month and that wraps up.