There gets the wall i’m just gon na do what he says. I am officially locked in prison with no lift how’s. It going not good. Basically me nolan and all my other friends agreed to spend 50 hours in prison how’s it going boys. I feel right at home, just so we’re clear. We are going to be treated exactly like inmates. Okay, we’re gon na be eating real prison. Food we’re gon na have to mop and clean the prison and all around subjected to the mental warfare that is being a prisoner. I hope you guys are ready first thoughts on my brand new bed. It’S very uncomfortable. These sheets, oddly feel like hey, get your foot off my bed, ah 49 hours and 55 minutes to go and i’m already sick of him. What i would like to discuss the toilets, what are your thoughts on them? I’M, not gon na lie. Mine has like a yellow tint to it, that’s. What i was about to ask now that we’ve established the toilets are disgusting. Let’S all taste test, the fountain. Ah there’s, something in it look at all that stuff, i’m i’m, just not gon na drink water i’ll just die last name: inmate uh doyon. What kind of last name is that i’m, french, canadian all right? My last name, yes, imagine dragons i’m gon na back up. Imagine dragging these nuts on your face, i’ll be back for you, guys, hey it’s him i’m, not doing it i’m, not scared.

Come get us get him too lights out. Do we have to get in our boat lights out, get in your mom about to spend the night in prison it feels like. I took a blanket and just laid it in the middle of the road. This is gon na suck it’s, currently 3 a.m and in prison. The guards do roll call in the middle of the night to make sure no prisoners escaped state. Your name, never state your name jimmy. No, ah, did you just hit your head have a good night. Ladies i’ll see you guys in the morning wake up. Ladies five minutes get out of. Bed dress ready, go slept like a baby if the baby got hit by a truck in the middle of the night. These things are constricting over here face the wall. I feel like i actually did something illegal now. Oh, this is hard. Okay, oh, is this the kitchen what’s that food okay? This is my first prison meal, not bad. I give the meal a 4 out of 10.. Raise your hand if you’re glad you’re, at least not in yourself he’s, a psychopath yeah, i couldn’t sleep last night and this wasn’t worth waking up for and we’re back to the cells. That was a journey Music shower time. Why does he have latex gloves on for the cavity search i’ve, never taken a prison shower before towel, underwear, shirt and soap? You have 10 minutes, oh so letting us take showers now, but there’s, no hot water that it really seems like torture to me, brushed teeth.

What kind of sorry me, too many stabbings with toothbrushes stabbings? What kind of prison is this? How am i supposed to brush my teeth, i’m, going to get a cavity and make coming out of shower and made out of shower it’s on your finger? This is a toothbrush look at this thing. Oh really, what is this? Oh, i dropped soap that wasn’t on purpose. Hey fellow inmates. We have officially survived 10 hours in prison. We were all just taking naps and relaxing peacefully in ourselves and then this happened wreck time. Come on up get up, looks like it’s time for rick all right, let’s see what we’re dealing with here. A crappy chessboard, we’ve got a nice tv and we have a beautiful library here. Does everyone here know how to play poker yeah? Yes, you guys want to wager something on a game. I have nothing. I have no money. While we were having fun playing cards, the other inmates got jealous and tried to start a ride, hey it feels like y’all been in there forever. I swear chris, hey let’s. Go it’s already been an hour there’s, no way it hasn’t been an hour, hey we’re, just having fun it’s been like 12 hours and already hey. We got a little bit of a plumbing issue over here darren. What did you do you made us? Do it man they’re, not letting us out they’re showing favoritism over here you were next yeah.

I got tired of waiting man. These guys tried to literally flood the prison and then get mad when they get cuffed this prison sucks. I think you should put them in solitary damn. I want this floor to be eaten off by the time it comes. You can’t even mop cause you’re in shackles that looks horrible. Good behavior leads to good rec time. Bad behavior leads to this. I woke up it’s for rick and nobody’s in here. You know everybody got in trouble, so i guess i’m just going to look at pictures and books nolan and i woke up to learn that we’re on kitchen duty, which means we had to make food for everybody. Here we go. Oh we get cosmic is that the cell mates jimmy you cooked yeah it’s, pretty good. We have tons of beans. Everyone here is getting lots of beans. Wait. How many beans are you darren was hungry all right, let’s get moving. I asked for no mayo, we sat down to eat our very bland prison meal and at this point we were so bored that we started gambling our brownies. I already got nine pairs of seven. Eight. Nine, oh, give me a ten and i got it straight. So this is my brony. This is ring. I just want so many brownies inmates line up Music inmates lined up hit the wall, face the wall we’re getting cupped up again, i assume that’s normal. Every time we leave all right, we’re doing cell checks.

What does the sell check mean? We are searching your bunks to find any contraband, so anything we find will be a ride up and possibly solitary depending on what it is. We’Ve only been here for 20 hours, what’s, the worst they could possibly have in their cells. What is that? No it’s got a knife, it was only for protection. I think you should search his butt. No, not my butt he’s going to solitary. Take me back. Let me go outside, since you guys were so well behaved you get to go outside now. We get some time outside in the courtyard there’s an outdoor basketball court, but it’s raining, lovely all right who wants to play basketball guns, guess inmates three on three: what we got! Oh let’s go: okay, let’s just say the guards were talking a little smack. While we were playing some basketball turns out, they were better than we thought looks like we got ta head back to ourselves. I love how our stuff is still at the front of the cells from the search, our mattresses. What is it necessary to leave the mattress flipped on its side? I feel like the objective of prison is to make you feel like an animal since nolan’s in solitary confinement, i could steal his pillow. I get two pillows. You hear that it’s silence it’s so nice. Having nolan gone i’d, take it back. Meanwhile, weddle and zealous were on cooking duty when they heard this.

Oh, is that nolan, hey nolan how’s it going man open this door. It was time for our next meal and i guess the guards were feeling generous because they let nolan out of solitary to come eat with us bund me up. Yes, sir. All right, you’ve been fine i’m, so excited we’re, hungry scoop, faster we’ve been through a lot in prison wouldn’t, you guys say some more, the most yeah surprisingly, i saw one of their phone screens and noticed we’re, not even 24 hours in. Are you serious it’s about like four days? I swear it really does so wait. Why are you guys out marcin we’re in prison? This is what prisoners do. Three two go it’s, so fast, let’s do noah versus weddle and nolan and nolan let’s go let’s, go whichever side wins, i’ll, give them five grand five grand online three two, oh god! Oh god, one go! Hey! Do you wan na do double or nothing against the big guy? Oh, oh, go. Get him go get him. He looks bigger than i remember. Three. Two one go i’ll pay you when i get out of jail back to your sales, Music, wake up it’s your time. Everybody line up outside yourself every time i finally fall asleep. I get woken up i’m, so sick of this place. We were so bored out of our mind and even though this is just that tiny cube of grass outside it was a massive blessing that’s, a goal: hey that’s, a goal – header, oh and that’s – the game for a second out there i forgot.

I was a prisoner. The outside courtyard, with the grass feels very liberating it’s my turn to shower and i’m free. Oh, my gosh. I feel so much better now, i’m, literally about to cry here’s the problem in prison. They strip everything away from you, so even something as simple as hot water for a few minutes literally changes the course of your whole day. Music. Gentlemen. We have less than 10 hours left in this dump in prison. The only way you can see your family or friends is through visitation, mom, dad nolan nolan. What have you done? We raised you better than this. I don’t need to follow no rules i’m in prison. I run this place. You will behave the rest of the time that you’re in here listen, i might escape no time’s up. Let’S go hey, hey chris. Has a visitor come on come on, come on just hurry up brave rap rap. I want to see him look. There’S, daddy, hey little man, i wish i could hold you buddy, hey visitation’s over. No. I just got to see my son he’s, so cute. Look at him time to go well. Everyone else was having loved ones visit them in prison. I paid a lawyer to come visit me and told him nothing about why how’s it going good jimmy um what’s going on well, i just wanted to make sure that um they knew. I did nothing wrong okay, but why would they put you in prison, though uh i’m here for a video i’m spending 50 hours in prison? You can spend 50 hours in prison but i’m here to help you get out.

Well, i don’t want to get out. Okay, not sure i understand am i still getting paid for this. Of course, okay cool have a good day. Don’T worry boys. I talked to a lawyer. Things make much more sense now he wants to be in there but i’m an attorney trying to get him out. It doesn’t make any sense Music, i’m. So tired. I can’t stand this place anymore. I might try to escape i’m gon. Na be honest guys. This prison food gets bland really fast i’m. Only in here for two days and i couldn’t imagine living years in prison. Gentlemen. Do you know what’s in front of you? No, your last meal in prison round of applause also prison might come across a lot more fun in this video than it actually is. Let me assure you it’s, not fun we’re, just idiots that can make anything. Look fun. Don’T go to jail. Last meal was good, but i’m, not gon na miss this place. I’M. Getting out of here, you can’t catch me there’s, nothing, there’s, the exit, no it’s hot it’s, locked up Music. I’M. Glad you found me i i was actually lost. I got lost from the group nolan booked. It there’s like three hours left what’s, clear, going let’s, calm down boys, pineapple that’s, my safe words; ah that’s pink that’s, real tight we’re, going to your sails i’m gon na help. You oh out, that’s hard. Oh, that hurt hey let’s let’s talk about this, come on.

No, no jelly come on, take the handcuffs off at least like if he ran away yesterday. It makes sense, but we have like three hours left what’s the point, probably the weirdest thing, i’ve ever done. Nolan. You did you caused me to have to do this. It’S the home stretch, one hour and i’m out of here inmates yeah. We officially have less than 30 minutes remaining Applause. Our friend nolan is still in solitary confinement. Let’S salute him.