So you can get your hands on an extra 165 000 xp. Oh, what is up i’m crown nebula and welcome to the week four legendary quest guide. I will be going over where you can find clues at the farm farmer, steel’s favorite places where to place missing person signs where you can find the doomsday preppers guide and foraging for food before we get started, hit the subscribe button and get the bell on to Get notified when i post new content also try to hit the like button with your elbow. I bet you can’t. Do it on your first try with that out of the way let’s get right into these quests. Our first challenge this week is search the farm for clues. There are three clues to be found around the landmark steel farm, which is located right here next to corny, complex you’re, going to need to find two clues to complete this, but i’m still going to go over all three locations and there could even be more. The first clue can be found right behind the house at steel farm right next to this group of trees above the valley, the next clue is located not too far away, it’s, actually right behind this red tractor. That is sitting on one of the cornfields. Next to the steel farm house and the final clue for this specific legendary quest is located down in the little valley right here next to the river on this pile of logs boom quest complete enjoy that 45 000 xp.

The next legendary quest this week is visit. Farmer steel’s favorite places farmer steel has three favorite places on this season’s map. His first favorite place is pizza pit located here on your map, which is right next to the orchard farmer steel’s next favorite place is lake canoe located here on your map, just outside of retail row and his last favorite place to go is flopper pond, which is Located here on the map in between holly hedges and bony burbs, so all you will need to do to complete this legendary quest is visit. These three locations and the quest should be completed in easy, 30. 000 xp. Our third legendary quest this week is place four missing person signs in weeping, woods and misty meadows, the first spot to place a missing person sign is located right outside of this little magazine shop below the bridge and next to the river running through weeping woods. The second place to put up a missing person sign, is just outside of the bathrooms here in weeping woods and the third missing person sign is located in front of the smaller building in weeping woods, which brings us to the last missing person, sign and weeping woods. You’Re going to need – and it is located in front of the larger building in weeping woods right next to the deck here these right here are all you need to complete this legendary quest, so you don’t even need to go to misty meadows, so let’s move on To the next one, our next and second to last quest is collect a doomsday preppers guide.

This doomsday prepper’s guide is located in hydro 16, which is located right here on your map. Specifically, the book itself is located in this room right here on the ground floor. In this little office, you can find the book on the floor right in between the file cabinets and the desk itself. If you ask me a pretty easy way to gain an extra 30 000 xp, which brings us to our last legendary quest for week, 4 called forge for food need supplies. This isn’t actually asking you to go out and gather forged items. There are actually these little crates of supplies, scattered all around the steel farm location, starting here at the small bridge heading over to steel farm. We have our first group of supplies, then right along this path. There is another for the second group of supplies and then you’re gon na have to go behind the house pretty much where that first clue we went over was earlier, then you can head out behind this stack of round bales near the cornfields to find the fourth Stack of supplies and finally, over near the gas station right next to steel farm, you will find the fifth and final group of supplies right next to these wooden fences before i close off this video. Thank you all for using code crown nebula in the item shop. If you aren’t using anyone’s code in the item shop, i am partnered with epic games and i would appreciate the support.

If you put code crown nebula into your item shop, it resets after two weeks so just check to make sure it didn’t expire on you. Yet, and that will do it for today’s video. Thank you all so much for watching. I hope you found this helpful. Also, thank you for liking and subscribing i’ll, see you all in the next video real soon, but in the meantime, click on one of the videos on screen. Now the fun does not have to stop here. As always.