Andy townsend is here with me. Looking forward to this one kyle today, a lot of good players on show this town ain’t big enough for both of them. Their annual shootouts are always bitterly fought that’s the way it is when two local rivals come together on derby day it’s personal kickoff time, then much joy and pain ahead for somebody, Applause and now youngberg he’s won the ball and suddenly he’s on the attack show some Anticipation got to that well and now: david’s perfect long ball cross bent in gilberto fabregas genus wan na throw in gilberto really have given them no room to breathe in midfield jim bonder Applause trying to set something up. Doesn’T know how to spray the ball about defended. Well, got a little lucky with the that’s pass. Cutting pass just see those situations developing doesn’t. He now can he shoot, tries a shot touched away by the keeper dawson cross. Is this clever stole the ball? Really just picked his pocket Applause? He just loves taking defenders on that’s a little loose trying his luck. What a save he’s just anticipated that clive and he’s made a brilliant save just thrown out, needs to protect the ball better pounced on by the keeper and kicked out for a throw by the keeper. He only has to keep it a beat it’s a real chance. It’S in the net Applause the goalkeeper’s unlucky climb, i guess it’s right, he gets something on it, but he just can’t.

Stop it from going over the line. Four marks to him: he never let his head go down. He kept on trying. He was about to score. Eventually, well one he’s looking around for support now this is genus, here’s dimitar berbatov. I think he knew that was coming. Yellow card for the tackle from behind he’ll have a go, no excuses. Really, although it’s not his stronger foot, that has to be said, big opportunity missed there clive that was a real chance. Tourette it’s a throw in that’s a wonderful sliding tackle clean as a whistle fabregas gilberto. Oh that’s, easy for the goalkeeper goalkeeper, just uh clearing his lines. Fabregas Applause kicking is so important to keepers. Robbie keane get a shot in kenny. Oh it’s. There two goals in front and starting a cruise they’re, looking good this side. If they can keep this up. Surely they’ll win this game if at first you don’t succeed and he kept trying again and again it’s a good tackle possibilities here now, smart refereeing there he waited to see there was an advantage. Well, this team has spoiled for choice. You know they got plenty that could score from this sort of distance. He fences it be completely miscued there can’t keep wasting these opportunities. These are good situations. They’Re getting with these free kicks it’s a foul defenders scramble the ball away, henry fabregas. He is one of those defenders: who’s sharp in the tackle it’s bourbon off now, here’s keane.

Can he beat the keeper keen he’s so quick, this goalkeeper? He did really well to get to that played out then half time and the score is two nil, and these are the thoughts of andy townsend it’s, just concentration now, because they’re, the better side, no question about that. If they keep their focus, they must go on and win. This game handsomely back to the keeper lost the ball. Can’T afford to give up possession there promising it’s loose, and the ball goes out for a gold. Kick good tackle pass back into his own area, then, and the keeper is first of the ball can’t be dispossessed like that, has to go from way out. He should have done better shouldn’t. He i know that’s his weaker foot, but it’s. No excuse really must do better from there. They’Ve done so well to get into this position. It would be a shame now if they printed it away. It’S genus that’s, a good ball wasn’t trying to have a go. His shot was well wide of the goal there. Wasn’T, the best of efforts really not in keeping with what’s gone before for them that’s their first substitution of the match. Applause. He is a good header of the ball adebayor. He can look after himself when the ball’s in the air, careless and sloppy good forward pass from the defender. It’S nicely done. Oh look at this it’s. Just a shame. He didn’t fall to him on his other foot.

He is weaker on that side. Lee young threaded through time the challenge: well, he can’t pass the ball Applause. He tied the sliding tackle perfectly nodded on had to be alert there. The goalkeeper goalkeeper clears it’s bourbon off now. Can he find a way through i like to see that in a referee, he’s pulled them back for the file, but he did wait to see if there was an advantage and it’s a great area clive to have a free kick you’ve got to concentrate on the Strike try and get it over that wall. He’Ll have a go. Ball travels over the line and that’s the goalkeeper. The keeper was having that this is genus. Robbie keane played in good smiley taken. This fella is useful in the air that’s another good goal. He was determined to get a goal, certainly wasn’t about to stop trying Applause. So Applause Applause, he won the ball. Well, there Applause. Well, i thought so it’s a second yellow card, he’s off so reckless in the circumstances and he didn’t use his head. There did he’s got himself over excited, he’s got sent off, but now he’s, giving his team a mountain to climb he’s gon na try it he didn’t quite judge the flight of the ball. Did he they’re hard to catch on the volley? No that’s, not the best free, kick i’ve ever seen, just compete for the ball well in the air, there’s the ball in good chance.

He Applause scored. You know once this fella gets amongst the goals he’s hard to stop that’s his second one today and he’s. Looking good for more it’s, his second goal of the game, you think they know what to expect from him by now. Applause Applause that’s out for a throw. He is good in the air and the ball goes out for a goal. Kick just get off the ground! Well, here’s all right nice pass that’s pretty solid, defending kept it in gilberto. These boys certainly know how to defend king that’s, really good use of the ball back on the ball here. Taking the ball from the defender gets the ball that’s. What you call a last ditch challenge genki out back out by the keeper decent header pretty well. At times falling to the box is good and early it’s in well fair play to him, because they’ve kept going and they’ve nick won right at the death here. Just one of those days for the poor goalkeeper, they all have them Applause. This is thierry on ray gilberto Applause, keeper, looking downfield there’s, the final whistle and i think they’ll be hearing from the manager in the dressing rooms with a final score line of five nil. They just looked short in this sort of company, really they weren’t able to match the opposition at all and they were totally outrun out there. Andy thanks for all your expertise.