This is the first clue right over here near this red vehicle, and the next clue you got ta look for is right between the two trees near his house. The location on the map is exactly right here, where the camera is, and the first one was down here so yeah. This is stills farm, as you can see, corny complex to the left, anyways guys, let’s go and check out the next location. The second part of the quest is visit, farmer, steel’s, favorite places and uh yeah. We have three of these, which the first one is gon na be pizza pit, because it’s in the tooltip and the next ones in order to guys find them. We have a few suggestions for you, but you wan na press the map go on the challenges, tab and hit the legendary challenge and it’s gon na show pizza pit and two more places now the leaked places. These are not a hundred percent correct. So maybe this is not gon na be exactly how it goes. Is fish sticks restaurant right over here, and then we have one more and yes guys, as you can guess it. The other leaked place that’s supposed to be his favorite is derberger down on the bottom. Left of the map, so we had over here pizza pit. Then we had on craig eclipse the fish sticks, restaurant and their burger. These are not final, so this subject to change these three places could be changing, but the rest of the locations will be correct.

So let’s go to the next one, all right guys. The next one is place missing. People signs in weeping, hoods or mystic meadows. Here we have sign number one: exact location is going to be right over here near this little stall, so yeah we’re gon na start over here next to the river again, and yes, this first location, then what you want to do is go where the werewolf signs Used to be here, we have the second location right in front of the little toilet. I believe it’s yeah, that’s kind of a toilet, so yeah. We have the second place right over here then you’re gon na go to the main lodge that has the alien artifact. If you haven’t collected make sure to do so over here, we have the next sign right in front of this house at whipping pools and then the last one is right in front of the mansion. So the big house – and this is gon na – be where you got ta place your missing sign, so one two three and then four, where we started so anyways guys these are the four locations in whippinghood. So you don’t need to go to misty meadows let’s. Go to the next challenge, all right, guys how to collect doomsday, preppers guide, it’s going to be in the bunker. Actually, the exact location of this bunker is in the right side of swerpy swamp, and what you want to do is go right through the front door.

Over here and in this back room right here and this book over here on the ground – i’m – sorry, i kind of zoomed out but yeah it’s right over here. This is the doomsday guide that you want to collect. The exact exact, exact location is right here and yeah. Basically, you just go into this room through the gate and you should be able to find it. Let’S, go to the last challenge, all right, guys, we’re back forage for food neat supplies is the last quest and we are back at steel’s farm and, as i said, the cows and this stuff is actually. This is actually useful this week, but the cars are not anyways right over here. This is food supplies. As you can see, there is five locations, we need five and this kind of looks like food supply, so anyways. This is the exact location we’re back at the first challenge: location. First, one is in front of the door right here near stills farm. The second location is down here behind the hay bales, the small food supplies. The next location is right over here near this fence. Near the gas station and the last well, actually there is two more one of them is near this rock right over here and the last one would be this one near the bridge so basically bridge rock. Then the fence, then behind the hay, bale and right over here in front of the door, and this covers all the challenges that we’re gon na be getting all the legendary challenges for week.

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