No, we need a double swap because deft needs to swap and then he’s happy. He is he’s like haha. We played them. First objective seems like they don’t want to. Let this one go without a fight. I like this rotation over chobi gets there. First, arthur is going to turn up as deft and vista will get here as well. It’S going to be a bit of a 4v4 as the conquering sands comes in chopin below half health right now, as uh in comes the choo choo train. He might get there a little bit late, though, as the stun comes down under canyon, death has to cleanse immediately as khan just passes by due to anchovy, and now this is getting closed in on that piercing darkness was good. The first blood will go over to the zoe and she’ll grab a double for her trouble as well. Arthur also slowed down there’s the empress divide as deft grabs that kill khan flashes on over and the pantheon’s also going to fall depth largely unhindered, but he should get focused down now gets into the brush khan. One last order when def does grab it. There’S now chobe wants to get more. Ghost is gon na flash it and that’s gon na be a complete blood bath in the river. He kills at seven and a half minutes welcome to the lck. I think valdez is gon na be the answer, because uh yeah 203 zoe, like you’re talking about, is absolutely terrifying.

Kenyan taking so much damage from arthur here in the jungle. He does cancel one of those auto attacks, his canyon’s looking to try and get on in here, but dudu wastes no time, he’s very upset about how that last team fight went wow. His teleport almost available khan does have his and this wraps around. I could feel the r button coming because it doesn’t actually get popped. Yeah now he’s going to be out again, that’s done nicely done. Okay, there, it is, i knew it well. You can turn into a choo choo train. I wonder whether the queue is going to be there for doo doo, not enough healing really. The drake is just taken here by canyon. Ghost now killer instinct gets himself that shield, which is pretty good ulti doesn’t, really do too much they’re from beryl, as ghost goes down. Extraordinarily low and depth is punished. Joe maker gon na turn up the dawning shadow comes down, but it looks like arthur and vista in way too much trouble and another kill for dumb one here. This is feeling like the snowball they absolutely did not want. Bubble comes in good night vista. You are well dead and ghost gets delivered that one on a silver platter and chobe is like don’t, worry guys, i’m taking plates in mid. Doing a lot of damage. Right now is canyon, moving on in doo doo off to the back side, not sure whether he’s in flanking position.

Just yet as condemned gets canyon out of the way it is going to be arsenal that secures it as the eye of the herald comes down. Dude finds his way into the back goes eliminated with the dawning shadow depth. Now, in the back of the thunderdome, as khan gets himself out of there immediately and the eye is going to be secured, devastating smash not quite going to land there as khan is stunned up for a second canyon lying in weight. Now, as doo doo doesn’t have his r button, of course, pressed a while ago. How do they all just seem to connect so perfectly as depth? Oh no, with the flash after the portal jump and just says goodbye to death that wasn’t supposed to be a fight that darwin have any business coming back in, but now they have another continuing to fight. Oh god, the knock up is going to land under the pantheon. He can’t press his shield button because he’s just chain cc’d, somehow canyon, picks up that killer now, due to extraordinarily low canyon, taking all the damage that he can but that’s his job. He just soaks. All of this aggro this is going to have his back stopped and dumb on kia. I oh, i don’t know valdez. I feel like this game might be over as chobi we’re going to try and take matters into his own hands. He does have the emperor’s divide available, no flashes there as santa was on the map for a moment, but this is showmaker’s map right now, but i think we all know who’s getting pog of this game, so it’s not gon na matter, yeah it’s, not gon na, Be trophy this time, although he does avoid a lot there, as barrels going to get thrown under the sun disk and destroyed, maybe it is joby.

After all, his dude who turns up gets exhausted. He pressed r, of course, they’re magnetized. I swear all right canyon. Looking for it, let’s see whether he can hop onto vane effectively the flash on forward death flashes over as oh no he’s in the decimating zone. That’S not where you want to be ghost, is going to be able to grab that kill vista now, trying to run away he’s so slow and khan’s going to grab that one as well. They do have some really nice late game scaling, but now dominants say we want to get it over with this game. We want to take the baron and try to end as quickly as possible before azir gets too out of hand. Well, arthur is once again over the wall, but he once again has no flash and uh. This is harmalite doing uh what they have been doing, this entire game, basically, which is saying goodbye to barons they do put shirley into the mid lane. She does take down the outer turret. Pizartha is still looking for. It throws up the shield interrupts khan, but he is so tanky right now. Can humble life actually deny some of these barons as jovi wants to get in position? Doesn’T have quite yet as the pantheon’s taken down so quickly, emperor’s divide comes in, but chobi just falls and doo doo’s not gon na be able to do anything at all canyon grabs that kill, gets the thumbs up from khan and this game feels over veldas.

Any of these comps that have a couple of melee bruisers that will run directly into you. You just get to have so much fun with that charm, as we did see all right again, chasing off the ghost as best he can that’s a really nice cleanse as there gets the first kill. We’Ll get the second to double for the vein as canyon’s like nope nope, not gon na be doing this one. Oh, this was death’s. Captain jack looked pretty nice there. His canyon tries to get it amongst it. Barrel’S dead once again, uh by the way, guys teleports coming through everywhere, as the train just gets the hell out of the station there’s another bubble’s going to connect showmaker in perfect position sitting at 50. Health, though so, like you say, still, is a potential target. The ocean drake taking damage now as you don’t, want to just sit there. Soaking poke in these beach balls flying on forward from showmaker khan, just setting himself up in the front line let’s see whether they can do this dawning shadow comes down. The pantheon is going to steal away the drake, as dudu immediately has to get out of there. The pantheon is going to be eliminated now, def trying his very best canyon. Oh, he makes it into the brush and survives condemned into the wall. Is ghost, though he’s not going to be a part of this one as chobi goes down a double kill for show maker and yeah.

I think this one’s done guys triple for show maker def. Now running the wrong direction, i think he might want to be a member of darwin right here as he’s looking for this brush, looking to try and find the sneaky escape and canyon. Oh, that was terrifying. Just gets out of the brush. There is beryl he’s gon na help. Take him down, canyon almost dies, but thankfully he has support that’s gon na be the ace could still be dangerous, arthur actually not having to flash a wall is uh. Definitely a good idea here, but still doesn’t. Look like harmalite b sports are quite in position just yet. The map still very dark, as arthur looking to get closed in on good shield comes forward as the ulti only charms up one but it’s the one that they wanted. Antheon goes down dawning shadow to try and keep vista alive bubbles, paddle stars everything it’s like a great way to follow up and just cc chain someone, as we did note how my life are just going to give away this baron. They can’t really challenge this at this point in time. The best we got in the past and it’s back again, all reliable here depth is down a couple times, oh no and closed in on the condemn back onto canyon, but it seemed to do absolutely nothing that’s. Another one for show: maker’s wallet, 10 0 10 – make it 11 0 10 um undefinable.

Is this guy’s kda right now, as this base is in shambles and don monkey, i may have just had enough of this series. We all know showmaker likes to go home early, and this is looking like one of those meticulous. Oh, what the heck was that damage. I know mrs squishy, but that was his whole helper as another bubble.