Obviously, this won’t be everything, but we tried our best and it’s gon na be a lot of moves, so let’s get right on to it. First off we’re gon na talk about every single one of the tilts and how they can be used in battle. First off you have the up tilt which can be stopped midway. You don’t have to actually finish all three hits and it’ll continue. The more you push the up tilt button. The top right tilt will give you a four hit leg sweep which can also be stopped in any of the attacks. You can stop after three kicks or two kicks and continue with something else. There is a bit of end lag, however, but if you want to complete the four hit combo, it is a confirmed combo by just hitting up right tilt four times right tilt is probably his most powerful till this will probably kill at higher percentages and it’s. Very similar to that of ganondorf and captain falcons it’s a really good spacer move and pushes him forward slightly it’s a good way to get your opponents off of you, similar to up tilt down right tilt. Actually, pops up your opponent in the air and sends them flying outward and probably another good move in order to get people away and off the stage this isn’t going to really lead into anything else, as kazuya kind of stands still and has end lag after this Move so you probably won’t do anything else with this.

Downtilt is probably his most interesting till this immediately meteor slams the opponent on the ground, and if they miss their tech, you can actually go for a tech chase and jab lock them into the stage. Something i like to do is just immediately go into the jab combo, which definitely works every time or you can go to a jab, lock one single jab down into a down smash, which would be very useful now. I know we didn’t get into the smash attacks. Yet, but doing this down tilt can also lead into smash attacks. His down smash kind of does the same meteor effect, which can combo off each other. Now. None of these are really true. Combos you’re really gon na have to play this off of your opponent and what they do i mean honestly, you could probably go for multiple down tilts in a row if they keep missing their tag. Down left tilt is another good tilt from kazuya. It automatically puts the opponent in a trip state allowing you to go for jab locks and other follow up moves that you’re, just gon na have to play off of once. You actually get this move and land the attack. You can do a whole sort of things. Such as going from the back left tilt into a downtilt into one of his smash attacks and any of those options would work you’re once again going to have to play it off your opponent, as none of these are actual true combos.

All of kazuya’s combos are really going to come from where your opponent is moving back. Tilt is very similar to forward tilt which spaces out and shoots your enemy out horizontally. This is also a move that slightly pushes you a little bit more forward than the forward tilt and it’s a good move to use in order to get opponents off of you. I still think forward. Tilt is a lot stronger with a lot more knockback, but back tilt is definitely an option as well. It really just depends on which one you want to use in the situation and finally, up left tilt does a kick that slowly pushes kazuya backwards. Now this one is very interesting. This might be something to do in order to space out in case your opponent is shielding, or in case your opponent is rushing you and you want to do a kind of a backwards. Kick it once again kicks the opponent outward horizontally, just like forward and back tilt, but the only difference this time instead of kazuya moving forward at all, he actually moves backward in order to protect himself. This is a really good defensive move in case you’re. Getting rushed by your opponent. A lot as far as using tilts to kill around 100 is still not going to kill, but it should knock off a lot of different opponents and you can follow up with different things once again. Forward tilt is going to be your primary way to kill with any of your tilts, and you can combo this with his neutral b, which is his laser beam.

He shoots in his devil mode. This will almost always hit an opponent if they jump immediately. After being that far and let’s face it, most people are going to, and if you read them going lower, you can actually jump and use the neutral b without moving the laser in order to shoot it diagonally down it. Does it automatically so you don’t have to do anything but jump in neutral b. This will hit slightly below, which will probably get opponents if they mix up the recovery down right tilt back tilt and up left tilt are all other options as well to push opponents off the stage and you’re just gon na have to play with them and see How far they go with that, the laser is gon na, be your best friend off stage and a good way to hit opponents and knock them away. Kazuya’S throws and grabs are not all that great. They do more damage than they do any knockback or kill potential, but starting off with back, throw kazuya throws the opponent over his shoulder and bounces him off the ground a little bit behind him, there’s, not much. You can do to follow up after this. Besides shoot a laser but that’s about it as far as up throw, he sends the opponent straight up in the air and shoots them with a follow up. Laser now, there’s also nothing much here, but this is going to be the only kill, throw potential and at a very – and i mean very high percentage over 120 percent.

Actually and all it’s going to be is an up throw with a laser which you can follow up with multiple other lasers off the stage, but besides that that’s pretty much it. The fourth row is two kicks and a cinematic throw off the stage. This is also not going to go very far, but you can follow up by pushing your opponent off the stage with this and do some cool things with it. I guess, but once again, it’s nothing super special now kazuya’s down throw might be the best for follow. Ups, he immediately slams you on the ground. The only true combo you could get is the first couple hits of his 10 combo jab thingy majigger that he has that’s the only thing you’re gon na get you’re only gon na get. The first couple hits until eventually he falls out of the combo, so that gets you to at least a six combo, but then you’re gon na have to figure out what to do next. You know this is going to take a lot of practice and you know experimenting with all these moves to see what this is going to lead into, but you can do different mix ups that are not true combos, for instance, you can do immediately into the trip Tilt attack into a down smash, forward, smash or just multiple other different things you can do and if you’re even really lucky and your opponent dies in a certain way, you can go into a down tilt, followed up down, smash to spike them off the stage like Previously stated there are no kill, throws really for kazuya, even about the 130 percent mark fourth row back: throw down throw and up throw will not really kill a throw, is probably the strongest and with the most potential two kill but it’s, just not quite enough.

So you’re going to use something else in order to get that kill now regarding kazuya’s aerials and his dash attacks, we’ll start off with the aerials is neutral. Air is a spike which actually works very well for starting off combos. The neutral air can actually go into any of the directional combos and you’re just going to mix up and match out to see which one works the best and which one’s gon na give you the best results. This also works a lot for his forward air, which is just an upward. Kick that kind of pops, your enemy up in the air. But if you’re asking me, i would say, definitely go for the neutral air spike in order to start your zero percent combos and to start building up from there back air is a strong attack that doesn’t quite kill until you get to around 120 130 percent again. But it is a good move in order to space out your opponents from you once again, this isn’t really going to start any combos unless you hurry up and rush in for a grab and do something after that. But besides that, there’s really not much that back hair is going to do for you. This is also not a confirmed with the grab after the back air. This is just something that you can use to mix up with your opponents down. Air is very similar to that of bayonetta’s, which drops him straight to the ground with his legs, and this could be used to kill in combination with like the laser or something at a very high percentage.

But overall it’s just gon na, be something that you use to get back to the stage from falling up above vertically, but, like sakurai mentioned in the video, it can be used off stage after using the double jump. You can use it, but i recommend definitely using the double jump or you will fall and you will die after using a double jump using down air and follow up with an upbeat. You will always get back to the stage. You can do this hanging off the ledge, or you know just playing around off the stage it’s a good way to kind of knock your opponent back into the stage, maybe for a stage spike or knock them further away from the stage and kazuya has two dash Attacks the first one is just a standard dash attack that’s, going to kick your opponent very far horizontally off the stage and the second one is kind of a kick that pops him up in the air in order to activate the second one, it’s two taps to The right and then a dash attack or it’s just straight dash attack. Remember, if you want to change it up, is two taps to the right, then a instead of just one to the right and then a you guys have pretty much seen all the specials, but i’ll go over them again. Down b is a command grab that will slam your opponent on the ground after raising them in the air very similar to what kirby can do and meta knight.

This will raise them up and slam them, but still not exactly a kill, command grab or anything until kazuya reaches 100, which we’ll get into in a second, but down b is a good move to use. If your opponent keeps shielding but side b, is a stun move only if you hit them while up close, if you hit them towards the end of the attack, it’ll, just pop them up in the air, if you hit them up close, it will stun them to The ground allowing you to do follow up moves with that upbeat is a simple recovery that can actually hit your opponent if you’re up close, but you can also use up b and then follow up with an additional jump. If you haven’t used your jump already, it’s a good way to kind of mix up your routine of coming back to the stage uh or you can just do a straight up: double jump into the up b, but it’s a good little extra jump that you have Kind of similar to bayonetta we already know neutral b, is a laser that you can control, but let’s talk about kazuya when he reaches 100 in his rage form. Your attacks are now twice as strong and you’re. Pretty much lucario’s aura filled to the max, and this will increase your smash attacks and everything else, allowing you to get that kill percentage, that you’ve been missing and the best way to do so is using the down b, while in this rage mode, this will automatically Kill your opponent, no matter what well at least, if they’re above 100, you can only use this once per stock and if you use it in miss it’ll start to deplete.

But if you hit it it’ll go away completely. So you better make sure you do all you can in order to hit this move now. Kazuya also has tons of extra little inputs that you can do now. I recommend going back and watching the sakurai presents. He actually goes in depth about all of these and i’m. Just going to tell you what some of them do, you can do a jab cancel, which is a jab jab pause jab, which will combo into a down throw that’s an option you can also like. I said: do the different dash attack, which is a right right, a instead of just a right a, but it also has different extra moves that you can do, depending on different inputs, with the a and b and also swinging the stick around like you do with Ryu and ken once again, i recommend watching his presentation, video for that they’re. Just a couple extra moves and they’re – probably not even worth it, he also has an extra grab that he can do once again. I don’t even know if it’s worth it by how long it takes to put in the input – and i don’t know if anybody’s gon na get caught by that. But it does do an extra chunk of damage as he kicks them in the back and chucks them away. Besides that, there’s really nothing else. Just a couple extra moves. They can do with like a power punch and kick, and he also can do a dash slide thing.

But besides that that’s pretty much it about kazuya, now we’re not going to really go into smash attacks. You guys have seen those enough just combine those with the tilts and pretty much play your opponent off ear. There’S not too many true, confirmed combos that i’ve seen so far, and people will find some i’m sure, but right now, you’re, really just gon na have to play your opponent off ear wherever they move. You’Re gon na have to decide which attacks you want to use and just kind of mix and match and try each one. I can see that this character is going to take a lot of just trial and error practicing practicing practicing to see what moves fit. You best and what moves fit him the best because i’m sure there’s going to be some moves, that people don’t even use at all, but go ahead, give them a try. Let me know if any of this helped you guys and thank you so much for tuning in if you enjoyed the videos, please please, please make sure you leave a like and subscribe to stay up to date on all things, nintendo and smash ultimate all the time.