Oh well. This might be why tom, who is that um? Okay? Well something efforts played a lot in the past, but it’s like no leo it’s, not in his wheelhouse. He doesn’t like to play that champion. He hasn’t played it yet this season is okay, well that’s. Maybe why else what’s going on? Is this a real game of lck, or is this a it’s a draft bug you’re still going to have value in that pick and team fights where you’re looking to engage onto a victor and a gin yeah, you know, or even a tom kentz right we’ve seen That many times before you still can go for it, but but like to pull it out here in game. Two is is pretty cool yeah i mean the the draft got a little bit weird with all the bands we had on marksmen as we were going to see croco kind of caught in an awkward spot here and i think he’s dead, oh, oh cuz will go Over the wall, okay, he was just waiting for the stun first blood very easily croco in a really awkward spot, and this is the thing you know. In the past, we always used to see tom kench over and over and over again we’re gon na have a one on one. Here we got pantheon coming up to the top side, but khanna looking to turn it around. The gnar ultimate does come out. The damage should be good enough, but summit has to flash away, and that will be enough to get out of harm’s way and no triumph there for the irelia, as we’re actually going to see a dive here in the bot side to try to trade this bag.

This this bottom lane is just a disaster right now, sandbox effort is just dead. There is no hope for him, even under the turret, the second turret in the bottom lane and well. This is just hilarious. Gon na try to do some follow up damage. I think he did about 57 damage there. Maybe like this is a 30 cs, lead now and effort. Where is he what is going on? What what i think he was trying to stop the backs, that’s exactly what happened harry hides and then he he sees it. Efforts moving up and it’s like you’re level, five buddy, if carrie is still there, you’re just dead, yeah he’s, this time carrier was there he’s brought out in 2021 and t1 are like nope, i mean we have evolved. You can’t just dive in they’re just going to dive the turret. The tom pence is usually dead. I mean there’s no way you’re getting away against the company it yeah. It takes a little bit too much damage, but that’s. Okay, i mean they’re not done to pull them back and leo’s dead too there’s just you’re not getting out of this well. Actually, i think you still have that, but it doesn’t flash. I think he should have just flashed and taken the kill, but yeah we’re, just gon na wait and give this one a teddy bear making sure teddy can carry again. Meanwhile, o’connor 1v3 having a decent time up here in time, yeah he’s he’s also dead.

Okay, well, closer tries to help out there a little bit late, but not gon na get there on time that can pull it off as well um. Obviously you know tom kensling, you’re gon na have a fun time and now they’re they’ve rotated up top side. Oh no they’ll actually get the route on the summit. You can see just the amount of damage they do. I mean area doesn’t even have that many items at this time. Some it looks like he might just die here, he’s going to hit the meganard, and actually this time around it looks like cuz, just barely flashing away from the support nico that’s. Just like the scariest thing. Maybe he was actually in his uh chameleon form there, but either way we have a trade down in the bottom side. Kana flashing away from the wall, for at least he tried, certainly showcasing um a little bit of over extension as efforts gon na go ahead and find his way on the backside of teddy. Who now has a ring around the rosie nice try teddy uh, but not sure about this one. You can see he’s really desperately trying to trade. This one back, they’re gon na give that kill over to the gin. He decided and he got it and hopefully that you know for liv sandbox. They can bring it back because once again, oh no! What is going on in this top lane? Poor khanna he’s desperately trying to get something going, but he keeps getting caught there’s no way for him to get out of here.

As now, the nikko’s gon na get in there with the pop blossom theo is gon na have to flash away. His clothes are just barely gon na get away from that one, but does get sniped from range and at the end of the day, now croco and effort trying to move forward. But they are not going to be able to get much so many low health bars here and now koz is just going man mode onto so many members of lyft sandbox. He gets a double kill and leo just stoned out for a little bit too long summit. Desperately trying to play carrie here in this game as teddy, not able to take out his uh 80 carry opponent, as at the end of the day, yeah it’s going to be a kill onto the gym, where there’s so much cc, there’s so much front line to Actually make sure that victor fate in this case can actually do tons of damage d1 actually now starting to lose a lot of health. Just thomas looking for the flank go off the flank and there it is can’t, be on getting in kana with that big flank. That you did mention croco, totally isolated and kana is actually getting a decent amount of work done here, he’s even going to survive at the end of it. We got the pop blossom coming in from keria and he is pretty low, but summit can’t. Do it all alone, this is the problem he’s going to get the one now he’s desperately trying to get on top of actually the kalista here and he is gon na take out another one: can someone actually do it alone? Maybe i’m gon na be eating.

My words here, i see he’s even gon na survive on the back of that fight. Somehow some way t1 can’t actually win the fight in the initiation, they’re really struggling to close them out, here’s a plank from because okay trying to get on in there and they do get the knock up onto the victor. They would love to take away fate, but that is a really nice devourer. They will live, but effort might pay the price in the front line he’s just on the run here, connor with no ultimate he’s, just gon na get exhausted, not even able to take out croco and he will go down moving a little bit too far forward and Summit is so massive at this point in time nearly able to take out cuz and if, if t1 can corner them with a big pop blossom, then they’ll have all the engage they need. But area takes a ton of damage there’s the engage, though, with the shock wave onto croco but carrier, is a non factor on the back side and so is cuz by himself zoned away and fate is doing way too much damage in this game as the heel He’S on touch he’s going to come out, he’s, basically untouched here valdez and the elder drake is on team, live sandbox right now, as well t1 kind of getting caught there taking a ton of damage. Now they have to reapproach here broncos getting low summit, though with the mega now they’re going to try to burst him down.

But the devourer is there again, but here comes the engage in a faster than our ultimate on to four or five members. But caria’s follow up is just pristine and you just give that pog boat right to carry it right now, hops in there and gets it off, might have been the fates call. Who knows it was just the best engage it was ever. It was so perfectly done. This is going to be very much a a heroic defense if there is going to be one there’s, no pick potential here for liv sandbox. They wanted it so badly. Just have to take a defensive fight teddy teddy what’s, going on here. He doesn’t have a devourer on his side, but there’s a debate summit does it again and they take out teddy, but the follow up from t1 is pretty good. They’Ve got kana in the back line and it looks like leo is gon na go down as well. T1 it’s not pretty, but it looks like it’s gon na get the job done. They’Re gon na push in for the a’s, both games one and two. They close it out here cleanly in this second game here after taking every single objective on the map.