Next major event is shut down of engine number three t, plus two minutes flight continuing on starship. As a reminder, this is a test flight to a 10 kilometer altitude engine number three shut down on time as planned, we’re continuing to climb on two engines. Everything continues to go well with starship good engine performance so far, so so minutes 20 seconds we’ve shut down engine 2. On time you saw that on the screen. Just a few seconds ago, starship now climbing on the power of engine number one headed to the 10 kilometer altitude. Two plus four minutes vehicle is at ten kilometers its aperture. It is at apogee we’re continuing to throttle down engine number one to hold altitude preparing for handover on the propeller tank four and a half minutes. We are heading off to the lox tank. We are beginning to flip the horizontal and the white cloud. The plume you were seeing was intentional there’s, a liquid oxygen dump, we’ve now transitioned to horizontal and beginning the subsonic test portion of the flight, where we check out the afton, the forward flaps to hold the vehicle stability as we descend back to the landing pad t Plus five and a half minutes starship continuing the subsonic descent using the forward and half flaps to control its attitude as we come back down to the landing pad everything continuing to go well in this portion of flight blend and drill six minutes 10 seconds into flight.

We’Re down beneath one and a half kilometers we’re preparing to restart two engines flip the vehicle vertical then transition to one engine for the landing burn. Oh fires, as you can see from the scene, we had again another great flight up to the 10 kilometer apogee. We demonstrated the ability to transition the engines to the landing propellant tanks. The subsonic re entry looked very good and stable, like we saw again last december, so we’ve got a lot of good data on flap control and again we’ve just got to work on that landing. A little bit but we’ll find out from the team as they go through the data we were in contact with telemetry all the way down, so all told another great and a reminder. This is a test flight. Second time we’ve flown starship in this configuration we’ve got a lot of good data and the primary objective to demonstrate control of the vehicle in the subsonic re entry.