Mishima’S reveal trailer for super smash brothers ultimate to unveil a couple of important things that you may have missed, starting off with what you see in your screens here, which is kazuya dubbing ganondorf off of a volcanic clip. This is a clear reference to the main storyline within tekken, where kazuya dumps his own father, heihachi mishima off of a volcanic cliff. Now i know there’s a lot of people out there who don’t play tekken and you don’t know the main story of the game, and you may be wondering why would kazuya dump his own father off of a volcanic cliff? Well, heihachi, mishima and kazuya have a very troubled past and this all started when kazuya was only five years old. When kazuya was five years, old heihachi killed his wife, which is kazuya’s, mother, kazumi and kazuya, never forgave him for this. In fact, when kazuya was five years old, he tried to confront his father in a blind rage trying to defeat him in battle, and, of course, this did not work. I mean come on. What did you expect? A five year old versus a grown man? Who’S been practicing martial arts for decades, it’s, not going down like that. So when kazuya was defeated, heihachi mishima threw his own son at five years old off of a cliff to his death and we’ve. Seen this in different cultures of the past and within the animal kingdom, where the father would deem his offspring too weak and he would throw them off of a cliff to kill them off, because he didn’t want weakness within his family.

Well, kazuya did survive this fall and that’s. Why he has that big gash across his chest, as well as all those scars around his body and it’s amazing how kazuya came back years later after he survived this and did the same thing to his father? Threw him off of a cliff man? History has a weird way of repeating itself now let’s move on wait. Did you all hear that that’s not the announcement for super smash, but this ultimate is the announcer from tekken and it’s really cool that sakurai and his team added that in now, you’ll hear this same announcer at the end of this video, and it seems as though, When kazuya wins his battles, this announcer will be present, which is a really nice touch. Now i want to slow this down and freeze this part here, because if you notice kazuya has a red eye as well as a brown eye, and this red eye is a result of a couple of things when kazuya was dumped off of that cliff the devil. Gene that’s within him awakened and the g corporation that found him at the bottom of that cliff experimented on him and it caused his eye to stay that way forever. Now, as we continue on, you can see throughout this part of the trailer, the different camera angles that zoom in and zoom out, come directly from tekken, and this is done within tekken between different rounds within each match and, of course, during this part of the trailer You see the different movesets from tekken within smash ultimate alright.

Did you just see that this part of the trailer where kazuya is going face to face with ken k? Rool is a clear reference to bandai namco in their advertisement, and they do this in front of their different trailers for tekken as well at the beginning of each tekken game. In this trailer you have kazuya vs king k, rool with the smash logo. On the floor. There, but in the irregular bandai namco trailers, you have the bandai namco emblem on the floor and you have jin as well as kazuya, going face to face so let’s check that reference out. I know that’s pretty dope right now, i’m, going to let the next part of this trailer just ride out because there’s a couple of things that i do want to point out, so let’s get right into it. Music, all right in this part of the trailer kazuya is just performing his different moves from tekken and what he does to captain falcon after this 10 hit. Combo is something that we see a lot within tekken games. He blastes him out of the stage now within tekken. This act can be done on different stages, and when you get your opponent too close to the wall, you can just knock them right off the stage into a different platform of the stage, and it looks really really cool. And we also can’t forget that you can kind of perform this act already within smash ultimate on terry bogard’s stage.

Now, within this next part of the trailer there’s, nothing really too special, it’s, just a great spoof on the tekken storyline. You have kazuya throwing off different smashed characters into the volcanic cliff because he deems them to be too weak. There’S captain falcon pitt, min min min min’s arm and marth, but then yes, kazuya, transforms into devil and devil, is a reoccurring character within the tekken franchise. Now remember when i told you all at the beginning of this video that kaziah possesses this devil gene. This is why he transforms into devil within smash ultimate and within this trailer, we can see that kazuya does not stay in the devil form within this form. His attacks become stronger and he can jump – or, i should say, fly higher at this point in time: it’s unknown how to transform kazuya into the devil form, but it may be similar to how joker summons arson now let’s move on Music, alright, that music, that you Just heard was from tekken 2 and the song is called emotionless passion, which is kazia’s theme. The stage that you see here is the mishima dojo, the training ground of the mishima family. This is also where kazuya trained when he was a young boy with his father. Heihachi and you can see heihachi right there, pretty cool right and finally, at the end of this video, you see kazya completely turned into devil and he performs his final smash Music. All right, everyone that’s going to do it for this video, if you like, more breakdown videos like this in the future, please, let me know down in the comment section and don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel.