So, yes, there were more news outside of just the metroid and zelda news. Uh sweeney. Do you want to cover the smash news? Yes, so we had the next fighter announcement for smash brothers ultimate, which is shima from tekken, which, while i won’t say nobody predicted kazuya it’s, pretty much. Nobody still was shocking. Oh look and everyone’s been always been like. Okay, you know like sub zero. You know, like the main, i guess, the main character from the mate, the big fighting series and yeah like the main character of tech in general. Generally speaking, so is it really, i i’m not that familiar okay, yeah yeah, it’s him and the old dude yeah, so kazuya and hayati are kind of like they’ve, always been like the main primary protagonists and antagonists going back to tekken one yeah and even in tekken 7, that story really came through um came back to fruition as well so but yeah so he’s. The fifth edition of the sixth character fighter past two, so the second last dlc character of what they’ve announced, possibly the second last ever we’ll see, i hope not. I hope not oh, not as well um and from what they’ve shown, so we didn’t get to see too much but features essentially the largest moveset of any single smash fighter. So i’m, not talking about characters like your three pokemon trainer, yeah he’s move sets just wild um and he’s got things like the demon, god fist, the 10 8 string combo.

Just what they’ve done to translate the tekken moves in is kind of wild, so it’s going to be really cool to see when sakurai does his breakdown on the 29th of june at midnight for us aussies on the east coast, um so yeah. Basically, it seems like he’s got a devil mechanic um, but and a rage mechanic that’s, probably linked there. So rages was a new system they put in tekken 7, and so you can see the red glowing around him in the trailer. So yeah we’ll uh we’ll see how that all plays out but i’m super pumped because um i love playing as terry and he seems like he’s, probably going to be in a similar um. You know style and i’m a huge tekken fan it’s. Probably my favorite fighting series, so yeah yeah uh uh, your favorite fighting series, tekken interesting, well, i’d love to play. Tekken against you, i like tekken, is taking the street fighter and smash are like the three like fighting games in my head and then there’s always like x, men versus street fighter and marvel versus not mortal kombat. I never got into mortal kombat obvious capcom yeah marvel vs capcom. I love those games as well, but with tekken i just never really had anyone to play with and it’s like one of those games, i feel like it’s just so much you know. Fighting games are just so much better when you’re playing against people um, you know i’m, very unfamiliar with tekken, so i saw the character i’m, like i don’t, even know who this dude is so yeah in saying that the tekken games have always been packed.

Full of awesome single player content as well, that’s, true that’s, true the one because, like i, was just looking through tekken it’s, quite interesting, there’s, only like one or two characters that have been in every single tekken game and one of them is king. The it’s, like the jaguar type character, wrestling character, so i would have known who that is, if i saw it, yeah kazuya missed out a couple, because jin jin kindly came into play and that’s. Why? When, during our reveal i’m like hayachi, because hayachi is also known for throwing people into volcanoes and then like g and i’m like and i couldn’t think of kazu’s name, even though he’s like the big particular character, so off top of my head, so yeah yeah, no It’S um yeah. I think i think i heard more people saying they thought it was gon na be gin, but no it’s really really cool. I love how like they always do really left field things with it. You know the whole metroid dread thing just made me say to sweeney like i just wish they had like skin dlc that you could apply to existing fighters like we’re, getting up to 82 fighters by the end of the fighter. Pass too, like it just seems like free money if they do that um, but yeah we’ll see if they do that and we’ll cover it. You know in much more detail once like post the sakurai direct um so i’m, really looking forward to that and the other bigot of bit big news for us all was uh advanced wars, oneplus 2 reboot camp uh, so yeah.

This was like a massive fan service. Three well there’s been advanced wars, three yeah there’s already, events for three it’s, also weird, because the whole famicom war series is like the most mistitled and misunderstood series, maybe ever um. You know because the very first game is obviously famicom wars only in japan and then yeah. We only got the advance war series it’s, weird, how now they’re just continuing with the advance wars, name uh, but yeah like really exciting. The thing that really excited me about it was that it’s actually going to be developed by uh wayforward, which is you know. It was kind of a big surprise to me. Actually that they’re doing it like that and like for me the 3d graphics, didn’t click, but for you guys, how did you find find the graphics for it yeah? They look pretty cool to me, but i never played the original. So i think it looks like a great 3d version of the the original 2d art um. I do love the original 2d art, but i mean it’s harder to get newer players over the line with with sprite up artwork yeah. Okay, so it makes sense to do this. It’D be cool if you could unlock a you know the original versions as well, but oh that dude dude don’t even say that to me. You sick man like what they did with the remakes of some of the lucasarts games, where you can press a button and it switches between them.

Oh yeah, but the problem with that is well. I guess they could but it’s just like widescreen to not widescreen. You know, i guess the lucas arts ones have the same issues. Well i mean they could keep. They could keep the white screen but just switch to pixel art, but i mean you’re talking game boy advantage in here. So yeah no, but i want those chunky pixels. I want those chunky pixels give me that one, so i will be picking this up i’m going to be really interested to see how it’s going to be released like physical digital, how much i’m assuming it’s going to be like 69 australian, which nice nintendo, makes a Killing on these re releases so like they’re, doing work but yeah it’s a lot i don’t even remember into got, but the first advance wars. Game was really weird with its japanese release, so it didn’t come out for years later in japan, yeah because it hit around september 11., and so they actually delayed it in europe as well. But then apparently, didn’t come out to japan until 2004 when they had the so it’s like three years later, when that compilation of one and two then so it’s kind of crazy for a series that was japan only to not then have the advanced version you know Launched in japan for ages, yeah it’s got it’s like honestly it’s, the weirdest title and the way it all works and everything so it’s like famicom wars, game boy, wars, super famicom, wars and advanced wars, but now advance wars is almost like stuck as a title.

Even when it got released on ds no, but then you had battalion wars or yeah right, no, but it’s still related to it yeah. He still has these related to halo wars. No yeah, i don’t, know it’s such a funny series like it’s one of those weird weird ones like if you look at the japanese title versus the english titles and like you’re, saying the releases like yeah. It went in in the us three years earlier than the japanese one, whereas most of the japanese ones never came out over here, yeah um mike. I think you would really love these games. I really think you’d love those games. I love tactics, games and these are just like yeah, very pure tactics games, not a lot of fluff, which i know a lot of people don’t like about the fire emblem series um, which i i like in the fire emblem series to be honest, but yeah like If you just want to remove having tea and playing a weeb in the in the fire room series, this is definitely the kind of game to check out and yeah advanceables. One and two are just incredible games. So to get the compilation mic it’s like really good and obviously like i’m out of sync, with a lot of people in terms of the graphics, and maybe i just need to see it on the console and see if it clicks and then uh. Finally, the last thing and obviously it’s just highlights from their nintendo directors there’s a hell of a lot more that was covered in there is uh super.

Oh sorry, no it’s, not super it’s, mario party superstars. I can understand why they didn’t do super mario superstars, but uh yeah, mario party superstar, looks very cool, looks like uh. Like i don’t know, it just looks like the kind of mario party game that everyone thought they wanted, which was they’ve taken boards from the n64 games and mini games from the n64 series and have taken it to this series and yeah it’s. Just awesome yeah and we don’t i don’t, do we know if the mini games are all from the 64 games the boards are, but the mini games i’m, not sure about uh yeah. I don’t think they’ve officially confirmed that part to be fair. Okay, because the i don’t think they’re gon na do a maori party superstars too, but it’d be a shame that and they never do a compilation. It includes any stuff from the gamecube area, because that’s, where some of the best boards are the problem with the gamecube area, is that they introduce a lot more mechanics. That means you couldn’t, make it consistent across a compilation, but you could possibly do make it more. Consistent across like a gamecube compilation, um or best of so yeah i’m super pumped for this, especially the fact that it’s got online multiplayer like they added to super mario party um. I haven’t really loved the mario party game since the last one in gamecube, but i played all the ones up until that um one like just hundreds of hours of those games, um so yeah i’m really really pumped as long well as long as i can convince Other people to make sure they purchase it as well.

You know and it’s. This is the always the challenge with nintendo and you know i’m, a nintendo shield, we’re gon na put that out there, but man they just like they’re online and the way they do things like. I remember when i was trying to get you swinney into splatoon it’s like let’s play splatoon, i love splatoon 2. and then we join and then you’re like all right. You know, can we join a party or something and then i’m like? Oh? No, it doesn’t work like that. Sorry, uh, you know we kind of got to join the the game at the same time and then we’ll we might be together and then we might be on opposite teams or together and it’s, just like it’s, just a cluster right and yeah. This would be really cool if it was like. You know just say, because my wife was interested in it i’d like it. If we both could play and then play online against you guys, you know what i mean so it’s like two people on our side. Perhaps there’s no guarantee that’s gon na work, like that i know, but i have a like well, okay, so, first of all, we should probably see how they do in super mario party, because that’s probably the model they’ll follow with this, but it to me wouldn’t make Sense to not do that because the idea is it’s a party. So if you know it’s like if you could have two local players and then one two other online players, that would just be perfect because then you’ve also got a couple can play against another couple.

Yeah yeah yeah that’s the way it should work. I think everyone everyone thinks like that, but just nintendo man, nintendo there’s, just no guarantees they’re gon na do it like that. I mean you look at how they treated super mario party, so that’s the game that’s already on the switch. You know it was bare bones. Hardly any boards, no one line play like outside of just the mini games.