Yes, we have fans in the uk that love crypto just as much as we do here in the states, and we got ta pay respect by also bringing the articles about british crypto to the channel. But before we get to that, do the channel a solid drop us a like a comment share it spam. It give a support. So we can keep pushing the word so let’s get to that. Article and let’s show everyone out there that the crypto movement isn’t just happening in the united states, but it’s also big, all across the world, all right screen and screen the way it should be. Here we go like i said three point: eight percent, almost four percent of the channel is uk based. So yes, don’t worry. We got your bags here, so we’re gon na bring you the news that covers crypto in your country as well, so let’s get to the article, and this is a big one. 2.3 million uk adults now hold crypto assets. Yes, that is up 10 and a half percent from last year. I love hearing stats like that, so some of the really cool stats from this article, according to the financial regulatory body and estimated 2.3 million adults or 4.4 of the uk population hold crypto assets. Now listen to this, though this is crazy. Think about this, that is up from 1.9 million last year, so that means last year there were 400 000 people in the uk holding crypto and now there’s 2.

3 million adults holding crypto in the uk. So i get it you’re saying: klaus wait a minute. There can’t be more stats. Oh yes! Yes, there are plenty more stats check this out. All right here is one of them. This was a poll done of uk adults. Have you heard of crypto currencies? Look at this in 2021, over 75 percent, look at 2020 and look at 2019. That means double the amount of uk residents almost have heard of crypto in the last two years. Yes, that is a huge, huge change all right. All right, i get it you’re, saying: klaus! No! You still haven’t proven to me that crypto is booming in the uk. Well, i got one more for you. More people view crypto assets as acceptable investments as a uk watchdog group. So here we go june 17.. More people see crypto assets as a mainstream investment, rather than a gamble yep. That is what we’re talking about here. More and more adoptability of crypto in culture, crypto is booming all over the world. So there you go three articles all within the last 48 hours. All uk based all about uk crypto boom yep. That is right. So i get it when the pressure is there wearing you down, look at the news and look at the stats don’t get distracted by the short term. Garbage think long, invest, smart and you’ll make it. So, klaus, family hobbies and cards, if you dig this content drop us a like hit us with a bunch of comments.