You know i’m really hoping for the best, and you know that there’s always more to life than just gaming. So i’m hoping and praying that all of us here can experience a better life than what we had in the year 2020, all right so today, i’m, going to show you how you can get a free, ps plus. This is for both ps4 and ps5, and i actually have a two ways on how to get that. Let me show you the first way and let’s get started so obviously, as you can see in the video we’re already in the middle of the account creation and um i’m, pretty sure that most of us all here, like about 90, has like the idea of how To create an account, so we can go ahead and jump into the real thing and by the way, while doing this video, my internet was acting up and there were times like. It was just plainly loading and it’s taking forever, and there were also times like i’ve. Had like multiple time outs and um, there are part that i missed, recording them, but luckily i’ve you know: i’ve covered all the important things in this video so fast forward. The account has been successfully created and here’s. What you’re, gon na do, go to playstation, store and open it and just go to playstation plus and from there look for the 14 day free trial click on subscribe now, click on add a credit or debit card, and from here what you want to do is To add your real card now see what’s going to happen after adding your real card so i’m, just gon na fill out the address.

There is a disclaimer by the way when you’re about to subscribe to the free, ps, plus it’s gon na say that you need a you, know, credit or debit card but, like i said, check out what’s going to happen. After doing what sony said. So a few moments later, my card has been successfully added and after hitting okay, the loading takes forever so i’m gon na cut this part. So i had to exit out because it’s not doing anything and i’ve had to go back to playstation store to do it again and see how it goes. So. I went back to playstation plus and doing the 14 day trial thing again. So, just click on subscribe, proceed to checkout and proceed to checkout proceed to check out confirm purchase. Oh, that was the last error that we want to encounter in getting the free, ps, plus we’re gon na. Do next is just hit back and then look for, add, ons and then go to avatars and it’s loading again. So a few moments later – oh man that was cringy and from the list of avatar look for the cheapest one that you could get. I think the cheapest one from this hong kong account is like around four hong kong. You know dollar that’s, like around 50 cents. In the united states, so i think what sony wants is that they want to test if the card is whether or not active or if it has funds in it, click on add to cart.

Click on proceed to checkout proceed to checkout proceed to check out still select your card and confirm, purchase viola purchase was successful. Now let’s go check it out. If the ps plus was successfully added all right now, let’s go ahead and check the profile and see if the ps plus symbol is in there check on the lower right after the psn name. It has a you know, ps plus symbol, um right there, so guys we could confirm that we have successfully added the ps plus the free ps plus in this account that it was successful so guys that was the first way on how to get the free, ps Plus now, the second way on how to get it is to help me reach 6, 000 subscribers and by then i’m, giving away free, ps, plus and for all you guys who made it to the end of the video you are so lucky, because this account is Up for grab i’m gon na put this in the comment below the details on how you can get this account so guys don’t forget to subscribe.