7. TouchOne smart watch phone keyboard installed

It's been a year since the first wave of keyboard reviews appeared here for smart watch devices. Today's featured keyboard was available at that time, but wouldn't run on the early watches because it required a higher version of Android to operate. Now, with the advent of the FINOW Q1 Android 5.1 and similar watch platforms, this amazing round keyboard can be installed and it works flawlessly. It's called the TouchOne and it can be seen in various videos here:

Some of these videos show different versions running on Android Wear, and what I have here is a year old beta version, but many of the functions are the same.

Unfortunately this keyboard is not available yet for the pure Android watch market. If the developer gives me permission to post the beta copy I am showing in this video for you to download, I'll have a link to it here in this space so check back:

Download TouchOne Android 5.1 Keyboard Beta:

If you have interest in using this keyboard, you might want to let the developer know so pure Android watches like this one can be considered in a future updates and upgrades.

Corporate website:

XDA Developer's Forum dedicated to this keyboard:

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    1. Good to hear. It’s a great concept. Hope we see more refinements for the pure Android watches. I’ve seen where it’s not a circle but a rounded square on Wear squarish watches. That could be done here as well.

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks Yes I do hope the devs can fix this. It would seem an easy fix by bringing over the UI code from the Wear build.

  1. thanks smartwatch ticks, i’ve contact the developers and they have’nt said that it wo’nt work with 4.4 so now at least i know why it did’nt work. so thanks:) you have to try the touchpal keyboard and the developers were really happy to help in what they can.

    1. I use TouchPal on all my phones and love it. I’ll give it a try on the watches. It should do fine on the square ones. I’m concerned about the edge buttons on the round watches though. I hope we can move the whole keyboard up from the bottom to reach the side keys, or reconfigure the key layout to fit on a round watch.

    1. You won’t be able to put this keyboard on the D5 or any other round watch (X1, X3, X5, etc.) until they are upgraded to Android 5.1. The only way I could show it now is that the FINOW Q1 runs on Android 5.1. You can’t download a new Android version to your watch. You have to wait for the company to provide it to you. There is no word if the D5 will ever be upgraded to 5.1, but the No.1 website indicates the new D6 will be upgraded to Android 6 soon.

    2. For now the X1, X3 and X5 are not able to run this keyboard. I tried loading it on all of them. They need to be bumped up to Android 5.1. Jessie from FINOW, are you reading this? Can we have an upgrade to Android 5.1 on the X1, X3, and X5 like on the Q1?

    1. I will make a video and our tech support team will evaluate and support it when we get sample watches sent to us. The vendor can contact me here for more information. We gladly support and troubleshoot for customers watches which we have in our hands (or on our wrists). If you are in contact with Omate, please let them know we will take a look at their True Smart watch whenever they are ready! Thanks.

  2. I would really like to see a review of the new zgpax s99. I bought a zgpax s8 because of your videos, and love it.
    Thanks Jg

    1. I would be willing to review the ZGPAX S99, I would just need them to send me one for review. I’ve way exceeded my ability to buy each new watch on the market as there are many coming and they are all over $100 each. So I’ve switched (successfully) to reviewing the watches the companies want consumers to see. If you and others contact ZGPAX and suggest they get their S99 reviewed on SWT before you make a decision to buy, well, I just might be able to review one for you!

      I did buy the S8 on my own budget way back then, and ZGPAX sold a ton of them from our reviews. It really is a good watch, even now a year later.

  3. Hello, What do you think about Mlais smartwatch. Do you think some day you can do a review of this watch?
    PD: Perfect keyboards for smartwatches!!
    Very goods videos 😉

    1. Yes! Exactly! Where is the enter key!!!! I haven’t found it either. I think a space is a sideways swipe to the right, where a backspace is a swipe to the left.

    1. Yes, but it’s really a keyboard made for Android Wear. It’s only a beta test version for Android watches and phones.

  4. i tried to download the app with the link,but it doesn’t work or may be i don’t put it correctly ,could you help me ? thank you.

    1. i did it but i think i don’t use the right way
      What is the process for installing this app on the watch.?thank you for your help, i’m a beginner.

    2. Keyboards require an extra step. After you run the app and get it installed on your watch, you need to go to settings and then Language and Input. There you first need to turn on access to the keyboard, then you need to select it as your default. If you’re still confused watch some videos on installing and activating Android keyboards on phones.

    3. Let me know if you find a motion or process to do the “go” or “Enter” command. All I can get is return to next line. That’s why I don’t use it. It’s only good for SMS messaging for me as you don’t need an “enter” command, just a return to next line.

  5. can it work with android 5.1 smart watch or mobile phone? Tried to download it in mobile phone, but can not find the app

    1. Yes, that is what is missing. That is why this keyboard only works for things like text messaging where the “new line” activates the “send” instead of actually giving you a new line. Too bad, as this is a fantastic keyboard except for that missing key or action.

    1. Your would need to ask the developer about that. If it’s int it, then it should switch to automatically support Portuguese when you change the language of your phone or watch.


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