Now, whether you believe the current market is overbought or not, the fact of the matter is what goes up must come down anyway, i’m, going to go over their balance sheets, the current valuations and my possible entry levels. This is a must watch episode and, with that being said, let’s get started. Music, all right. Everyone without a further ado, let’s get right into the top three stocks. I’M. Looking to add to my portfolio, beginning with stock number, one ticker symbol, aapl for apple stock, i won’t get into a lot of details for this one, since i just made a video about this stock last week and if you haven’t seen it, i suggest you check It out, since i gave lots of details as to why i am waiting for a decent correction to start buying shares of this wonderful company. Nonetheless, as of this recording apple, has a market cap of around 2.34 trillion dollars and is trading around 140. A share and well apple is leaving me. Ah, why apple, why? Why are you doing this to me? You know what i’m buying it right now, nah just kidding guys. If you follow me on my other social media platforms, which i suggest you do, then you would know i’m very anti fomo and in my apple video i stated that apple is a good investment. Even if you buy right now and hold for another five to ten years, i want to clarify that.

I never said this one was a short in the long term but i’m looking to maximize my gains as much as possible, and it is only normal to get a healthy correction, especially after such a tremendous run, and that is my style for investing. I love to go shopping when there are discounts on the market. I don’t like to purchase stocks at premium and apple right now is trading at premium in my opinion, but corrections are normal and eventually they will come look at apple when it was trading at its highs of 25 a share in 2012.. It got a correction in 2013 dropping to around 13 a share that was almost a 50 discount. Then again, in 2018, it reached around 58 a share and then, in that same year it dropped to around 35 a share that was almost a 40 discount and then what happened in the end. It continued going up because it’s apple guys. This will always be a good investment, but i rather wait for corrections to maximize my gains as much as possible and not get stuck in the middle of a drop, which is only normal and it’s healthy for the markets when it happens and that’s what i’m looking To do with this one as well, indeed, right now apple broke its latest resistance level of 134 dollars a share, and at this point it will most likely continue trending higher on no major news by the way, but it is what it is.

I stand by my strategy and i would love to get apple stock around 90, a share and continue adding heavily if it goes lower. I know it sounds impossible right now, but anything is possible in this market stock number two ticker symbol: amzn for amazon stock. As of this, recording amazon is a 1.65 trillion dollar company and trading around three thousand two hundred and ninety dollars a share their trailing 12 month. Total revenue is around 320 billion dollars up around 15 from the 2019 total revenue, ttm net income, around 13 billion dollars, and it has been increasing consistently year. Over year, total assets stand around 225 billion dollars with cash available around 55 billion dollars, long term debt, around 23 billion dollars, with a debt to equity ratio of 0.40. When the calculation is based on their long term. Debt amazon owns many great companies, including audible, the audiobook company twitch. The popular live streaming website, goodreads, which has around 65 million members alexa web rankings and ratings website. In addition to the echo that most people have in their homes, whole foods, the giant grocery company and aws – i mean i can basically just do a whole video based on the services aws provides and the amount of money amazon makes from aws that’s. How huge that business is, therefore, amazon is a great buy even at the current price, but i am waiting for a correction on this one too. Any correction that brings it near 2500.

A share or below is game. For me, amazon still has a lot of growth ahead, believe it or not, and this one is certainly a must for my portfolio and so when the discount comes either sooner or later, i will be ready to grab some shares of this company stock. Number three goes by the ticker msft for microsoft corporation. Currently, with a market cap of 1.7 trillion dollars with a rich p e ratio of 36.45 ttm, total revenue is around 147 billion dollars. Ttm net income is around 47 billion dollars, which has also increased consistently year. Over year since 2018., total assets stand around 301 billion dollars about a 5 increase from 2019 long term debt of 59.5 billion dollars, which is around a 10 decrease from 2019 and around a 17 decrease from 2018.. With that in mind, microsoft’s debt to equity ratio when calculating its long term, debt stands around 0.46, which is extremely attractive to me. Now in case you didn’t know what is this company all about? Here is a little background. Information microsoft develops, manufactures licenses, support and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and related services. Its best known software products are the microsoft windows line of operating systems, the microsoft office suite and the internet explorer and edge web browsers. Its flagship hardware products are the xbox video game consoles and the microsoft surface, lineup of touchscreen personal computers, microsoft ranked number 21 in the 2020 fortune 500 rankings of the largest united states corporations by total revenue.

It was the world’s largest software maker by revenue. As of 2016., it is considered one of the big five companies in the us information technology industry, along with google apple, amazon and facebook. Additionally, i think that microsoft will come out as the clear winner of the 10 billion dollar government jedi cloud contract, which will be massive. Needless to say, i wanted below 200 a share now this one might be a bit difficult to get for cheap, realistically speaking, because their numbers are extremely solid and in a way it is not too overvalued right now, in my opinion, hence i might jump in on This one before i do on apple or amazon, believe it or not, but close to two hundred dollars a share. I would be okay to start a position and if, by any miracle it drops below two hundred dollars a share, then i would start adding heavily into my position. Well there. It is guys those are my top three stocks i will be buying in the upcoming market crash. In my opinion, it probably won’t be anywhere close to the crash we had back in march of 2020, but a crash is in the works, because that is part of the stock market. No stock or market will go up forever without major hiccups along the way. In case you are wondering i chose these as my top three stocks, because they will not be too volatile, like others will, in the tech sector, in my opinion, but don’t get me wrong.

I’M looking to buy other stocks in the tech sector for the long term too, which you probably already know who some of them are but that’s another subject for another video with that being said, you’ve reached the end of the video.