This thing is out of control, like buzz lightyear to infinity and beyond. Today, after closing bell, you had elon musk, come out and say game stonks. We obviously know when elon comes out. We saw his call this morning on etsy that thing jumped through the roof, but look at gamestop after hours on this tweet, so you got guys like chamath, ridiculously buying um buying stock and gamestop. I don’t know if that was a joke or whatnot, but now that you have these billionaires going up against these other billionaire funds it’s. Just this thing is a total circus i’m rooting for every one of you guys, i believe, michael bury owns 1.7 million shares of gamestop that could have gone up, but imagine being michael berry just sitting at home right now scratching his head. Like dude, i am a ultra ultra wealthy guy and this stock is being manipulated by 15 year olds on wall street bets. I just can’t believe just nobody’s ever seen anything like this on wall street, so it makes us laugh so anyways that’s enough about gamestop uh. For you, guys that are holding gamestop congratulations, you guys can now be damn bullserian and have all the models you want and live in the luxurious um homes on the cliffs of malibu and la so congratulations to you guys, but let’s talk about what is important today. Obviously, microsoft reported earnings today they absolutely crushed it. Look at microsoft. After hours up 4 percent, they had strong uh cloud revenue with xbox surface and um cloud.

Obviously, with the um you know, roni rona that’s, going on everybody’s locked in more people are buying xbox playing games. So microsoft crushed it across the board on revenue that makes us apple shareholders excited because if microsoft is popping on these earnings tomorrow, apple should rock it into the universe, um right now: i’m, watching apple after hours. We all we were up over one percent, and now we are a little under one percent, but with microsoft, reporting in apple moving and after hours, trading futures should be green tonight the market should be green tomorrow, um i. Obviously this is wall street and anything can happen. I could be totally wrong, but i think apple is going to parabolic move to the upside tomorrow. Tomorrow is when us long starts shopping for lambos and new houses and uh we’ll be dan bulzerian. Tomorrow, again, apple is going to rally to record heights. Wait i’m telling you 100 billion dollars in revenue is coming um. I really hope we get a dividend increase tomorrow to 30 cents that’s. What i’m looking for? Actually revenue is a big one. I doubt apple is going to give us guidance because again most companies are not giving us guidance right now, but from the trinkles of um evidence what we’ve gotten over the last couple months apple came out earlier. You remember, i posted about it saying we are going to ramp iphone, um shipments and deliveries up by 30. That means two things: either a they totally missed it, and this quarter is gon na suck and they’re like.

We really need to put a more emphasis into building and shipping phones, but i highly doubt that’s not the case um or they meant hey. We you know, iphones are sold out, we got ta, keep, we got ta increase capacity, we got ta ship more, we got ta build more. That is where i’m thinking this is gon na go, but as it stands right now watch apple into after hours trading watch futures in the morning, but i think tomorrow us apple longs, are gon na have one of the best days ever. I don’t know if we can top what happened in um august of last year with the split the dividend increase and killing on revenue, but i know one thing: apple: kills it crushes it for the holiday sales tomorrow. I expect big movements in the stock price, so that is what i’m looking for um. Congratulations to all you guys that own game stock uh, congratulations to everybody that owns microsoft. Today was your day um! Tomorrow we got apple, we got facebook, we got tesla. Those are going to be three monster movers in the market tomorrow, i’m super excited for uh earnings. Congratulations to all you guys making money, and i will see you guys tomorrow, because i guarantee you if apple crushes it like, i think they will i’m gon na. Do a video tomorrow on uh reporting, what apple does i got? Ta, listen to their conference call and i will keep you guys up to date.