This is going to be av point and uh. This back is going to be going through ap, xt and as of late november. In 2020, they announced the upcoming merger of the apex technology acquisition corp with a point which is a microsoft data solutions. Provider apxt, as i said, is a special purpose: acquisitions company, which is a shell company that is formed for investment but um. This is a two billion dollar merger. The date is still um not confirmed yet but it’s going to happen, and the founder and chief executive of eight point uh i’m, going to screw this up. But diane said that he considered a traditional ipo but thought that apex’s expertise could help the company scale faster, which is a good thing. When hearing about specs currently jeff epstein is the former executive oracle and bran cohen is a former goldman sachs executive. They lead apex. Um, this is not to be confused with you know, jeffrey i’ve, seen not at all nothing to do with each other it’s just a weird coincidence, but most of the shell companies owned by institutional investors and it’s. A rare aspect of the deal that currently shareholders will receive a payout of 257 million dollars at the dls final, so like an incentive and existing space shareholders will own 16, 16 or 17 of the company, so that’s a big that’s, a big uh it’s, a big Plus right there but uh it’s a little different we’re, not talking about other specs, the top five institutional investors of spec or hgc investment management, blue crest, capital management, cohen and co, and sage rock capital management, as well as rp investment advisors.

Currently, hgc investment management holds 7.2 percent of the company, and blue crest owns a little over five percent um. The private investment in public equity investment, uh that’s, when investors buy shares of publicly traded stock at a lower than current market value, includes uh a public. I mean a private investment in public equity of about 140 million dollars from a group of committed institutional investors. Eight point should benefit about 352 million dollars, uh held in apex trust accounts as of september of 2020.. This is assuming there aren’t any redemptions by apex, public stockholders and yeah that’s about there. Apxt will invest in eighth point, which serves as the largest software as a service user base in the microsoft 365.. As of september 2020, there are more than seven million microsoft cloud users and the press release noted that eight point uh will was projected to generate a hundred and fifty million dollars in revenue for 2020 and which is an increase uh 20 percent or 26 compared to Previous figures, um eight points: business saw growth of 2020, largely due to employees working from home and the employee stated utilizing the microsoft cloud service so i’m, just going to talk about ap, xd, first and then i’m going to talk about a point: ap xd or apex Technology acquisition, corp is a blank check company which, like i said, is another term for spec. They raised 305 million dollars in september of 2019 and in 2019 they’re uptick in a number of companies going public through this back route.

Instead of the traditional ipo, like we’ve, been seeing so far um, you know these types of companies proceeds from an ipo to purchase another company within a short time frame, usually two years or less so you know it’s pretty guaranteed that’s going to happen um, but in Events, the company doesn’t know what the spec might acquire and they form you know newly public companies, so um it’s going to take place. You know this quarter of 2021. The exact date is unknown as of right now, but it is going to happen and apxt. Well, i should say: eight point is highly highly renowned and they have massive upside when they go public. Like i said, a point is the largest independent software vendor of saas solutions to mitigate, manage and protect data in microsoft 365, which is extremely lucrative service. They were found in 2001 and are headquartered in jersey, city, new jersey. They also have offices in the united states, canada, australia, south africa, united kingdom, france, germany, netherlands and other places around the world, but including china. So definitely a big company with a lot of a lot of upside and which could be a very big deal and uh could be a great investment uh if you get in early with this back, so you know i’m not going to do too much technical analysis. I’M, pretty more of a fundamentals guy but that’s what you want to keep in mind with this merger and uh yeah, um it’s, pretty good uh.

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