Races, i’m, just gon na turn on the hot real quick, because i forgot about that. There we go now. This is going to be a transform race, we’re gon na be using both cars and bikes in this one and we’re off to a good start. Yes, i said in the last one that i wanted to do some more with cars, so this one looks like it can be a really tricky one but come on here we go, we made it across. This is a very interesting car to use let’s get across here and from what i could see in the description of this race, because it was in another language. I think it’s gon na be quite a tricky one, but i’m gon na try my best here and hello. Okay, i just need more speed. I think come on. Yes, break okay, nice, okay, it seems to be one of these races where the checkpoints are also very spread apart. So we cannot fill in any parts here yeah. I need to go all the way up there to get the first checkpoint, and i think here, we’re just gon na do one of these, not one of those come on dude and that’s gon na set me all the way back to the start, of course, have To speed up a bit on this one, there you go let’s, try and make this jump now come on. Just got ta yeah i got ta slow it down, don’t slow it down a bit.

This time. I slowed it down too much. Let’S set a goal to complete this one in less than one hour because it’s a really long race, but i shall complete it. But first, oh my okay come on up! Please dude! Are you kidding me? Oh jesus, i’m gon na be here all night come on. Make it over yes, oh speed, run speed, run for speed on this right now, i’m. Speeding, it yes, he’d, say five speed record. Here we go! Oh my god that was sick. Oh we got ta. Do it again, there’s a catch on this one? So it might be easier. Yes, we did that bit so fast. Please get the checkpoint don’t fly over it. Yes, we’re good and i got ta go. I got ta go through that gap. Wait a minute. My car can barely fit through there. Okay, so we can’t go full speed. We really got ta just okay, getting better. We can’t go full speed because i’m gon na fly too far, so this one is just gon na take a while until i get the right speed, i think is that it no need some more, but do we absolutely smash the previous bit by going faster and Okay, speed was good. Speed was good, but yeah the direction was off yes, that’s, perfect, oh we’re. Getting so close. Oh, oh, oh, not too far come on yeah. This race is gon na be filled with these.

Like precision jumps just like this one, so i’m gon na be stuck in a lot of parts like this. I think yeah dude come on. There has to be a checkpoint right in there because yeah i don’t wan na – have to do another bit and then fail and do this all over again: oh it’s, so close, oh, oh, that was so clean, okay, yeah, checkpoint right here, let’s go that was so Clean all right, what do we do here? Click on this break. You get up there. Somehow? U turn there’s something down here. Okay, i think i need to reverse gear to get the boost through the gap. Okay, we need to reverse to not get the boost. Then we also need to get the perfect speed to make it through that gap and come on don’t get stuck now. No a bit more speed. Okay, but that’s. Definitely how we got ta. Do it yeah i don’t have to go back either. We can just go back over here again, okay, so a little bit faster. Maybe like that, no dude, i really thought i was gon na, get that one that was so close. Wait i got ta. Do it twice? I think oh jesus might be stuck here for a while that feels good. That was perfect. Okay it’s just one of these jumps again: oh nice, oh nice, okay, no funny business, now, just straight forwards; and here yes, okay, where’s, the checkpoint i’m, not sure.

If i got the checkpoint yet please tell me, i got a checkpoint. I cannot fail now and have to do this again. Oh jesus, oh geez! This is not good it’s major key! We got ta go straight: okay, okay, okay! As long as i can stay up here, we’re good – i don’t have to go back to the checkpoint, so it’s gon na be really conscious on this bit to not fall off, because then we need to go all the way back to the previous one. That was really good. Yes, beautiful, okay, now the same thing again: i’m. Back at the start, are you kid Music, dude, of course, i’m gon na fall off right here i have to do it all over again. Two times come on they’ll turn at the end. Oh you’re kidding me. That is so mean yes, okay, okay, as long as i can make it to the next red one Music, we just got ta, be smart and not fall off over here. Okay, yes we’re back here again, so just don’t fall off this platform now very easy to slide off, make it yep no don’t, don’t don’t follow don’t, go off this platform; dude yep break okay, okay, it’s! Just super easy honestly, just turn up here: Music, okay, i’m. Good, i think i’m good don’t fail here. Yes, we got the checkpoint jesus. That was frustrating okay. Now, what up here? Yes, wait? What? What are we gon na do here on this thing, the front flip through okay, that works and then over here fly through this gap.

Oh, yes, the precision dude we got this. This part was at least a little bit easier. Then no, no don’t get crushed. Okay! Yeah, that is, this is not good. I think i’m very much stuck here at least i’m pretty good at these jumps right here like knowing how much speed i need to make it through jumps like that. Okay. So if you go a bit more like this, yes am i dumb here. How am i supposed to make it through this dude? I i have no idea. Did i just go the wrong way here: yeah, no, this can’t fit. We got to go back, maybe i’m supposed to get crushed by the thing there’s a car here. What, if i just stand here dude my brain is too big. My brain is too big. No, no! No! No, no don’t bring me back up again. No! No! No! Look at my car okay, so i was just supposed to get glitched through the ground. My car’s smoking make it to the checkpoints there. We go: okay, let’s let’s respawn, my car’s, not looking that good. That was that was very weird, but it worked somehow. Luckily, i saw the platform: what is this okay? We need to reverse to this really: okay, well yeah, not on that side. Obviously, we need to stick to the part, so it doesn’t spin me did spawn me backwards here. So i guess it makes sense and jump same thing again.

Are you kidding me? I feel like i’m doing fairly good so far like we’ve gotten stuck on some bits, but at least i made it through them. Okay, turn to the wall a bit and now we’re off this side come on. How am i supposed to go straight here? Then? Okay, here we go yep and in here, okay, not really used to jumping backwards with cars, but i got ta, say it’s working uh, quite well until that part that’s, a close one that was a very close one, i’ll start off the edge. I hate turning backwards because you begin sliding so much so you kind of have to get a bit of luck too. With these landings. Okay, this one is, should be very easy. Honestly, just one big jump, one big jump up here. Okay check points: um looks like an other precision jump. What what okay and then, through here, okay, yeah, we got ta slow down. We got ta slow down a lot if you want to get that so go down. Maybe something like that. Oh so perfect. Over these platforms, okay, i wonder we’re gon na switch into a bike because i’m pretty sure this is a transform race, at least on one bit. Okay, one of these again, please tell me that’s good. No, we got ta do twice in a row really okay. If we don’t crash like that, we keep going straight so that’s, good didn’t go straight! There, though dude the same thing again literally the exact same spin.

I just got ta turn more left, yep, okay, let’s, get it this time, just turn more right. Don’T be scared. What am i doing? What am i press right? Yes, yes and right. Yes, that’s right, right, it’s, always right! Okay, now same jump again got ta turn a bit to the right. See right. This always right come on now you’re going to the left j break. Okay, can you stop failing here? This is just embarrassing. Here we go and now just an easy jump. Shouldn’T even be difficult, uh huh, yes, okay, dude. I swear if i fail here i’m going on a break: oh okay, good! Okay! Here we go we’re, switching to bikes, nice uh. What do we got? Guessing we’re gon na glide see the checkpoint on the minimap is very far away. Over to this bit we got the akuchu it’s gon na glide over to monchiliad gladding is so dang powerful in races, it’s insane now where’s the checkpoints i think it’s down here yeah. I see it save it. Did i get it? No, i missed it. Come on let’s try and stay low here. I’M gon na miss it again. Oh my god. Maybe i should do some more minimum movements here. Something like this that’s got a bit right. Yes, we got it perfect, all right, we’re, switching bikes again. What is this? Oh, i think i may have to do a slide here, which i have not really done too many times.

So we got ta do basically one of these and we got ta go underneath it so wow. We need to go super steep on the slide too. That is quite tricky, not gon na lie because we can also fall off here. I mean i’ve used this technique for a stunt like once, but you know that’s a whole different thing than doing it for a long time like this okay, we need to turn right too. This ramp is annoying because it spawns you too much to the left, looks like there’s a little edge over there too. So we’re gon na have to do like a little bump, while we’re doing the slide here too. So i think i’m gon na be stuck here for a little while guys, not gon na lie just need to try and find a sweet spot right there, no dude, how low can you go? I really don’t know that was not meant to rhyme, but it did yeah. Okay, wait! Oh my god! So we get a glide jump through this gap and then glide again, are you kidding me? Can i get into a glide like that without jumping? No, i could not oh my god that is gon na be insanely difficult, and now we got ta glide the other way. What, if i can switch? Okay, wait, wait! Wait. We just run it back here. We get this jump here, yeah yeah! No! No! No! No! I could have stayed and kept doing that come on yeah.

I can’t find the sweet spot to when i’m supposed to go beneath this thing. No, that was good. Yes, no okay, okay, okay hold up, i feel like it could be possible it’s a bit tricky, though, because i need to go sideways instantly, so it’s, probably even more difficult than just doing it normally, but i don’t know i just wan na try it: okay! No! No, i still think i can do it, though Music. No, so close, we managed to get the glide or the slide. I mean it is so difficult to get that whole slide with a jump here too uh huh and then what no? I could have saved that. Oh, my god, okay yeah i’m, definitely gon na try and do that. Instead, we just got to slide. We just got to jump how i don’t know, but we just got it right after i said that i wasn’t gon na get it Music. No, i pray to the stunting god: debra Music – oh my god – come on there, but it’s daunting! God get me through this. Yes, we got it. Let’S freaking go, i think, that’s the checkpoint too. I really hope it is because i just failed dude. If that’s not a checkpoint – yes, oh my god. Thank you. I wasn’t sure if the transform thing was a checkpoint or not but i’m, very happy that it was yeah. I kind of had to finesse that thing because, as you could see, i was just struggling so much, but i still think that i saved it.

Pretty good i’ve also got one really good attempt. I guess doing this up the right way, but oh, it was clean. Still think i might do that quite nicely. Nobody’S really gon na try and get these 90 degree turns here in these things, come on. Oh nice, okay and then there’s one more. I think that one’s lower though it’s like right here. Oh so close. Actually, we had a checkpoint there, though that’s really good a little bit higher there you go and what is this? Oh motorbike again? Oh another glide, really, i thought that was gon na be the end and the checkpoint is this way. So we need to turn quite a bit here. I see something over there, yeah we’re not done yet guys. We still have a lot more to go over 52 minutes. I said one hour to finish: it’s looking like it’s, not gon na happen, but i will try, looks like there’s a huge drop to the right there and the checkpoint. I think you need to hit through that little gap there. No, that was so close yeah we got ta get that or we can go all the way around and go back. Let’S get this absolute precision, no right on the edge again keep going up a little bit up up up. Nope, keep gliding, try and get. This turn now come on. Okay, yeah! It worked okay, now let’s, try and get it from this way.

It’S also really tricky, though it might be a little bit easier. Then the other way there we go. We actually flew through that time. Okay, we got the checkpoint that we’re good to get a little safe, just head to the little 180 there we go okay wreck with a car and another car. Okay, oh that looks tricky. This looks like a tricky jump. Oh we got it. Where do i need to go? Oh the finish, line’s down here? No, i think you need to go perfectly through the characters and then get the finish line. Let’S see where is it? Oh, my god, the finish line is all the way down there. Okay might be too far. I really don’t have no idea how much speed i need. This is looking like it’s gon na be a bit too much unless, unless uh, no, i won’t hit that right. No so close, though last attempt for less than one hour here we go cue this be it i’ve, gotten very lucky with this before, but no okay, one more one more. We can do it. It’S gon na be 10 seconds, but it will be in the air unable to control anything after this jump. Can we do it? Jump is honestly looking pretty good i’m gon na start doing a backflip here to slow me down that even works. I really don’t know, but it looks like it’s gon na be too far again. How will i go slower, then? I have no idea through.

The e is what we need here. We go i’m just gon na send it damn. That is not gon na happen. You know what that one felt really good it’s below this one and it’s gon na be through this one. That’S got a bit: that’s got a bit. That’S got a bit let’s go right on it all right guys. There we go finish first, obviously, because it was just me there. We go one hour and four minutes. Okay, i got ta say that was easily one of my favorite stunt, races, i’ve ever done, vegas that’s gon na be it for today.