2 video in today’s video. We are going to quickly talk about sound setting i’m going to give you my opinion on it and for those of you who are new to the game i’m, going to explain how it works. However, before we start some records about me, hi i’m heporian for those of you who don’t know me and i regularly upload content about destiny, 2 and other video games. So if you end up liking, this video don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe. This would really help me out a lot in creating new content and, of course, i would really really appreciate it and, with this being said now, let’s get started. Okay. So what is sun setting in the first place, so sun setting is a term which is used to define a point in time from which on you are no longer able to upgrade weapons and, of course, also your armor, and so in a few words. This means that everything in destiny 2, which is not an exotic item, has an expiration date, and so once that date has passed, you will no longer be able to use those weapons or armor inside of endgame activities, because by that time those weapons and armors will Be too weak now, if you want to see when one of your weapons is sun, setting simply inspect the weapon, and here you will see two numbers: this one is the seasonal power cap, and this one is the power cap in general for that weapon.

This yellow number shows you at which point in time your weapon is going to be sunset, and so this means that once the game reaches that power cap, you will no longer be able to power up your weapon. So a quick example here at the moment the power caps or the seasonal power cup is at 1260, and so this means that if one of your weapons or one of your armor pieces has that yellow power cap, you will no longer be able to upgrade it Once the next season has started okay and so now, i’m going to give you my opinion on sunsetting and of course i would really appreciate it. If you would leave your opinion inside the comments, it would really interest me to know what you think about it, and so, with this being said, i’ll quickly tell you that i don’t have any problems with sunsetting as a whole, because i like switching weapons and, of Course also switching gears from time to time. However, my problem with sunsetting is that the new weapons are not really worth much as an example. Only a few of the weapons which came out this seasons are worth actually using inside end game, and even with this in mind, they are still getting outmatched by a lot of older weapons inside the game, and so this means that let’s say that inside the next Season there will be new weapons, and those new weapons will also not be very good inside of end game, and so this would basically force me into using the same four weapons again and again, and this would really be a problem because without sunsetting i might have The choice between let’s say 30 weapons, for example, because i still would have the older weapons and so to me this is the problem, because if the new weapons are way too weak, you’re not going to have a good time when you switch to them, because if The new weapons were a little bit stronger, maybe you would switch to them.

You would like the playstyle and you would stick with that weapon. But if you keep getting weak weapons, that’s going to be a problem, and that is where sunsetting will eventually become annoying and so that’s it sunsetting itself is not a problem for me, but i think bungie really needs to work on the weapons which they release, because If they are not worth a lot, i mean sunsetting will become a really big problem. Now, of course here i also have to add that this very much depends on the point of view. So maybe you see this whole thing differently and of course, in that case i respect your opinion. However, be sure to. Let me know what you think inside the comments and, of course, i’ll see you next time have a great rest of your day.