Um at the same weight point pretty much. We have a um, a rock to hit as well, which should help us get on our way to uh progressing that i can’t see any quest, markers or anything like that for the um, for the base was supposed to be converts concerned was just over this way. Anyway, um and one of these guys will join me in fighting fighting against it. So we’ll see how that goes. I think they’re, like two level ups in the last episode, does it matter actually um, and so yes shouldn’t take too long to get over there here. They come here, who’s come who is it the mice before that mountain come on now? Can we get up here come on now we can do it, we can do it surely come on you’d have thought the cat be like what’s happening to the temperature solid ground. Again, you don’t feel exposed the cat are everywhere, i’d, rather face them down here than stuck in a can up. There yeah, i agree and my boots on the ground kind of guy myself. Oh no, no we’re, all the way up there. They’Ve, probably gotten word that we’re coming, they don’t think they’ll shoot there’s a darker goblin, some sort. According to my map, hey, can you help me with something there’s, a wraith cloaked near you? I lost its movement. Will you scan for it and let me know where it’s hiding race? What are you talking about? The temperature is falling.

Pathfinder environmental temperatures are within acceptable limits. Looking pretty good in here, did you kill? I hope they screamed. Don’T know wasn’t, counting wow, that many hey cough this alien’s my hero, all right, that’s enough. I know they call you pathfinder. What do you need from us? Your priestess joshua lin told me about you. I was just curious, a blind old woman. She cowers with her blessings. While they can consume everything. She said you were throwing away your lives. Nothing is thrown away, it’s, not suicide. We train as hard as anyone in the resistance, but when you don’t fear dying that’s when there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose. I can’t wait for my turn, but all our blood still runs too hot ted is our hope. Now tej is going to take down a ket station. We should hear the news soon. You want to hear that your friend’s dead, that’s kind of screwed up. No, we don’t want it. We accept it just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s wrong. So where is this cat station? You shouldn’t interfere pathfinder, it’s, okay, venge. As long as can’t die it doesn’t matter, who’s, killing them here’s the nav point. It was interesting meeting you pathfinder where’s that let’s take a look at the map here before i go. Trying to run off over there, okay, so that’s right on top of that! Well, i can fast drop back and go that’s, not gon na be an issue should probably grab that, though i’m actually gon na fast travel back cause i’m lazy, fast track back.

Give me that give me that yeah there we go give me over there. That way. I don’t have to find my way back. Um that’s a driver, i suppose it’s not far. Is it i’m detecting below normal temperatures? I’M? Just here to get a sidequest something i should know about? Two dozen yuvara have been killed since outlaws of your kind landed on fold to hunt. We have no resources to track these poachers and the resistance is spread too thin. At this rate, our only link to our history will disappear forever. Music, okay, we’ll do whatever we can to help. Tell me more. We have no way of confronting these guys, like hyper advanced but, like still quite rich, ritualistic, attracting poachers. A few different things to do. Let’S say a few. A lot of things to do: let’s go to tech, first that’s. What i want to deal with, if we’re going to find some cat let’s get it done a unique once in a lifetime leader that understands strategy, the enemy and the fight is hot under his command. We see more success against the cat what’s. This medical cash greatly respect him good enough for me, Music approaching your resistance, emergency medical cash, just try animal injured or dying, not anymore that’s. One just seem a little bit less blizzardy now, which is nice. Oh we’re, gon na be able to get over this watch. Just the remnant have altered the landscape ahead. Interesting this person was fall aeroask.

Why was your galaxy called the milky way? It’S not approaching the glory seeker nav point: the kent station is closed. It’S, not it’s, just what we call it. What’S all yeah, you, hello tedge. I can’t do this: taking this station is impossible, are you tesh, whoa didn’t see you there are you looking at me? How did you find me wait i wasn’t expecting all the security and the longer i sit here, the more i doubt everything see the more. I think let’s go. Oh yeah well executed salt rifle! Oh whoa, sorry isn’t it! I really wish i hadn’t used my singularity and that one guy here we go have some of that. I still probably a bit closer to where i already was like yeah. You know. Taking care of it, zoey let’s get some container edge. Some health that’s handy i’m reading a temperature decrease. Where are you oh temperature? This guy? Did you even join the fight dude? What if my friends heard this talk? They’D turn their backs venture specially there we go that’s driving viability, andromeda, not here, that’s interesting, that’s done i’m, assuming Music, all right there. We go next got that that’s. Why? I still want weird isn’t it look. I want to get that while i’m down here. Just so i’ve got a fast draw point. Should i need to come this way again, that’s. Clearly, where the base is look, i see yeah let’s definitely go there’s. Definitely a mission to have to go and get it.

You got the cat, we had solarians there’s. Always someone thinking they’re better than you, i don’t know many solarians, but they seem nothing like the cat. You’Re right, you don’t know many solarians activating automated forward station deployment. Mining zones in this region are available. Pathfinder i’ve added them to your nav system. Good right, so we now have actual points. Two things along there go ahead and grab them. This way is the west pathfinder. This area can be mined for resources in the bag. Don’T drive us off this cliff kid relax. I got this. I have always liked vold. It is harsh, but beautiful outside temperature is in free fall. Okay, i feel like this is going to be big. What kind of time are we on 15 minutes, i’m sure i’ll be ready. I don’t didn’t watch that off early i’m using the controller nope Music. Yes, that likes me some fireworks, as it said, undocumented mineral nearby pathfinder. It was one thing that we want around here: medical cache, that’s, two of them there’s the mineral resistance, vertical cache up ahead pathfinder. I think i feel like i should at least check the rest of the cave out: zero. 416 scans. I haven’t done the eos ones. Yet, once we get back there, we’ll probably get them there’s a lot in here boom. Another shield level up who doesn’t love that get off me. Okay, strange sounds coming from here. I don’t even can’t, get through the shield – no guess not, but now anyway, there is a resistance, emergency cash nearby, pathfinder okay, so this is still what’s that at base.

Oh, so you can actually mark that i’m going to take that. Okay, are we in the right place right now feel like we are? I feel, like you’ll, be a waste not to take that out next, so that’s. What i’m gon na do uh we’re 20 minutes in here so i’ll end. The episode here, i’m gon na make my way over and then we’ll um grab the last medical cache we’ll grab this we’ll grab the medical trigger, probably basically head up. North we’ve got this to grab lost song i’ll.